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By May 8, 2015 Trends 5 Comments

It may be cold outside and the urge to snuggle into your fleecies may be all too appealing, but Winter is a fabulous time to get your sartorial savvy in gear. With so many ways to look on-trend this winter it’s easier than ever to be comfortable, cozy and hot on trend.

From the start, resist the urge to settle into a winter uniform and try to mix things up a bit. Insert some of these trends into your closet and see how much they can do enhance your personal style. There’s nothing like a fabulous ensemble to make a dreary cold day feel just that much better. So step out of your winter style comfort zone, and step into these visually arresting textures and fashion forward silhouettes.

Oversized Sweaters

Oversized knits and sweaters are a quick and easy way to upgrade your winter style. These generous sweaters aren’t just cozy and comfy, they make you look like you know a thing or two about fashion editor style. The important thing to remember is to balance their oversized silhouette with a tailored or sleek outfit pairing; you never want to look like you’re drowning in your own sweater.

If you feel the bulk is a little too much for your scale or weight try a smaller size as this will often be the key to a perfect look for you. For maximum chicness, wear your oversized sweater with sexy ankle booties and finish with bold, red lip.

Oversized sweaters1Source: Image 1, Image 2.


Winter Trends have been turned on their head with this year with pastel colors. Instantly mood-boosting with colors ranging from pale cotton candy pink, icy pastel blue, or cool mint green, these are just some of the hues to choose from when shopping for this years Winter Trend pieces.

Wearing a trench coat or sweater in a pastel color feels much more novel than sticking to your tried and true winter colors of black, camel, and navy. A quick jolt of color always makes things interesting and can punch up a pastel for those who look best in stronger colors.


Source: Image 1Image 2. Image 3


Statement Fur Coat

This year instead of donning your same old topper, search out a vibrantly colored or patterned fur coat. A show-stopping coat like one of these is sure to instantly increase the fashion points of any look you decide to wear it over.

If you intend wearing a bulky, short version, slender pants will be a must to prevent Yeti impersonations. Longer versions allow for more vertical elongation and less bulk means less visual weight.

Statement Fur CoatsSourceAll Images

Wide Leg Pants

Full, flowing and comfortable, we say hat’s off to the sleek and easy-to-wear trend of wide-leg pants. Paired with anything from tailored tops to patterned knits there are literally thousands of ways to style these pants.

If you’re feeling a little height deprived or a touch heavy the secret is ‘length’ and proportion control. The combination of a long length, high heels, and pointy toes will create leg-lengthening miracles and when combined with a fitted or fluid top the results can be breathtaking. Leave the short widths to your taller, slimmer sisters.

Wide Leg Pants  Source: Image 1Image 2, Image 3

Military Inspired Style

More than the super trendy military green color, the military inspired style trend is also about utilitarian detailing and classy brass buttons. Military green is an easy to wear and easy to pair color that is a no-brainer to add into your style rotation. If you’re looking for a more pronounced military style statement, opt for outerwear with brass buttons or pants with cargo detailing. This is a more unexpected way to pull off the military trend.

MilitarySource: Image 1Image 2Image 3, Image 4 

Poncho Scarf

Popularized by the Burberry runway and spotted on style royalty like Sarah Jessica Parker, Cara Delevingne, and Olivia Palermo, the poncho scarf started out as a micro trend but quickly and vastly gained traction among fashion lovers everywhere. An over-sized blanket-like scarf worn as a cardigan or extra layering piece has proven to be the most wearable trend and the ultimate must-have for the winter season. Wear it as a scarf or wear it like a poncho, or cinch it with a belt, the choice is yours. Any way you choose to style it, this piece is endlessly versatile and will never exhaust its chicness. You just have to get creative and inspired with it.


Source: Image 1Image 2, Image 3Image 4 


There’s no trend that seems more tailor-made for winter than shearling. Whether it is a full shearling coat or a statement shearling collar, the wooly texture adds warmth and tactile depth to any look. Shearling effortlessly combines fashion and function. If you’re feeling less adventurous, you can also opt for shearling accessories like boots or shearling-accented handbags.

SheerlingSource: Image 1Image 2, Image 3Image 4 

Which of our Winter Trends will you be adopting?




  • Juliah says:

    Thanks Ann for including the winter trends since we are transitioning into winter time here in Botswana

  • Glenys says:

    I have bought a warm leather vest with a fur collar
    I probably have some wide pants but not quite that wide!
    Like fitting clothes better than the big sweater or the poncho look
    Have a military bright orange wool coat with hood which I love for winter

  • I love the texture of winter this year, nothing cosier then knits and fur for the cooler months!

  • Jennifer says:

    A very enjoyable and useful presentation of the major trends for Winter. Thanks also Ann for your suggestion for looking at fashion images for mature women. This provided lots of inspiration.

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