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Online Shopping


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There’s a good reason why online shopping is growing at an incredible rate and has become a huge threat to brick and mortar stores. Over the years, countless women have turned to online stores to up their style game and add more variety and uniqueness to their wardrobe. I’m just one of the women who buys a lot of my clothes online and that’s why we have launched the My Private Stylist shopping mall and added some very special and unique magic to it…more about that a bit later.

I know that many of you will be rolling your eyes and saying things like: 

  • I don’t know my size in other brands
  • What if I don’t like it
  • How do I find things that will suit me?

I get it…I had all the same fears until I tested the waters.  Sure, there were things that didn’t work out but over the time I’ve learned a lot and now have great success.  So, I’m here are my fear busting, tried and true solutions to shopping online and loving it.

11 Reasons Why Shopping Online Is Plain Smart

You can find your size: This is especially true when it comes to fringe and plus sizes. Large sizes are often the first to get sold out in the stores. Actual stores in the mall or local shopping areas only have a finite amount of space, they don’t have the luxury of having a large warehouse to store product like online stores do and often they have to order in set size amounts and that means they often only get one or two items in larger sizes. Online you are much more likely to find the item in your size. 

It’s easier to see everything that’s available: No need to wade through every rack. With the click of a button or an easy scroll over the page, you can see the selection they have quickly. Most online stores are also divided into sections, so you can easily locate the item or style you’re looking for. Most online stores also have a search bar where you can key in specific things your after or product code numbers. 

How to Shop Online, Style Genie, My Private Stylist, Style Genie, Ann Reinten, Image

How to Shop Online, Style Genie, My Private Stylist, Style Genie, Ann Reinten, Image

Gain styling insights for the season/collection:  Retail websites often show coordinating pieces when taking product photos. Often online retail stores will also release look-books with each season or each collection that showcases all the pieces styled in different ways, this is a great way to gain styling inspiration for pieces that you’ve been eyeing.

Be the first to know when new stock arrives: Once you fall in love with a brand sign up for their newsletter that way you’ll get new collection alerts sent straight to your inbox.

Gain discounts and special offers: If you sign up to a brand’s social media pages or newsletters, you typically get a first-customer discount. You will also be the first to know when things go on sale, and you may even get exclusive access to special deals. I love the fact that when you add an item into a Wishlist many companies will email you when the item goes on sale. 

No need to get in line: Have you ever waited for ages at a register or not be able to find someone to serve you? Exactly. Need I say more?

How to Shop Online, Style Genie, My Private Stylist, Style Genie, Ann Reinten, Image Innovators, Image Consultant Training

You can forget traffic and car parks: Shop in the comfort of your home, on the way to work or snuggled up in bed. You simply can’t beat the convenience of shopping within the comfort of your home. No lines, no traffic, and no stress.

You can find the brands that suit your shape and personality: The internet has boundless possibilities for any specific style or size. Whether you’re a retro fashion lover or a plus size fashionista, there are many online fashion retailers that cater to your needs. All it just takes is a little bit of searching. Google is your best bet, of course. But you should do your research with bloggers too. Seek out bloggers with the same style and shape as you and track down their go-to online shops.

Get to the trends first: Trends tend to show up first in online shops before it appears in your local stores. Be the trendsetter and nab those trends online ASAP.

Dress differently: Shopping online allows you to dress uniquely, since you avoid wearing what everyone else is wearing from local brands. Sourcing wardrobe pieces from online also allows you to wear brands from all around the world.

Shop when you want to: Shopping hours are unlimited. You are no longer restricted to shop hours and can shop whenever the mood or the need strikes. Convenient shipping options also allow for some rush shopping on occasion.

How to Buy the Right Size

The most common reservation women have shopping online is getting the right size. It’s not that difficult – trust me!

Know your measurements: Ask one of your friends to take your measurements and store the information in the notes area of your smart phone for handy access. Then always check them against the measurement/size specs of the garment you’re interested in.

How to Shop Online, Style Genie, My Private Stylist, Style Genie, Ann Reinten, Image Innovators, Image Consultant Training

Know the measurements of garments you own and like best: This is a great guardrail measurement to have when it comes to online shopping, especially when it comes to length. Measuring the length that works best for you is best so that you can compare them with your possible online purchases.

Read the size information: Sizes vary from store to store so it is vital that you read the size information every time you shop online. Shopping on websites from other countries also entail some measurement conversions at times, so be mindful of that as well. I tend to buy mostly from Australia, the USA or the UK and have learned the following size conversions works.

If you are Australian: buy the same size garments from UK items and one size down from US stores

If you’re in the US: buy one size up from Australian and UK stores

If you’re in the UK: buy the same size from Australian stores and one size down from US stores.  

Look at the model: If the item is on a model look for information on the size she is wearing and her height: This detail is important so that you can gauge whether that garment will work for you, comparative to your height and build.

How to Shop Online, Style Genie, My Private Stylist, Style Genie, Ann Reinten, Image Innovators, Image Consultant Training

When in doubt, buy 2 sizes and return the one that doesn’t work: Sometimes by the time you buy an item, receive it and need to return it for another size, it’s already out of stock. Buying two sizes guarantees that you have the item you want in the correct size for your shape and style.

How to Make Sure You Like (and Wear) What You Buy

Even if the size is right, there’s still that slight possibility that you may not like it when you receive it and look at it in person. Here are my tips to mitigate that eventuality:

Know which fabrics you like best: There are certain types of fabrics that you feel comfortable wearing, it’s good to know what these are so you can avoid buying something that you don’t even want to wear.

Know what suits you by getting a personal style program with My Private Stylist: To discover the styles that suit you best it is good to enlist a professional opinion. Much like shopping with your best friend, My Private Stylist will be the online shopping buddy you need to make sure that you’re maximizing your online shopping experience and getting the best finds that fit your personal style and your body type.

Watch the video: If there is a catwalk video available, watch it to get a feel for how the garments move: The flow and the drape of certain styles can’t be reflected in a photo sometimes. This is why a number of online shops have a video look book or catwalk/runway video accompanying their collection releases, so that you can see firsthand how a garment moves and flows on a body.

Shop Smart: Just like shopping at a regular store, it’s smart to think about what you already own to make sure the garment you are buying goes with at least 2 or 3 things you already own. This will help you avoid impulse buys that may end up as closet orphans. 

Employ a Genie: My Private Stylist now has not only a shopping mall but an amazing garment assessment tool we call Style Genie. All you need do is select the item you like, click ‘Assess with Style Genie’ and answer the questions. So simple right? In a few clicks she’ll tell you if the item suits you, how to style it (yes, specifically for you), and if it’s not recommended you’ll learn why by looking at the Garment Insights. I’m chuffed about what we’ve created and it’s a first in the fashion world. It’s literally like having a professional stylist and personal shopper right beside while you shop online.

With all these benefits and the Style Genie right by your side, online shopping definitely trumps offline shopping any day, any time.

Here’s a short video I’ve made explaining how the Genie works.

Happy shopping!


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How to Wear Belts, Belts for Women, Style Clinic, Ann Reinten, Image Innovators, Image Consultant Training, My Private Stylist.


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Far from being purely utilitarian, belts can be the final sartorial touch that completes and polishes your total look. The addition of a belt can be the equivalent of adding a period to the end of a sentence. In addition, they can add shape and aid in improving the garment’s fit. Of course, like any other accessory, there are factors and elements that come into play to successfully pull off and integrate a belt into your look.

Here’s my guide to wearing belts and looking amazing in them.

Types of Belts

Being knowledgeable about the types of belts available will better equip when it comes to figuring out which one to choose for particular occasions and whether a certain belt style will suit your personal style and body type. Knowing the belt lingo will also make it easier for you to shop and find exactly what you’re looking for. 


Whether it comes in black or in brown, the classic belt is a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. This belt is a versatile piece that exceeds its practicality. With a simple design and buckle, the simplicity of this belt makes it adaptable to a gamut of occasions. This belt when in a good quality leather will add polish to your office separates and your denim.

But don’t stop there; why not try some bright colored belts? They are the perfect choice to pep up your LBD or a predominantly monochromatic look. Go to neon belts and you’ll add some youthful vigor and dose of trendy style to classic looks. If you’re up for getting noticed, match one accessory e.g, bag or scarf to the color of your belt.

The next step up is the metallic belt. In finishes such as gold and silver, they are as versatile and easy to style as your traditional neutrals such as: nude, navy, black, and white. If you want to add glam to your look, reach for a metallic belt and watch your glam instantly shine through. Whether you opt for a skinny or wide metallic belt, the versatility of this piece remains constant. A trendy and of-the-moment take on this belt is to buy a belt with a metallic piece on the front; this type of metallic belt gives more structure to your overall look.

My Private Stylist, How to Wear Belts, Ann Reinten, Image innovators, Image Consultant Training, Style Clinic

Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3


Typically a boho accessory, the woven/braided leather belt has crossed over to more traditional styles. Leather is the usual material of choice for this type of belt given its earthy style connotations. However, the ease with which this belt can be styled has made it an easy pick for fashionistas to cross over to style even their preppy looks. In my opinion, this belt looks best when worn over flowing tunic tops and maxi dresses as well as more polished pieces like pencil skirts and sheath dresses.

Trend up your belt with no traditional belting.

Belts 2

Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3


This belt is especially appropriate for evening occasions and can be relied upon to make a major impression. From a belt that sparkles for the glam queens, to a studded belt if you’re more of a rock chick and an animal print if you’re a dramatic gal, the choices are endless.

The key here is to find a style that resonates with your style so you can wear it with confidence.

Belts 3

Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3


Skinny belts are subtle accessories that can easily spruce up your outfit and make it look complete. It’s also easier to play around with colorful hues and bolder prints since it’s width makes it understated.

When styling this belt take note of proportion since the belt is so skinny wear it with jeans or skirts that are more fitted. Loose and flowing pieces will drown out the belt and it will lose its chic appeal.

Belts 4

Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3


Wide belts are another kind of statement belt; from an Obi to add a little oriental flavor to sexy corset style or a classic wide sash style, each makes a unique statement. A wide belt is perfect for creating an amazing hourglass shape and will work wonders for most waistlines.  

If you want to cinch in your waist when wearing shapeless shift dresses or empire waist pieces, a wide belt is your best bet. Invest in a neutral wide belt that you can style different options with, and invest in a fun, trendier version for nights when you’re feeling a little bit funkier. 

Recently there has been an upward spike in the presence of Japanese-inspired fashion trends on the runways. Multiple seasons have passed and the popularity and prominence of obi belts have grown by leaps and bounds. What makes the Obi distinctive is that there is a wide base that serves as the base to wrap around the thinner straps that tie in the front. Obi belts are a hot trend right now and it is a worthy addition to your wardrobe, for sure.

Belts 5

Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3


Tying a rope around your waist says effortless style to a T. They are an easy way to add structured and shape to your more casual looks. You can tie your rope belt in multiple ways, either in the middle front, the back, or even asymmetrical to one side. It’s just a one-of-a-kind way to finish up a look. This rope belt works especially well for the warmer months with lighter fabrications. You can even personalize this type of belt even further with the way you decide to knot it.

Belts 6

Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3


Elasticized belts can have a tendency to look 80s-inspired, especially if they sport an ornate buckle. Fight against that by making sure that your elastic belts serve as a seamless component of your look instead of a focal point. If you do decide to let your beautiful waist and elasticized belt take center stage, keep the rest of your look simple and let the attention be on the belt.

My Private Stylist, How to Wear Belts, Ann Reinten, Image innovators, Image Consultant Training, Style Clinic

Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3


Fabric belt or sash belts are another hot trend that emerged from street style this year. Scarves used as belts, either tied at the waist or slung low on the hips, is the ultimate in cool-girl styling. This styling insider trick will give you a definite fashion editor feel.

My Private Stylist, How to Wear Belts, Ann Reinten, Image innovators, Image Consultant Training, Style Clinic

Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3 

The Right Belt for You

If you are high-waisted with long legs

Your aim is to visually elongate your torso so narrow belts and/or those that sit below your waist is often the best way to go. You can also:

A. Wear a single color above and below the waist and a narrow belt in the same color.

B. Continue the visual length of your torso by wearing a belt in the color of your top.

C. Wear a single color above and below your waist and then add a narrow belt at the waist.

D. Wear a hipster belt.

How to wear belts, Style Clinic, Ann Reinten, Belts for long lets, Belts for short torsos, Image innovators, Image Consultant Training

If you are low-waisted with short legs

You have plenty of torso to experiment with all manner of belts with medium to wide styles being your best. Avoid wearing belts too low as this will emphasize your long torso. 

A. Wear belts that match your pants to extend your leg length.

B. Wide belts.

C. Contrasting belts.

D. Obi and corset belts.

How to wear belts, Style Clinic, Ann Reinten, Belts for short legs, Belts for long torsos, Image innovators, Image Consultant Training

If you have little waist definition

The goal here will be to create the illusion of a waist. This can be achieved by:

A. Wearing a medium to narrow width belt in a darker color than the garment you are wearing.

B. Wearing a belt in a color matching your top or dress.

C. Calling attention to your waist with a belt peeping out from an open jacket or sweater.

D. Teaming the belt with tops and bottoms with volume to create the illusion of a waist.

Belts rectangles

Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3 

If you have a large bust

Often your bust sits lower creating the appearance of being short-waisted with little to no waist definition. You can counter this with:

A. Medium to narrow width belts in the same or darker color than the garment you are wearing and positioned.

B. Belts that sit on the hips.

C. Belts peaking out from under open jackets.

How to wear belts, Style Clinic, Ann Reinten, Belts for large busts, Image innovators, Image Consultant Training

 Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

If you are full hipped

You are blessed with a waist so belts are a great accessory for showing off your figure and improving the fit of many garments. However, they can also emphasize the size of your hips and buttocks. Your best belts include:

A. Those that sit slightly above your natural waist.

B. Styles in the same color as your pants or skirt.  

C. Belts under open jackets and vests.

How to wear belts, Style Clinic, Ann Reinten, Belts for triangles, Belts for large hips, Belts for short torsos, Image innovators, Image Consultant Training

Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing a Belt

Do you think you’re ready to conquer belts now? Before you go armed with your newfound knowledge, here are some do’s and don’ts to bear in mind:

  • Do wear the same color of belt as your dress. It’ll make your look more streamlined. 
  • Do store your belts and clean them properly. A little bit of care goes a long way in making your accessories last. 
  • Do create shape and curves using belts. Belt phobia is worth conquering if only for this one reason. 
  • Do get colorful and bold when shopping for belts. It’s a great way to bring some life into your more basic pieces. 
  • Do show off your belt. Put the attention on your awesome accessory and your amazing figure. 
  • Do declutter your closet and swap ‘out of style’ belts each year. 
  • Don’t fold your belts or curl them tightly when storing them. 
  • Don’t match every single accessory to the color of your belt. 
  • Don’t wear your belt too tight. 
  • Don’t be afraid to wear your belt over your cardigan or cover up. It’s a chic and refreshing way to add shape while wearing outerwear. 
  • Don’t overshadow a statement belt with other large and/or prominent accessories. 
  • Don’t wear lighter belt fabrications (fabric, rope) for the colder seasons. Leather can be worn all year round. 
  • Don’t be afraid to show off your fun personality with an equally fun and fabulous belt. 
  • Don’t ever be scared of belts. No more belt phobia for you!





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7 Trends to Try this Winter

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Now that we are officially in Autumn it’s time to start planning our winter wardrobes. Here’s my pick of the most wearable trends you’ll see over the cold months ahead. Remember, you don’t have to fill your closet with everything that’s ‘in’; just choose the few that spark your interest, match your personal style and work with your lifestyle.

Bell Sleeves

With these little beauties you can channel your inner Stevie Nicks and inject a little bohemian style into your winter wardrobe. They’ll be Bell sleeves in dresses, tops, sweaters and even the occasional coat. Bell sleeves are great for stepping up the drama and adding a touch of boho flair to what would otherwise be a plain old sweater. Try a bell-sleeved piece layered underneath your coat and pull your bell sleeve through it so that there’ll be a glimpse of chicness even when you’re trudging out in the cold. Accessorize with a wide brim hat to protect against the wind for maximum 70′s fashion feel.

Style Clinic, Ann Reinten, Winter Trends 2018, Bell Sleeves, Image Innovators, Image Consultant Training,

Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4

Glitter Boots

This trend is a playful and flirty way to combat the cold. Whether it’s metallic glitter or straight up glitter sparkle, a pair of glitter boots will add a spark to winters traditionally dark appeal. Add them to a simple jean and sweater look and what as people turn their heads and smile.  Keep the rest of your look minimalist and elegant, and let these glittery boots do the talking.

Style Clinic, My Private Stylist, Glitter Boots, Trends Winter 2018, Image Innovators, Image Consultant Training, Ann Reinten

Source: Image 1Image 2Image 3

High Collars

Nothing can beat the dark and romantic feel of the Victorian inspired high collars. This detail can go a long way in stepping up your fall/winter looks. To have these high collars peeking through underneath your fall leather jacket or pea coat will be utter style perfection. This high-collar style can be worn from work to play, with jeans or with voluminous skirts—the possibilities of styling this are endless. Bonus points when this high collar is paired with shoulder dusting statement earrings.

Style Clinic, My Private Stylist, High Collars, Trends Winter 2018, Image Innovators, Image Consultant Training, Ann Reinten


Over-sized Sleeves 

It’s all about sleeves this season. The voluminous sleeves on a lot of the silhouettes on and off the runway are going to look stellar when worn with your favorite tailored trousers. Different from the bell sleeve silhouettes,  over-sized sleeves are more about the juxtaposition of tailoring in the structure of the garment then the surprised of dramatic volume in the arms. This look can be work appropriate and can also be night-out ready when worn with a sexy pair of stiletto heels.

Style Clinic, My Private Stylist, Over-sized Sleeves, Trends Winter 2018, Image Innovators, Image Consultant Training, Ann Reinten


Mid Skirts

Midi skirts are, arguably, the trendiest, and one of the most flattering items to be worn on and off the runway. There’s a shape to suit every shape and age so go grab one of these marvels. For the hottest look this season team them with knee-high suede boots. Whether it’s an embellished, lace, or pleated skirt, a midi skirt will be your closet work horse this season.

Style Clinic, My Private Stylist, Midi Skirts, Trends Winter 2018, Image Innovators, Image Consultant Training, Ann Reinten


Mustard and Chocolate Brown

OK, I’ll admit, it’s not the world’s favorite color but you must have noticed by now, that mustard is already everywhere. I’ve bought myself a fabulous knit from Next Direct that I can’t wait to wear.  It’s a huge trend this season and if you’re timid just try a touch with shoes or a bag. 

Women's Winter Trends 2018, Style Clinic, Dark Floral Trend, Ann Reinten, Image Innovators, Image consultant Training, Image Consultant Training Online,

Source: Image 1, Image 2Image 3

Chocolate brown will be enjoying a resurgence this season and is oh so wearable suiting almost everyone. It will bring elegance and delicious warmth to your winter ensembles. Team it with lighter camel hues and jewel tones, for extra sophisticated and don’t be afraid to wear it with black, this former faux pas is the new tonal pairing du jour.

Style Clinic, My Private Stylist, Chocolate Brown, Trends Winter 2018, Image Innovators, Image Consultant Training, Ann Reinten

Source: Image 1, Image 2Image 3

Polka Dots

Polka dots are commonly thought of as a summer print, but designers are flipping the script this season and adorning the runways with polka dots for fall/winter. The way to don the winter polka dot is choose it in an unconventional piece. Summer is about breezy polka dot sundresses and tank tops, while the winter polka dot is about dotted faux fur and polka dot pants or a trench. Polka dotted pieces just add a pop into your winter layering look.

 Style Clinic, My Private Stylist, Polka Dots, Trends Winter 2018, Image Innovators, Image Consultant Training, Ann Reinten

Source: Image 1, Image 2Image 3


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7 Trends to try This Summer

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When the sun comes out to play, it’s time to bring the latest spring and summer fashions out in the light of day. There is no time of the year better than summer (says me who is about to enter winter :cry: ). Summer is the time to have not only outdoor adventures, but also fashion adventures. 

Here are the trends I’m envious of; you lucky northerners.

Yellow Dresses

Yes, white dresses are the quintessential summer go to but if you want to shake things up a bit this year be bold and opt for a yellow dress. Whether it’s a pastel yellow or a bright lemon yellow, you are sure to find a shade of yellow that goes with your skin undertones. A yellow dress with a cute straw hat, a light scarf, and perhaps wedges or skimmers, that’s the ideal recipe for a dreamy summer outfit. You can go saturated for a true fashionista look, or you can have your yellow dress be your focal point and keep the rest of your ensemble neutral.

Style Clinic, My Private Stylist, Yellow Dresses, Trends Summer 2018, Image Innovators, Image Consultant Training, Ann ReintenSource

Pencil Skirts

No longer strictly confined to the office; this spring and summer, pencil skirts are the new go-to piece of choice. Pencil skirts for summer may seem counter-intuitive, but when worn with a cropped top or with a billowy tank top it’s the going to be your unexpected fashion MVP for the summer. Complete your pencil skirt ensemble with low heel or ankle strap flats, and you’re good to go. If you want to go big, wear your pencil skirt with a statement t-shirt and sneakers for the ultimate cool girl factor.

Style Clinic, My Private Stylist, Pencil Skirts, Trends Summer 2018, Image Innovators, Image Consultant Training, Ann ReintenSource

Tailored Shorts

Forget those jorts or those short shorts, this summer and spring will be about tailored shorts. These will be boxier in cut and end either just above the knee or mid-thigh. These tailored shorts can be easily dressed up or down. While these may not be entirely appropriate for the office, these tailored shorts can be elevated to just more than casual. Pair with a blazer and heels, these tailored shorts can take you on your next big night out. Most of the tailored shorts are high-waisted, so the most flattering way to wear them would be with a blouse tucked in. If you have a larger midsection you want to camouflage, you can still pull this off by simply adding a blazer and jacket over to make the eye dance.

 Style Clinic, My Private Stylist, Tailored Shorts, Trends Summer 2018, Image Innovators, Image Consultant Training, Ann Reinten

 The Slip Dress

This trend was around not so long ago so it’s interesting that it’s back again so soon. This time it’s primarily worn over T-shirts, but don’t be stuck with just that – be innovative and try out some of your own styling wizardry. Instead of a plain white tee, try a striped tee. Instead of heels, why not dress a slip dress down with sneakers or a bandanna? In the end it’s all about sartorial contrast which in this case is balancing the overt sexiness of the slip dress with casual essentials.

 Style Clinic, My Private Stylist, Slip Dresses, Trends Summer 2018, Image Innovators, Image Consultant Training, Ann Reinten

Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

Waist Belts

Cinching your waist is the quickest and easiest way to make a more flattering silhouette. Adding a belt around a flowing sundress or trousers is often all the finishing touch you need to make an outfit look and feel complete. Belts are an often-overlooked accessory that actually makes a huge difference in making an ensemble look polished.

Style Clinic, My Private Stylist, Yellow Dresses, Trends Summer 2018, Image Innovators, Image Consultant Training, Ann ReintenStyle Clinic, My Private Stylist, Belts, Trends Summer 2018, Image Innovators, Image Consultant Training, Ann Reinten


Kitten Heels

Arguably the most ladylike of all the heels. The kitten heel is extra sweet when worn with a sundress. Mix up the femininity of kitten heels with ripped jeans and plaid to add an unexpected and alluring edge. The best part about kitten heels is that it combines vintage inspiration with comfort and modern chic style. The kitten heels can also be a real wardrobe workhorse as it can be worn for multiple occasions and times.

Style Clinic, My Private Stylist, Kitten Heels, Trends Summer 2018, Image Innovators, Image Consultant Training, Ann ReintenSource

Retro Poolside Florals

Instead of feminine and soft florals, this summer try seeking out resort-inspired vintage florals that hark to the times of 60s poolside, palm beach glamour. You don’t need to be at the beach or the cabana to don these whimsical and statement making prints. Wear them top to toe or choose either a top, bottom, or accessory to sport your resort floral, either way you’ll be gorgeous. Don’t forget your sunglasses, your sunhat, and your SPF, of course.

 Style Clinic, My Private Stylist, Summer florals, Trends Summer 2018, Image Innovators, Image Consultant Training, Ann Reinten



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ALL FOR LOVE: A History of Valentines Day

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Are you a Valentine’s Day sceptic or a supporter?

Did you know an astounding 150 million cards are exchanged on Valentines day every year and it’s not only celebrated in western countries; Japan, and the AEU are just two of the many countries that have fallen in love with this day.  But have you ever wondered how the holiday originated?

I did and that’s the reason for this Style Clinic topic.

Saint Valentine: Fact of Fiction?

Most people say think February 14 is the feast day of Saint Valentine who it is believed died on this day. Saint Valentine was a Catholic martyr, who it is said was a priest who defied Roman law by marrying couples in secret. That’s certainly a romantic endeavor but how true is it?

The first thing that sprang to mind was: why did the Romans outlaw marriage? And was Saint Valentine a real person?

There seems to be three recognized saints named Valentine in the Catholic Church. However, it’s seems somewhat of a historical mystery or myth whether Saint Valentine existed at all, and officiated marriages in secret.

During Ancient Rome (around the third century), Claudius II, outlawed marriage because he needed more soldiers in battle and husbands were unwilling and unhappy about leaving their homes and families for the perils of war. This is where Saint Valentine allegedly stepped in and performed covert marriage ceremonies for love-struck Roman couples, and when Claudius II found out Valentine was put to death.

Another legend has Saint Valentine a prisoner who helped other prisoners escape. While in prison, he was rumored to have wrote to his beloved and signed it ‘your Valentine,’ therefore creating that modern phrase ‘your valentine’. Of course, neither story can really be verified, but both are highly likely since Emperor Claudius II executed two men named Valentine on February 14 sometime in the 3rd century. Either myth of Saint Valentine supports our modern idea of romantic love. So regardless of whether its fact or fiction, Saint Valentine remains to be the symbol for the power of love. Saint Valentine acts show us that love can’t be stopped by the wrath of an emperor or the four walls of a prison, and it can’t get more romantic than that.

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 Unexpected Pagan Origins   

Digging even deeper, Valentine’s Day can be traced further back than the Roman with evidence showing that the feast day of Saint Valentine was decidedly placed in the middle of February by the Church to overshadow the pagan ritual of Lupercalia. In fact, Valentine’s Day may very well have been orchestrated to christianize Lupercalia.

Lupercalia was a fertility festival dedicated to the pagan Roman god Faunus as well as the founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus. This festival was much less touchy-feely than our modern day Valentine’s celebration. It was less chocolates and fancy candlelit dinners, and more animal sacrifices and blood. Sounds too gory for me. Roman women celebrated the fertility festival with fervor believing that getting gently slapped by the bloody hides of the animal sacrifices would grant them a prosperous marriage and great match – Eek! Roman women welcomed the touch of the hides because it was believed to make them more fertile in the coming year. Later in the day, according to legend, all the young women in the city would place their names in a big urn. The city’s bachelors would each choose a name and become paired for the year with his chosen woman. These matches often ended in marriage. The ritual and festival were outlawed and then eventually eclipsed by the traditional Valentine’s Day around the 5th century established by Pope Gelasius. I know which one I prefer!

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Lovestruck: The Traditional Valentine’s Day

The Middle Ages and Renaissance ushered in the Valentine’s Day tradition that we know and love today. Handmade paper cards and poems paved the way for factories churning out ‘roses are red, violets are blue’ when the printing press and industrialized printing began. From medieval Europe to the new world, Valentine’s Day became a global holiday that we commemorate today. The Victorians are largely responsible for popularizing this holiday and ushering it into the modern era since they embraced the writing and exchanging of cards on the 14th of February during the mid-1800s. This era also made the floral and hearts motif de rigueur for Valentine’s day.

Improvement in technologies and speed of mail are the two factors that have led to the commercialization and widespread commemoration of February 14 as a holiday. The efficiency and modernization of the postal service also led to Valentine’s Day being the second busiest and second most lucrative holiday for postage and commercial cards. The 1800s saw the birth of mass production of valentine’s cards and greetings by Esther Howland, who popularized ornate valentine’s cards in America with lace cut outs and pop up designs, which spread worldwide.

Valentines Day, Image Innovators, Ann Reinten, Image Consultant Training, My Private Stylist, Style Clinic

 The 2000s and Beyond

Moving past the traditional tokens and celebration for Valentine’s Day, changing times have necessitated alternative ways to celebrate this day of love. February 14 celebrations around the world have become more inclusive. No longer is the day just for couples, it’s used to celebrate all kinds of love. The love between friends, girlfriends most especially, have been the latest modern reincarnation of Valentine’s Day.

Since the beginning women have been the most enthusiastic about this holiday; so, it’s only natural that the day has evolved to reflect the needs and interests of the modern woman. We celebrate the beauty of female friendships and the empowerment that comes from being single and in control of our own life.

We’ve all come a long way from putting our names in an urn.

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APPEARANCE: The Resume that Matters – Pt 3

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Welcome to part 3, the final instalment of my Appearance series on how to create a positive visual impression at work.

This time I’m primarily concentrating on color and accessories.

Color Up for Authority

Solid colors are the best choice for your foundation work pieces i.e., skirts, dresses, pants and jackets. Subtle patterns are best left for your next tier of work wear. 
Never underestimate the power of color depth – the darker the color the more authority it will bestow on you. If you suffer from dandruff or flaky skin conditions opt for medium colors and seek help for your condition.
Image Innovators, Style Clinic, Ann Reinten, Image Consultant Training, Work Style

Color-Up for Impact

  • Clear colors are crisp, clean colors which show no signs of grayness/dullness. They create an image of mental clarity, vitality and action.(A)
  • Grayish/dull colors (especially those which are cool) can create a perception of mental dullness, passivity, low energy and mature age.(B)
  • Warm clear colors are seen as friendly, happy, energetic, youthful and playful. (C)  Wear sparingly to work.
  • Cool colors (the darker the better) are generally perceived as trustworthy, reliable and professional. (D)
  • Feminine colors such as pinks, lilac, yellow can diminish authority (E), while colors traditionally associated with men generally provide authority e.g., black, charcoal, navy.(A,D)  Avoid mid greys if you are over 50 as they tend to make you appear older.
  • Warm dull colors are emotionally reassuring however, they can also be perceived as low energy or passive. (F)
  • Bright, vivid or intense colors raise energy and enthusiasm and/or increase tensions depending on the color and situation. (G)
For more psychology of color insights click here.
Image Innovators, Ann Reinten, Style Clinic, Image Consultant Training, Work Style
Image Innovators, Ann Reinten, Style Clinic, Image Consultant Training, Work Style

Color Hierarchy

Being savvy about what colors to wear to work will help ensure you create the impression you’re after.

Traditional Business Attire: White has long been considered the most professional color for business shirts.  Next in line are the light/icy shades of blue, lilac and pink which are the most recognizable formal business colors (stars in Tradition business row).  Wear solid white when you wish to create the most serious/formal impression.

Business Casual colors are led by mid to dark blues and purples (stars in Business Casual row) and followed by mid shades of pink, orange, yellow and green. Bright, unusual colors not commonly associated with seriousness are best left for after work hours.

Prints and Patterns: For stripes and checks the background color should be considered first for its level of authority followed by the color of the stripes. Also, the narrower and closer together the stripes the more business like your image will be.


Contrast for Attention 

Another important aspect of color is its ability to subtly solicit attention.  The contrast level of an outfit is created between the colors you are wearing and will be in either a high, medium or low.  In the case of you wearing one color i.e., a beige dress, it will be between the dress and your skin (low contrast if you have light to medium Caucasian coloring). The higher the contrast the more the brain will be stimulated to take notice. Knowing how to manage this secret weapon can give you a real advantage.

  • High contrast is created by strong light/dark or bright color combinations; the kind that make you want to say WOW.  Depending on the colors this contrast can have you being perceived as authoritative (think 80′s power dressing) or eccentric.  It will definitely wake the brain and have you being noticed, but is so loud/strong that it can tend to make others stand back rather and observe rather than to interact with you. 
  • Medium contrast is created when the color contrast comes from colors that are lighter and darker than each other while being easy on the eye.  This level of contrast is professional and people friendly, think navy and white.  This contrast will have you noticed, listened to, taken seriously while remaining approachable.
  • Low contrast is created when different colors of the same or similar depth are combined.  This soft look tends to be perceived as elegant and sophisticated when rich or dark colors are combined and passive, casual, aging or bland when light colors are coordinated together.  If the colors are also close to the depth and of your skin the effect is multiplied. Imagine a dark skinned woman in the navy and black outfit. Low contrast is so quiet it can place you into visual incognito, as such it’s brilliant for observing and letting others take the lead, but when you want to take the reins or be noticed, listened to or taken seriously it’s not the way to dress.

It’s also important to mention that wearing colors that suit your personal coloring is also something to take seriously. The right colors will enhance your skin, hair and eyes, invigorate youthfulness and seriously increase your attractiveness. Image Innovators have many consultants who can help you discover your best colors.

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A Touch of Spice is Nice

Every outfit we wear is accompanied by at least one accessory: shoes, belt, earrings and/or handbag etc.  While it’s easy to just throw them on without a thought, considering them only ‘finisher items’, they are in fact, much more important than just ‘finishers’.
For relatively small cost you can own a minimal wardrobe of basic items and have multitudes of different outfits that will be ready to take you anywhere, anytime when you fully employ the power of accessories.  In other words, accessories can expand your wardrobe by giving your outfits multiple looks, moods and a current look. If you’ve never truly explored your wardrobe’s mix and match possibilities, take a day and pull out all your tried and true outfits. Go through all your accessories to find at least several new outfits. Explore ways to dress each up and down using earrings, necklaces, scarves, hosiery, shoes and bags etc. When it comes to career dressing, understanding what style of accessory and how many to employ at any one time is the key to ensuring a professional presentation. The aim is to create visual interest to your outfits whilst maintaining a professional image and ensuring the attention is firmly focused above your bust line.
Key points
  • By the best quality you can afford. Quality over quantity – your accessories should support your image.
  • Your face is your fortune. If you add several accessories ensure the one near your face is the most dominant.
  • Ask yourself, ‘does this accessory say polished professional?’  If it doesn’t or you’re in doubt, take it off.
  • Limit yourself to 3 visual focal points. More than this and you’ll be in danger of looking too ‘busy’ for businesses.
  • Learn how to accessorize – there are lots of great blog, books and YouTube videos to learn from.
  • Hand carry as few things as possible to avoid looking clumsy or disorganised.  Avoid backpacks.
  • Handbags: The more structured and polished the bag the more professional you’ll appear.
  • Earrings: understated, classic and no larger than medium-large.
  • Shoes: the most professional are – at least medium height, leather with a closed, tapered to pointy toe.
  • Belts: medium to narrow, classic style, understated buckle and leather.
  • Watch: classic style, non-bulky, leather or chain strap.

Be Current, Be Clever

An up-to-date appearance is essential. It says I’m aware of what’s going today in the world around me.  A current appearance puts others at ease and builds credibility and trust.  Wearing clothes, eyewear, hairstyles or makeup that is a decade or more old will give you a look that advertises that you are clearly out of sync with the world about you and if you look out-of-date, maybe so are your skills and knowledge. Remember; we trust that what we see is a reflection of your character and abilities. I’m not saying you need to wear the latest fashion, but you do need to wear clothes and accessories that are recognizable with specific trends that are no more than five years old.  This is especially important for anything that is close to, or on your face/head as these are the areas noticed most.
There’s also no understating the personal confidence and pleasure an up-to-date and impressive image will give you.  When YOU like what you see in the mirror it’s incredibly empowering.

Say What?

To be heard takes more than putting a great idea/point across at the right time, to the right people.
Your words can dissolve mid-air if you are wearing something, or acting in a way that attracts more attention than what you are saying.  Distractions have the power to totally sabotage what you are trying to say or do. Not only do they cause others to focus on ‘it’ rather than what you are trying to get across, they create an internal dialogue about the item and you or, the item and them.  Whatever you were saying becomes white noise and depending on what the distraction was it may also damage your credibility.Image Innovators, Ann Reinten, Style Clinic, Image Consultant Training, Work Style
Examples of distractions:
  • strong perfume
  • ornate/large earrings and rings
  • jangling bracelets
  • low cut necklines
  • very short hemlines
  • visible tattoos
  • dark lingerie under light colored clothes
  • food stuck in teeth
  • weird/inappropriate makeup or hair
  • wardrobe malfunctions eg., fallen hems, bra straps, buttons missing, clothes straining or gaping
  • inappropriate clothes i.e., for weight, age, occasion, people present etc
  • anything out of the ordinary e.g., an earring missing from one ear
  • Before any important meeting where you need to be seen and heard take a last minute full-length look at yourself to check everything is as it should be.

Turn Offs

Similar to distractions, though potentially much more costlier to an individual’s career, is the creation of the perception that a person lacks a degree of self-awareness and/or sensitivity for others. This conclusion having been made from an individual’s experience of the way they dressed, looked or behaved in a given situation. While most of us live in countries where we are blessed with the right to dress and behave as we please (within the limits of the law).  This privilege will backfire if the person is considered to be a maverick that cannot be totally trusted to dress or behave within social norms at important times. We may love them as friends or peers but their ‘loose-canon’ personality will cause us to exclude them from participating in important events.

 That ends this series, I hope you enjoyed it and have been able to adopt some of it into your wardrobe.
I’d love to hear your comments, stories or questions in the comment area below.


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APPEARANCE: The Resume that Matters – Pt 2

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We live in a world of instant judgements where our appearance, clothes, grooming and body language create the visual clues from which others make judgements about our character, personality, status and ability.

Creating a good visual impression is essential in order to pass the ‘all important’ first impression and encourage others to ‘go beyond’ your packaging and pay attention to what you have to offer. 

In a nutshell; if you present yourself as a capable, confident, reliable person, others will respond to you accordingly and give you time to prove it.

A word of warning though: 


As mentioned in the first feature, you do not need to spend thousands of dollars to create a professional presentation however, it’s good practice to buy the best quality you can afford especially for the workhorse items such as pants and skirts.  If you are at the beginning of your career, start out with a minimal mix and match wardrobe and build on it, one good quality piece at a time.

Shape Up 

Shaped garments are more formal than those that are loose.  Semi-fitted is by far the most appropriate and work for all occasions, while boxy garments tend to be perceived as more casual and very-fitted, short garments have the potential to undermine your professional efforts with a high-fashion or sexual overtone.  Your aim at work should be to demonstrate professionalism with all appearance indicators demonstrating that your full attention is on your work.

Image Innovators, Image Consultant Training, Professional dress, Professional Appearance, Women, Females, Ann Reinten, Style ClinicGet Tailored

Tailored garments are: fitted garments that have clean, simple lines, are minimally embellished, smart looking and fit well. They also commonly have vertical design aspects and hallmarks of a men’s suiting such as collars and sleeve cuffs etc.  Tailored garments can be relied on to give you an image of authority especially when also in trustworthy or authoritarian colors such as medium to dark blues and greys, black and burgundy.  


Cover Up

FACT: The more bare flesh you expose the less formal/professional you will be seen to be.

Taken to its full extent this would be: covered arms, high neck tops, hems at or below the knee, hosiery and closed toe shoes. When combined with a jacket this level is only the most formal of business settings. But don’t be fooled, covering up is still an effective tool when you need to impress with professionalism.  Bare arms and legs are often accepted in workplaces, but the fact remains, when you add a sweater, a sleeved top, lower your hem, swap open toe shoes for a closed pump and/or add hosiery you will be seen as more professional and, treated accordingly. 

Image Innovators, Image Consultant Training, Professional dress, Professional Appearance, Women, Females, Ann Reinten, Style Clinic

Jackets Trump Cardigans

Straight from men’s wear a jacket instantly adds credibility and a level of professionalism that no other garment can match. For all occasions when you need to put your best foot forward or ensure you are seen as someone higher up the chain of command add a jacket. 

Image Innovators, Image Consultant Training, Professional dress, Professional Appearance, Women, Females, Ann Reinten, Style Clinic


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It’s true, most of us are blessed to live in a country where we are free to wear whatever we choose.  But with that freedom comes the responsibility of knowing what’s appropriate for the job, our role and the events we need to attend.  To disregard any written, implied or silent cultural appearance codes and you may find yourself considering self-employment.

Now, don’t misunderstand me, I’m the first person to tell you that the way you dress is not the most important aspect of your professional image.  Equally important is your:

  • self-esteem and confidence
  • Attitude and integrity
  • respect for others
  • ability to perform the job well
  • communication skills
  • body language and
  • reputation

However, the way you visually present yourself can and will at times, outweigh all of the above.

Why? Because people believe what we see.

We take the outer appearance of a person to be a reflection of their values, attitudes, status and abilities.  In fact, regardless of how glowing a person’s reputation, documented successes, experiences, testimonies or how enthusiastic and intelligent their conversation, if their visual presentation is below the expected level, everything they have been informed about the person will be viewed as embellished at best, or a lie at worst.

Simply put, your appearance (clothes and grooming) is your ‘visual resume’. It will either create and support your reputation as a trustworthy, capable professional or undermining it.  When one does not support the other, people will always believe the evidence before their eyes.

Professional image, Image Innovators, Ann Reinten, My Private Stylist, Image Innovators, Professional dress

When I speak within organisations, I ask ‘how many have ever interviewed candidates for a position?’ To those who and ‘I have’, I ask, have you ever walked into the reception area to get the next candidate only to be confronted by someone who visually did not cut it and then found yourself thinking – “dam! this is going to be another waste of 30 mins!”.  Instantly, and often without realizing it, the candidate has substantially reduced their chances of getting the position purely through their presentation. Somehow, in their tiny window of opportunity they are going to have to produce something outstanding if they are to turn things around.  

Likewise, the opposite is true.  An interviewer can glance upon the next hopeful and instantly feel positive about the possible outcome of the next interview given their polished and confident appearance.  Their mind slips into “I like this person, this one may just the one” mode.   

Psychologists have a term for this process, it’s called the ‘horns and halo effect’. Once an initial judgement has been made the tendency is to lock onto what we believe and lock out anything to the contrary.

In a nutshell your appearance is important, and when it is less than expected the results can cost you dearly in:

  • employment opportunities
  • potential income
  • promotions and job opportunities
  • respect and authority
  • personal branding

Here’s a professional makeover – I think you’ll agree that after the makeover it’s easier to believe the candidate’s potential, ability, people skills, executive income level and leadership capabilities.

Professional image, Image Innovators, Ann Reinten, My Private Stylist, Image Innovators, Professional dress

So, how far should this be taken?  Designer clothes, latest fashions, having to be perfectly groomed?

Nope, the truth is it’s far easier and achievable than you may expect.

What’s Most Important 

To most employers THE most important thing to them is the value/revenue you bring to the business from the work you do.  Many consider this to be three times what they pay you.  The second most important thing is your ability to get along with others and act as a valuable and contributing team member. The third is that you are able to be relied upon to consistently represent their organization in a professional and positive manner during all contact you have with clients, customers and the general public.

YOU are after all, the human face of the organization you represent. Multitudes of thousands of dollars are spent creating and maintaining a company’s brand.  From their mission statement to their logo, website, building facade, foyer and advertising.  You, as their representative are their human interface and as such it is important that you are an asset in doing so.  This DOES NOT mean designer clothes, the latest fashion or high salon styling.  What an employer expects is for you to do the best with what you’ve got.  No more, no less. This means figure flattering, current clothes, well-coordinated and in colors that tell the world you’re a professional with your mind on the job at hand. 

Great Grooming = Confidence

Often, even more important than your clothes is your grooming. It reveals to the world how you feel about yourself and your mood. Those with a good level of self-esteem take the time to care for their appearance through: 

  • Clean well-styled hair
  • Nails and teeth clean and cared for
  • Well applied classic make-up  
  • Clean clothes in good repair
  • Well maintained accessories and shoes

Professional image, Image Innovators, Ann Reinten, My Private Stylist, Image Innovators, Professional dress, Professional Grooming Source

Appropriate and Polished = Professional Awareness

Like grooming the clothes, you chose to wear, and the way they are coordinated will set the tone for how you will be perceived and treated.

To gain the best perception your clothes should be:

  • Current: in-tune with today.  Your suit may be a classic style and ten years old but your accessories and/or the color of your blouse is in vogue this season.
  • Tailored: consisting of simple shapes and fitted lines.
  • Well-coordinated: easy on the eye and keeping the focus on you rather than what you are wearing.
  • Appropriate: for your age, figure, job and position.

Visual Attitude = Likeabilty

As the saying goes, “you’re never fully dressed without a smile“.  After everything is said and done, no matter what your clothes look like ultimately, it’s your face that connects most with people.  Eye contact, a genuine smile and even a nod of acknowledgement will open others up to you and create instant rapport.

Professional image, Image Innovators, Ann Reinten, My Private Stylist, Image Innovators, Professional dress

Some Absolute No Nos

  • Too short: more than 5cms /2″ above the knee
  • Too plunging: showing bust cleavage
  • Too tight: any garment
  • See through: any garment
  • Dirty: hair, nails teeth
  • Soiled/ stained/ torn: clothes
  • Make-up: too much
  • Hair: weird colors or styles
  • Inappropriate clothes: for weight or age

Even on a Budget

All of the above can be accomplished even by university leavers on a tiny budget or those returning to work after years of unemployment.  Grooming is a simple matter and takes just a few minutes a day.

Great clothes can be purchased inexpensively through many retail stores as well as second hand and consignment stores.  Organisations like Fitted for Work or Dressed for Success help women for interviews and work by providing them with free outfits. 

A smile and friendly nod of acknowledgement costs nothing but the willingness and awareness to do so.

Need a Little Help?      

My Private Stylist is a perfect program to set you on the right track in regards to what suits you.  It’s a web-based, personal style program that allows you to input details about your body shape, height, weight and age.  Based on your unique physical profile, a custom style program is created covering every aspect of what does and doesn’t suit you and why. It includes styling for everyday and professional wear.

Image innovators supports image consultants around the globe who can help you get to where you need to be.

All you need to do is take the first step.


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Hosiery Banner


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Do you wear hosiery?

I know many women these days don’t, at least not in summertime. However, hosiery has a few big benefits that make it worth considering if only for the more important or dressy events in your life.

A Brief History

Hosiery originates from an old Anglo-Saxon term ‘hosen’ meaning to cover or covering and is a term that encompasses a variety of legwear, including tights, socks, leggings, stockings, thigh-highs, and pantyhose. The earliest hosiery found is a pair of red, knitted socks that were discovered in a tomb in Egypt. has existed, as far back as the 9th century.

While hosiery is worn by women today, it was originally a male garment and worn for both protective and adornment purposes. It was only in the 18th century that women started wearing hosiery. From that time onward, hosiery was worn by women and men started wearing trousers and socks, rather than stockings and breeches.

The 1920s heralded in a new era in hosiery with the invention of synthetic fibres. Synthetic fabrics as opposed to natural materials like cotton, made hosiery more durable and easier to produce and to wear as well.  “Nylons” became the generic name for all hosiery manufactured during the ’40s and interestingly, when nylon production shifted to the WWII effort, women would paint seams on their legs to make it look like they were wearing nylons.

Hosiery Timeline

In the 50s, full coverage tights were introduced into the market. Tights/pantyhose became extremely popular in the 1960s, largely due to the mini skirt and tights combo that Mary Quant pioneered. Since then technology has advanced hosiery and fibres like Lycra which stopped ugly wrinkly knees and ankles and the ability to weave intricate patterns into hosiery has made it an enduring piece in stylish women’s closets.

In the 2000′s, it would seem that hosiery especially in summer and in now ever more casual work places is now a passé item. Personally, I think that it’s just a temporary phase and hosiery will return from time to time as fashion temporarily elevates it to a must-have. In addition, for women like myself with less than perfect legs, hosiery makes a world of difference to how I look when I have not tanned my legs.   


These are the most common types of hosiery:

  • Anklets: ankle length socks made from sheer hosiery fabric.
  • Knee Highs: Hosiery that reaches to the knee and designed to be worn under pants.
  • Stockings: reach up to the upper thigh are are held in place with a girdle or garter belt and are usually sheer. Hold-ups are stockings that are held in place with an elastic band typically with some silicone that acts as traction
  • Tights: thick full leg hosiery.
  • Pantyhose: goes from waist and covers the entire foot, made of nylon
  • Fishnet: hosiery that has a cut-out fishnet pattern

Hosiery Lineup

Denier and Expectations

A denier is a unit of measurement for tights. It is used to convey the thickness of hosiery by measuring the unit of density. The lower the denier of a pair of hosiery is, the more sheer it will be since the material or the yarn is finer and less dense.

Here’s a quick cheat sheet for you:

  • Less than 10 denier = ultra sheer
  • 10-20 denier = sheer
  • 25-35 denier = semi-opaque
  • 40+ denier = opaque

Denier is also a good factor in determining the longevity of any hosiery. Anything less than a 12 denier usually doesn’t last beyond one wear. The higher the denier, the more durable and resilient it is. When a pair of hosiery has more synthetic material than natural, you should expect that it will have more wear i.e. Nylon tights will last longer than cotton blend tights. Hosiery with shapewear built-in will also last longer. Wear expectations also depends on how you care for your leg wear and whether or not you bought the right size or not.

Denier Lineup

Size and Toes

Like clothing the size of hosiery varies from brand to brand. Buying the right size will not only be more comfortable but will also add to the longevity and look of your hosiery. With that in mind all hosiery packets come with a size chart on the back as well as specialty ranges for pregnant and plus size women. Take the time to check out your best size.

Likewise hosiery comes with a variety of different toes. From toe-less to reinforced there’s a style of toe to suit all needs.

If you wish to wear hosiery when wearing sandals make sure you select sandal toe for the best possible look. Sheer toe and open toe are good for peep toe shoes. Reinforced is good only for closed toe shoes.

Hosiery Toes1


There are three prevalent finishes for hosiery: matte, sheen, and shine. When you want to look polished or dressy (in the formal sense) go sheen. Shiny hosiery while very dressy is best reserved for glamor and evening affairs and then only of your legs are slender. Shiny hosiery is great at making legs appear larger. 

Surface 1

Finding The Right Nude Hosiery For You


The right nude hosiery is a wardrobe essential. There’s nothing worse than nude hosiery that is different to your natural color; you can go a shade darker if you want to look a little more tanned but one shade max.

Match the shade


When it comes to selecting the best color for your hosiery go with nude and shades of black for professional occasions. Other than that you can:

  1. Add opaque hose to a skirt or dress that is too short (A)
  2. Match the color to an accessory (B)
  3. Match the color to a color within a print (C)
  4. Go monochromatic (D)
  5. Make a statement with a bold color (E)


Put Your Hosiery on With Care

Though technological advancements have made hosiery more durable than ever, you should still take care to put them on correctly, especially when they are sheer.

First of all, make sure take any rings and bracelets off and ensure your nails are smooth to prevent snags. If your hosiery is ultra sheer consider wearing cotton gloves if you don’t have a spare pair handy. 

  1. Start by sitting down and roll down the tights down to the toe area.
  2. One leg at a time, slip your foot into the hosiery and curl your toes downward to prevent toe nail snags.
  3. Gently roll the hose up your legs. Always use both hands and stretch the hosiery up each leg carefully.
  4. Lastly, when both legs are in, stand up and carefully pull hosiery over the waist.

Hosiery Care

Finally, here are some basic do’s and don’ts of hosiery care:

  • Hosiery should be hand washed with in warm water using a mild detergent.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Do not leave to soak
  • Do not put your hosiery in the dryer, instead dry flat between two towels or drip dry.
  • Do not dry using direct sunlight or direct heat.
  • Fold flat or roll up when storing in your bureau. Make sure to place away from items it may snag on.

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By | Trend Tutorial | One Comment

Now that October is around the corner, it’s a great time to preview the next lot of trends coming your way. It’s always good to be a little bit ahead of the sartorial curve when it comes to integrating key trends into your closet. As with every year, there’s something for everyone, these are just the ones that have taken my fancy. Remember that you don’t have to fill your closet with trends; just choose the one that best suit your personality and gorgeous shape.


Crushed velvet in various jewel tones set the stage to give your fall style a luxe romantic feel. The lush texture and feel plus the visual allure of velvet give your fall/winter ensembles a magnetic appeal. Worn for daytime or evening, velvet is a statement all its own. Contrast the luxe feel with casual pieces or play up the luxurious feel of velvet and pair it up with high-fashion accessories.


Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

Corporate Chic

Corporate style has spilled over to the fashion trend hemisphere in a big way. Pantsuits and double-breasted jackets moved from the boardroom to the runway this season. You’ll see them mainly in hues of grey and subtle pinstripe/check patterns and oversized silhouettes. To successfully pull off the trend incorporate some feminine touches like bow-tie blouses or wear with sleek trousers. 

Grey suitsSource


Less gossamer and flowing, this seasons lace is more about structure and details, pattern and texture. Cutwork lace is more prevalent than the sheer lace kind. Designers really want you to revel in, and appreciate the intricate lace patterns and use them as a focal point for your outfits. You can even try a lace on lace outfit!  Oh, and don’t discount lighter coloured laces for the season. As has been proven over time, blush tones aren’t  just for the spring and summer. This year it’s on-trend to wear pastel-hued cutwork lace for the colder months – it’s practically de rigueur. If you’d prefer to be bolder with your lace, try red or navy lace on for size. Pair your lace items with fall staples like leather jackets and chunky knits.

SLaceource: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

Pearl Embellishments

Girls in pearls are classy and elegant. This winter you can inject some sophistication into your casual, everyday pieces with pearl embellishments. You’ll find the pearls mainly on denim clothing and knitwear.

PearlsSource: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

Seeing Red

Every season there’s always a color that rises to the top of the trend radar. This winter, red is the ‘it’ color of this season. Though the temperature might be cooling, red really turns the heat up and makes sure you and your style never go unnoticed. Going monochromatic in varying hues of red is your best bet in unlocking the power of this color trend.

RedSource: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

Arts and Crafts

Inspired by the folkloric arts and crafts movement, the runways were awash in patchwork and colourful tapestry-like textures. Combining elements of quilting, fringe, and embroidery may seem like a lot, but this trend is perfect for creative boho gals. Don’t get intimidated by the art influence of this trend, it’s all about finding a piece that speaks to you and that you love. This look is best worn with straight hair and a minimal makeup.

tapestry bohoSource

Leopard Everywhere

Leopard prints will be everywhere, this time around though, leopard print is more in-your-face and paired with larger-than-life pieces. Play up the drama of this animal print by being bold and wearing it with sportswear, bright yellow, and statement band tees.

LeopardSource: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3


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