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STATUESQUE STYLE: the art of dressing to impress when you’re tall


Do you admire statuesque women? I do. Their height has a regalness, and legginess can leave those of us less endowed us a little green around the gills.

I’m glad too that the days of tall girls being made to feel freakish have long gone and today they stand tall and proud.

However, it’s not all fun and sunshine for them. Like their diminutive sisters, tall women have a unique set of style challenges that make dressing and shopping something needing to be mastered. 

In my experience, the top concerns of tall women are: finding the right fit, length, looking pleasingly proportioned and strategies to look less tall. With that in mind, as you read through this feature when you see an * next to the sub heading or text, it indicates that this tip will also make you appear a little less tall.

So, what height is considered tall I hear you ask? Generally, it’s considered being 179cms / 5’10” or taller.

The three-quarter sleeve hack

A major problem when shopping for sleeved garments is arm length. Folding or cuffing sleeves to create a three-quarter sleeve is a great styling hack whenever the sleeves end at an awkward length on your forearm. An added bonus is that not only are three-quarter sleeves universally flattering, they add more dimension to your midsection.

Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

Jump aboard the jumpsuit trend

Jumpsuits look great on leggy ladies. These one-piece style stunners have been on-trend lately and they’ve got a classic and elegant curb appeal that means they are likely to be around for a while. Experiment with bold patterns and sexy low-cut neckline jumpsuit silhouettes. But if you invest in purchasing a jumpsuit in a solid classic color, you’ll be wearing it for years to come. Jumpsuits are great for creating a great silhouette since it most often cinches your waist in while calling attention to your long and lean shape. It is the one-two punch; making you look even more statuesque than you are, and balancing your proportions at the same time.

Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

Invest in brands made for you

Do your research and seek out brands that make clothing specifically for the proportions of tall women. Basics like T-shirts, jeans, pants, straight and tapered skirts, and blazers, will serve as the foundation for a lot of your looks. Any time spent researching specialty stores and/or collections that cater to your height will be time well spent. Brands include: Long Tall Sally, Asos, Search By Inseam, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, J Crew, Tall By Design, Height Goddess, and Missguided just to name a few.  I also have not forgotten our plus size tall gals with this website chock full of brands and tips just for you.  

For the tall curvy girls here is a link to your best brands and bloggers.

Brand Group

Know your measurements…by heart

Knowing your measurements will make for an easier time dealing with store sales associates and online since you already have specific length and sizes in mind. Store sizes may vary, but knowing the proper and correct measurements of your body and proportions will help you in determining whether a certain item fits properly.


Go wild with wide

You’re blessed with height and with that comes the ability to indulge in all things wide, especially anything that sits below your waist. From skirts and pants to dresses and jumpsuits – dive right in and have a ball.

 Wide pants group
Source: Images 1 & 2, Image 3

Have fun with layering, color, pattern, and texture

You have the height to really let your creative juices flow when it comes to outfits. From color blocking, large prints and strong textures you’re the one to really carry these off and make your friends envious.  Wearing multiple blocks of colors can give you the illusion of shape and when used horizontallycan break up your length.  My only word of warning is not to add a bold pattern, light or bright color over an area you feel is your largest – I know I don’t need to tell you more.

Color_Texture_Layering,Print group
Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4

Look up, look down, look all around 

There’s no limits to where you can place focal points on your body. From your head to your feet the world’s your oyster; while your shorter female counterparts are constantly striving to attract all the attention high on their body to look taller and slimmer YOU, can play up your hemlines, legs, and feet your content. 

Look Down Group
Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

Become a shape shifter

Your height is often accompanied by a straight body shape and that means you’re the perfect candidate to add a punch of style to your look via interestingly shaped garments. From amazing blazers, A-line skirts, bell sleeves, peplum tops, there are heaps of garments that are not only fun to wear but will also give you shape or curves. 

Interesting shapes Group
Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

Belts, belts, belts*!

The taller you are the more likely you are to be proportionally long legged and short torsoed (high waisted). Belts have the power to add emphasis to a particular area of your torso and by doing so create a pleasing break line to balance your torso and leg length.

If you know you have long legs or a short torso (high waist) wear either narrow belts on your waist, medium width styles at your hips or belts in the same color as your skirt/pants.

If you’re tall and plus sized wear slimline belts.

If you tend to have a more evenly balanced, body to leg proportion waist belts will be your best choice. 

Belts group
Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

Show off your ankles with this short pant hack

Pants that are too short are a common tall girl problem. But you can use this for your sartorial gain if you get creative, cuff those jeans that fall awkwardly around your ankle. The ankle-cropped pant has been given a new lease on life this season. One of spring/summer must-haves, the ankle-length pant gives you the opportunity to show off your shoes too!

Show off Your Ankles Group
Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

Only you rock this footwear

That’s right, it’s thigh-high boots and flats. OK, so thigh-high boots aren’t for everyone but if your young and bold enough you are the only ones who wears them well.

When it comes to flats you can wear them with almost anything and not suffer even one style demerit – now that does leave the rest of us really envious. 

Flats and Boots group
Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

Embrace large baubles and oversized bags

Here’re another two trends that were made for you; from statement necklaces and earrings to large totes and purses, you can pull them off spectacularly.

Large accessories group
Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

Cultivate a great relationship with a tailor

Being tall, it goes without saying that you’ll often find yourself in a situation where the fit of a garment is not perfect. This is where a tailor comes in handy. When it comes to style, fit is everything. It may not be picture perfect at the time of purchase, but a great tailor will make everything fit you like a glove. This is a relationship worth working on. It is something that will pay dividends when it comes to your overall image, style, and personal appearance.

Alterations group

Consider tailor made

If you’re a stickler for fit, have high expectations (and why shouldn’t you), and you have specific ideas of what styles you want, then custom-made may be your way to go. Alternatively, there are websites like Sumissura that offer a custom-made service at a very reasonable price.    

Custom made

Take a few hints from your tall celeb style sisters

When in doubt, look to celebrities that possess a similar tall body type. Here are some names to watch out for: Brooke Shields, Uma Thurman, Nicole Kidman, Elle MacPherson, Ivanka Trump, Kate Middleton, Ciara, and Blake Lively. You’ll be so inspired when you see how these ladies style their svelte body types to perfection.

Tall Celebrites group

As always, I want to inspire you to embrace the skin you’re in. You may notice that there’s no tip saying not to wear heels. Rock those heels if you want to! While flats are great, if you’re a girl that loves heels, don’t let what others think you SHOULD wear get you down. As long as you love yourself and work on your style, your confidence will grow and flourish.


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