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The start of a new year is always an exciting time. The air is filled with the sense of possibilities, and we are drawn to the idea that this is the perfect time to start afresh. Start that clean slate, make the future better than the past.  Your style waxes and wanes as circumstances ebb and fall accordingly to life’s unfolding path and too often our identity gets a muddled as our closets leaving us to wonder what our style really is. I believe that the beginning of a year is the perfect time to reevaluate all the areas of your life and align your style with your personality, shape, and goals. If you’re ready for a year that sees your style and life improve  - it’s a chicken or egg type of thing, here are some ideas to get you underway.


Know Your Goals

Just like planning a trip you need to know what your destination is. Finding the style that will work for you will work the same way.

Is your goal in 2017 to find a life partner, gain a higher position at work, be taken more seriously, gain more friends…. Before anything else you need to know what you want to accomplish.  You may also have different goals for the various parts of your life i.e., work, social, family etc.

Determine Your Style Labels

Early in life, we learn to give labels to people, e.g., she’s so tall and elegant, in fact, most of the time we don’t know we’re doing it.  

We often unconsciously react to what we see and feel about a person, and ultimately if enough people think the same way that perception can become their truth. It’s up to us to create and nurture the labels we want others to perceive about us. You can do this by determining all the adjectives that describe how you want others to see you.  This list becomes the foundation from which your style will emerge.

Here’s a list of possible adjective to get you going. Once you to select a group think about what characteristics each adjective conjures in your mind. For example, you may have selected ‘poised’. To me the characteristics would be; elegance, confidence, smooth surfaces, sophisticated colors, classic shapes etc.  By delving into the words you’ll get closer to knowing what you need to emulate it. 

Image Adjectives

Dress Authentically

There’s no sense forcing yourself into looks that rob you of authenticity – in fact, it’s downright debilitating. Choose your style labels and know your goals, but do it within the bounds of your personality. If you don’t you’ll find yourself just as unsatisfied with your style or life as you may be now.

The good news is that you’re unlikely to go too outside what you are comfortable with unless you are being coerced there by outside influences.

Edit, Edit, Edit 

Once you’ve determined your goals and style labels it’s time to edit your closet by getting rid of items that don’t support where you’re trying to go and start determining what you need to purchase to build you desired look. Let go, or put away sentimental items that may be cluttering your closet and give away items anything you’ve hardly worn. 

Editing your closet is something you’ll need to do on a regular basis to get closer and closer to the look you’re after and will help you become familiar with the garments, silhouettes, and colors you naturally gravitate toward. Be sure to also discover all the outfit combinations you have – you’ll be amazed at how many different outfits can be discovered if you take the time to find them.


Invest in Fit

It is actually quite sad how many women underestimate the value of a good seamstress/tailor as well as the value of having a good dry cleaner. Rather than automatically going to cheapest or most convenient option within your area, take the time to research and cultivate relationships with these key people that will help you look your best. While you may buy from high street stores, a great seamstress will make it look your cheap and chic pieces are made-to-order since they will tailor it to fit.  


Plan and Prepare

Sunday evening plan what you are going to wear for the week. Look at the week’s upcoming events and determine what you want to accomplish day by day, then plan your outfits accordingly. Note each outfit down, piece by piece including the accessories so you can easily gather them up and lay them out the night before. You’ll find your mornings are less stressful and you’ll feel more confident knowing you’ve pre-thought out what you intend to wear.

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Ann Reinten AICI CIP


  • Pat says:

    Happy New Year, Ann,
    I hope your holidays were filled with family love and joy.

    You have inspired me to get moving with my wardrobe!!! This is my year…

    Thank you for sharing such a specific, easy to follow, plan.
    I’ll look forward to hearing how other women are progressing with their steps, and to share my progress as well.

    Thank you, you are the best!
    A faithful fan,

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