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There comes a time in the life of most women where we yearn for a new look. A look that will restore our self-confidence and place us on a new or better path.

I’ve been there – have you?

This need can arise from a stagnant love life or career, a divorce, a new lifestyle or vocation, or the need to recapture life after surviving a significant illness. Whatever the reason, achieving your new look does not necessarily require the help of an image consultant; after-all no everyone has that type of money on hand. If taken one logical step at a time it is possible to create a significant and successful makeover on yourself with the help of a friend or two.

One thing is for sure, a makeover has the power to affect real change in your life. A new look will affect the way you view yourself and can empower you with the confidence and energy to move forward and accomplish things that you may not have believed possible before. 

Over the years I have facilitated many successful make-overs and I’ve learned a few things that I’d like to share with you.

#1. Do it for the Right Reasons

Hurtling into a makeover right after a breakup, major disappointment, or a rough patch can seem like a good idea but often reaps only disappointment. If you are reeling from an emotional upheaval, you are prone to impulsive decisions that serve to impress others rather then yourself. It’s important that your makeover is done for the right reason – to please, enrich and help YOU and only you.  You should fully understand your reasons for initiating your makeover as only then can you really determine who you are really doing this for and why.

A period of self-reflection and conversations with a trusted and sensible friend or two can be invaluable.

Young woman consoling female friend while sitting on sofa at home

#2. Know Exactly What You Want to Achieve

Not only in your head but on paper. Knowing exactly what you want to achieve via your makeover is a important step towards knowing what you need to do in order to accomplish it.

  • What areas of your life do you want your makeover to improve?
    • When you have your answer ask WHY?
  • What do you want to achieve via your makeover?
    • Then ask WHY?
  • What parts of your present appearance do you think needs improvement?
    • Again ask WHY?

The asking of why will get you to the root of your reasons helping you know how valid they are.

#3. Take Your Time

Makeover segments on TV make it seem like a makeover can be achieved in an afternoon. A little shopping, some salon time, and voila, a brand spanking, shiny new you! In reality and my experience, the most successful makeovers and the ones that stick, take time to achieve. Think of the process as an evolution, not revolution – a gradual change as opposed to a quick and drastic revamp.

By taking your time and thinking each step through, you’ll have a far better chance of getting the results you want. Moreover, family and friends tend to respond better to a gradual metamorphosis than a sudden change. This will reassure them that you are thinking carefully about what you are doing. Change is always hard, and it might be hardest for the people around you. I have found sudden changes to have husbands suspicious that maybe there’s another man, friends deciding you’re trying to show your too good for them and family thinking your just being outrageous.

#4. Research What Works Best For You

Before hitting the stores for new clothes or deciding on a new hair color it’s wise to discover what works best for you. An inexpensive and accurate way to know what suits your shape is to get a body and style analysis . We recommend My Private Stylist. This website was developed by Image Innovators and is an excellent in depth style program. Loving your body or look will come easier once you understand exactly what you body needs to look it’s best.  

Likewise knowing which colors suit you best is equally important, after-all, a great style in a bad color is not a good buy. Consulting an experienced image consultant or having an online consultation through a reputable website gaining is the only way to find out. Reading books never give you the entire story.

#5. Express Yourself

Dressing authentically is key to feeling at home in your clothes. A new image that is not truly ‘you’ is hard to pull-off for any real length of time.

Here are some things you can try to help you reveal your true style personality:

  • Examine your closet and pick out your favorite pieces.
    • Which items make you feel good?
    • What traits do the pieces convey? 
  • Flip through a magazine and tear out the pages of outfits that speak to you.
  • Put together a list of adjectives that describe your style.
  • Find style icons you identify with
  • Try our style personality quiz
  • Experiment different styles and clothing combinations until you are happy with what style expression is most you. This will make shopping easier.
    • On that note, when you’re shopping don’t be afraid to try on styles you typically don’t gravitate toward. You never know when you’ll find a new favorite.

Whats your PSE#6. Get a Head Start

Your head is the easiest place to start when it comes to giving yourself an effective makeover. A new hairstyle and/or color ans a new make-up look gives you the most bang for your buck while simultaneously giving the quickest results. Get ready for compliments and answer with a smile and a sincere thank you. Don’t be that woman that says, “Oh, this is nothing.” Always graciously acknowledge compliments.

A great new look above the neck is the perfect first step to consider when starting your makeover. It’s like losing those first few pounds when on a diet, it gives you excitement and more motivation to continue. After you take care of your locks, turn your attention to your makeup and eye-wear.

As for makeup, make sure that is age appropriate and fits right into your lifestyle. While eye-wear needs to be both comfortable and on-trend, especially if it’s prescription and you wear it everyday. If you’re still in a style conundrum, don’t hesitate to get help from the experts. Consult a makeup artist or enroll in basic makeup lessons to better learn what works for your skin type and color, face shape, lifestyle, and age. A good hair stylist or colorist, who may or may not be the same person, is also another important piece of the puzzle.

The Makeover Guy

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#7. Hunt, Kill, Capture

Edit and curate your closet. Go through your entire wardrobe. Be ruthless and toss out anything that doesn’t fit, is dated, discolored, stained, or faded. Add to that list anything that you haven’t worn for two identical seasons. Depending on how many clothes you have this is an arduous process that may take more than a day. If you are too busy break the task up into bite size pieces – tops this weekend, pants and skirts next weekend etc.

Try on everything, and keep what works for your figure. Next organize everything into a workable space and finish with making a list of what you need to go out and buy.

These are times when a girlfriend comes in very handy. Not only for her opinion but also to take the unwanted items away to save you being tempted to put some back.

#8. Coordinate and Accessorize

Once you’re closet is cleaned out and organized, cluster our items into mix and match outfits and record what you own. That way you’ll never forget a great combination again.

Use accessories to change the look and mood of your outfits.

By performing #7 and #8 you’ll start to get realize what pieces are missing from your wardrobe.  Note them down for your next shopping trip.

#9. Don’t Rest On Your Laurels

Your life is constantly changing; be it through relationships, location, business, finances, health etc. All these changes alter the way you live and feel, and cause your style to change. The style you have today, may not be the way you wish to express yourself in the future. So while you’ve done an exhaustive evaluation and overhaul of your style, always give yourself room to grow or improve. Keep your eyes open for style inspiration, and don’t limit yourself to trends or to the style you have now. Remember that fashions come and go, but knowing what works for you is the one, true way to having standout style.

One thing is for sure – you are in charge of your life and the challenges and changes that you face are part of the wonderful tapestry called YOU.


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