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Online Shopping

There’s a good reason why online shopping is growing at an incredible rate and has become a huge threat to brick and mortar stores. Over the years, countless women have turned to online stores to up their style game and add more variety and uniqueness to their wardrobe. I’m just one of the women who buys a lot of my clothes online and that’s why we have launched the My Private Stylist shopping mall and added some very special and unique magic to it…more about that a bit later.

I know that many of you will be rolling your eyes and saying things like: 

  • I don’t know my size in other brands
  • What if I don’t like it
  • How do I find things that will suit me?

I get it…I had all the same fears until I tested the waters.  Sure, there were things that didn’t work out but over the time I’ve learned a lot and now have great success.  So, I’m here are my fear busting, tried and true solutions to shopping online and loving it.

11 Reasons Why Shopping Online Is Plain Smart

You can find your size: This is especially true when it comes to fringe and plus sizes. Large sizes are often the first to get sold out in the stores. Actual stores in the mall or local shopping areas only have a finite amount of space, they don’t have the luxury of having a large warehouse to store product like online stores do and often they have to order in set size amounts and that means they often only get one or two items in larger sizes. Online you are much more likely to find the item in your size. 

It’s easier to see everything that’s available: No need to wade through every rack. With the click of a button or an easy scroll over the page, you can see the selection they have quickly. Most online stores are also divided into sections, so you can easily locate the item or style you’re looking for. Most online stores also have a search bar where you can key in specific things your after or product code numbers. 

How to Shop Online, Style Genie, My Private Stylist, Style Genie, Ann Reinten, Image

How to Shop Online, Style Genie, My Private Stylist, Style Genie, Ann Reinten, Image

Gain styling insights for the season/collection:  Retail websites often show coordinating pieces when taking product photos. Often online retail stores will also release look-books with each season or each collection that showcases all the pieces styled in different ways, this is a great way to gain styling inspiration for pieces that you’ve been eyeing.

Be the first to know when new stock arrives: Once you fall in love with a brand sign up for their newsletter that way you’ll get new collection alerts sent straight to your inbox.

Gain discounts and special offers: If you sign up to a brand’s social media pages or newsletters, you typically get a first-customer discount. You will also be the first to know when things go on sale, and you may even get exclusive access to special deals. I love the fact that when you add an item into a Wishlist many companies will email you when the item goes on sale. 

No need to get in line: Have you ever waited for ages at a register or not be able to find someone to serve you? Exactly. Need I say more?

How to Shop Online, Style Genie, My Private Stylist, Style Genie, Ann Reinten, Image Innovators, Image Consultant Training

You can forget traffic and car parks: Shop in the comfort of your home, on the way to work or snuggled up in bed. You simply can’t beat the convenience of shopping within the comfort of your home. No lines, no traffic, and no stress.

You can find the brands that suit your shape and personality: The internet has boundless possibilities for any specific style or size. Whether you’re a retro fashion lover or a plus size fashionista, there are many online fashion retailers that cater to your needs. All it just takes is a little bit of searching. Google is your best bet, of course. But you should do your research with bloggers too. Seek out bloggers with the same style and shape as you and track down their go-to online shops.

Get to the trends first: Trends tend to show up first in online shops before it appears in your local stores. Be the trendsetter and nab those trends online ASAP.

Dress differently: Shopping online allows you to dress uniquely, since you avoid wearing what everyone else is wearing from local brands. Sourcing wardrobe pieces from online also allows you to wear brands from all around the world.

Shop when you want to: Shopping hours are unlimited. You are no longer restricted to shop hours and can shop whenever the mood or the need strikes. Convenient shipping options also allow for some rush shopping on occasion.

How to Buy the Right Size

The most common reservation women have shopping online is getting the right size. It’s not that difficult – trust me!

Know your measurements: Ask one of your friends to take your measurements and store the information in the notes area of your smart phone for handy access. Then always check them against the measurement/size specs of the garment you’re interested in.

How to Shop Online, Style Genie, My Private Stylist, Style Genie, Ann Reinten, Image Innovators, Image Consultant Training

Know the measurements of garments you own and like best: This is a great guardrail measurement to have when it comes to online shopping, especially when it comes to length. Measuring the length that works best for you is best so that you can compare them with your possible online purchases.

Read the size information: Sizes vary from store to store so it is vital that you read the size information every time you shop online. Shopping on websites from other countries also entail some measurement conversions at times, so be mindful of that as well. I tend to buy mostly from Australia, the USA or the UK and have learned the following size conversions works.

If you are Australian: buy the same size garments from UK items and one size down from US stores

If you’re in the US: buy one size up from Australian and UK stores

If you’re in the UK: buy the same size from Australian stores and one size down from US stores.  

Look at the model: If the item is on a model look for information on the size she is wearing and her height: This detail is important so that you can gauge whether that garment will work for you, comparative to your height and build.

How to Shop Online, Style Genie, My Private Stylist, Style Genie, Ann Reinten, Image Innovators, Image Consultant Training

When in doubt, buy 2 sizes and return the one that doesn’t work: Sometimes by the time you buy an item, receive it and need to return it for another size, it’s already out of stock. Buying two sizes guarantees that you have the item you want in the correct size for your shape and style.

How to Make Sure You Like (and Wear) What You Buy

Even if the size is right, there’s still that slight possibility that you may not like it when you receive it and look at it in person. Here are my tips to mitigate that eventuality:

Know which fabrics you like best: There are certain types of fabrics that you feel comfortable wearing, it’s good to know what these are so you can avoid buying something that you don’t even want to wear.

Know what suits you by getting a personal style program with My Private Stylist: To discover the styles that suit you best it is good to enlist a professional opinion. Much like shopping with your best friend, My Private Stylist will be the online shopping buddy you need to make sure that you’re maximizing your online shopping experience and getting the best finds that fit your personal style and your body type.

Watch the video: If there is a catwalk video available, watch it to get a feel for how the garments move: The flow and the drape of certain styles can’t be reflected in a photo sometimes. This is why a number of online shops have a video look book or catwalk/runway video accompanying their collection releases, so that you can see firsthand how a garment moves and flows on a body.

Shop Smart: Just like shopping at a regular store, it’s smart to think about what you already own to make sure the garment you are buying goes with at least 2 or 3 things you already own. This will help you avoid impulse buys that may end up as closet orphans. 

Employ a Genie: My Private Stylist now has not only a shopping mall but an amazing garment assessment tool we call Style Genie. All you need do is select the item you like, click ‘Assess with Style Genie’ and answer the questions. So simple right? In a few clicks she’ll tell you if the item suits you, how to style it (yes, specifically for you), and if it’s not recommended you’ll learn why by looking at the Garment Insights. I’m chuffed about what we’ve created and it’s a first in the fashion world. It’s literally like having a professional stylist and personal shopper right beside while you shop online.

With all these benefits and the Style Genie right by your side, online shopping definitely trumps offline shopping any day, any time.

Here’s a short video I’ve made explaining how the Genie works.

Happy shopping!


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