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MY SEXY STYLE – How to Reveal Your Sexy Side!

my sexy style

Looking appropriate for an occasion means following a few fashion guidelines. The same goes for looking sexy. There are differences between classy and trashy. Do you know what they are? Here are a few hints for achieving sexy sophistication and determine your own ‘my sexy style’.

#1 Attitude

Attitude is your number one accessory for showing sex appeal. It’s all about attitude. A confident, sensual woman is appealing no matter how much skin she shows. You don’t have to be drop-dead gorgeous, either. You just need to believe in yourself.

#2 Sensual Style

What kind of sexy are you? Sexy is defined in so many different ways. Sexy can be soft and feminine or strong and daring. As with all your wardrobe, a sexy look matches your personality, so wear it well.


#3 Fit to be Sexy

I know that a huge factor of my sexy style depends on an outfit’s fit. Garments should hug your curves, not constrict them. If it’s too tight, too revealing, or too anything which makes you uncomfortable or unsure, it’s not the right choice. Constantly attending to a garment is not sexy. It’s distracting and a confidence crusher.


#4 Lady in Red

Want to make an impression? Wear red. Not only is it noticeable, red conveys power and passion and is memorable. Red garments, lipstick, and nails will give you that va-va-voom! touch.
Best red lips (link)

#5 The Eyes Have It

If the eyes are the widow of the soul, make sure your eyes show your passionate inner being. Smoky eyes are a sure, intense way of standing out. Eyeliner, especially a line that flicks upwards, is another way to create sexy eyes. Dramatic eyes look best with mascara, minimal blush, and nude or red glossy lips.

Learn how to apply a smoky eye (link)

Learn more about eye liner (https://www.paulaschoice.com/expert-advice/eyes/_/apply-eyeliner-like-a-pro )


#6 Dynamic ‘Do

Mmm . . . tousled hair. It makes men want to reach out and touch it. The full, tumbled-out-of-bed beauty is achieved by spraying damp hair with a styling product (such as Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray) and then air dry. All you have to do is scrunch and go. You can also braid your hair while damp so when you undo the braids, you have full, sexy waves.

For a strong, sexy appearance, sleek and straight is the way to go. There are a multitude of shine and straightening products to help you achieve this look. And don’t forget the leave-in conditioner to tame those split ends!

One final note: where you part your hair can change your sexy appearance. A centre part is more natural, giving a girl-next door vibe, while a part to the side (especially way off-side) is more sophisticated.


#7 Under-Tones

There’s nothing like sexy lingerie to make you feel, well, sexy! Black, red, white, pink . . . pick what matches your personality. And don’t forget the corset! There’s nothing like it for making you feel strong, not to mention the hourglass shape and support it provides.

For ladies who are not quite comfortable with their rolls and bulges to wear sexy lingerie, you can always wear shapewear. And yes, it can be sexy! There’s shapewear for every kind of garment (including swimwear) to tone your assets and improve your own ‘my sexy style’.


#8 Accessorise to Sizzle

The right accessory can take your look from fizzle to sizzle. Start with large hoop earrings. They say “wild” like nothing else.
History of Hoops

A glamorous yet practical accessory is oversized sunglasses. They convey a sense of sexy strength and status.

Show off your legs with fishnet stockings. Because of their historical association with French can-can dancers and ladies of the night, they make a powerful statement, so wear with care knowing you will get noticed!

Speaking of legs, you can make them look even longer with stilettos. Nothing says sexy like a pair of sky-high heels. Keep in mind if they don’t fit properly in the heel, it detracts from the look and will make it harder to walk.


#9 Animal Magnetism

Animals are untamed, even dangerous. No wonder an animal print conveys that same wild style! Unleash your sex appeal with snakeskin, leopard print, tiger stripes, etc. Animal prints are especially attractive in smaller amounts or worn one garment/accessory at a time, so stock up on animal print handbags, shoes, scarves, and jewellery to make your appearance roar.


#10 Show Some Skin

When you want to show off your assets, remember this rule: less is more. Revealing just a bit is much more enticing and sexy than letting it all hang out. Leave a little to the imagination. It’s also better to coordinate a low neckline with a modest hem, or a mini-skirt/dress with a higher neckline. This balancing act between low/high makes a more attractive overall appearance.

By the way, the tighter the garment, the less you should show. Curve-hugging garments reveal your silhouette; plunging necklines or short hemlines reveal what creates that silhouette. Sexy dressing shows one or the other, but not both.

When wearing revealing cleavage, also remember: skin tape is your best friend – peek-a-boo nipples are not.



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