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Another year, another season but this year the thought of summer being just around the corner must bring a teary smile to many a snow weary north American. I can only watch in horror as I see the blizzards and cold you have all been going through.  The good news is that this spring/summer are rife with enough color and vitality to raise even the lowest of spirits. 

It’s all about glam throwbacks and bold sartorial details so, let’s get cracking with my pick of the trends.

All About Yellow

Every season there’s always at least one hue that dominates. For Spring/Summer 2017 the runways were awash with different hues and gradients of yellow. From lemon to vibrant sunshine, yellow is THE color to be seen in this season. Yellow is also the ultimate summer color and a perfect antidote for any winter blues. It’s also youthful, energetic, happy and confident!

Embrace this season’s yellow, and you’ll be making the most out of your summer instantly. 


Mini Bags

It’s not about the size of your bag, it’s about the style of your bag.

For this spring/summer, micro bags will be a style that packs a wallop of chic. Miniscule as these bags may be, they communicate a major statement. From teeny architectural satchels to modernized mini versions of vintage 50s frame bags, the smaller your purse, the higher your style quotient.

micro bags
Source: Image 1, Image 2

Sleeve Slits

Last summer’s boho dominance necessitated bell sleeves, this time around designers opted for a subtle, sophisticated, contemporary yet surprisingly alluring detail—the sleeve slits. Adding a new dimension to sleeve silhouettes, sleeve slits add drama to billowing sleeves and even add a cape-like look to the flowing lightweight fabrics of the summertime.  

Slit Sleeves

The Reimagined Trench Coat

Trench coats are a classic staple that is especially perfect for the transition into spring and summer. Trench coats are also the outerwear of choice during the spring and summer season since it goes with pretty much everything in your closet and it makes you look polished and chic in an instant. Just throw a trench on, and you’re good as gold.

This season, however, designers took it up a notch by adding thrilling details to your classic trench. Wider lapels, military inspired breast pockets, exaggerated longline silhouettes, and wide power belts have all served as details and features that have elevated the classic trench into fashion risk taker status.



Out of the boudoir and beyond your underwear drawer, the bralette has emerged to be the newest in a slew of underwear-as-outerwear trend movement. What started with the pajama a couple of seasons ago has become a full-fledged design movement. Worn as a cropped top or worn over more structure garments, the bralette is one of this season’s major must-haves. This is going to be a great layering piece come summertime. Wear over an oxford shirt or wear on its own with a high-waisted skirt, there are so many ways to style the bralette to suit your personal style.  


The 80s Revival

Move over flower childs and boho babes, designers this season are ditching their 70s inspiration for the glamour, excess, and over-the-top aesthetic of the 80s. Embracing the excitement of this decade, runways were filled with dance-inspired looks as seen in robe-tied waists and flashdance-esque one shoulder looks. Power shoulders were also prominent as was lamé.

You’ll have the time of your life as you don these easy-to-wear and comfy silhouettes that also exude high glamour and 80s sex appeal.

off shoulder 16200fd
Sources: Top, Bottom

Beach Stripes 

Stripes have always been a mainstay in the fashion vocabulary. It’s pretty safe to say that stripes, one way or another, will perpetually be in style. For 2017, stripes have a decidedly retro feel. Less graphic and more nostalgic, this season’s stripes take a cue from the beach umbrellas of years past and take visual inspiration from boardwalks and beach picnics. These kind of stripes are best paired with brown-tinted sunglasses, and perhaps even a giant straw beach hat.


Kitten Heels

Banish all those negative thoughts you may have about the kitten heel. Spring/Summer 2017 will usher in the era of the kitten heel – yes, ladies, the kitten heel is cool again. Equal parts lady-like and cutting-edge, the new incarnation of the kitten heel involves quirky detailing like patterned straps, pointed toes, and mule silhouette. Style the new kitten heels with cropped pants or swingy skirts for maximum style this spring/summer season.


The key to pulling off these trends is letting them work for you.

Trendy additions worn with your personal style staples or classic pieces equal sartorial success.

Which trend are you dying to try? 


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Ann Reinten AICI CIP


  • Cathy says:

    Great article, and as usual, love the photos. I’m not sure I will try any of these trends. I know myself well enough to know yellow doesn’t flatter my coloring, and that kitten heels look very silly on me. I’m too old to embrace the bralette outside the boudoir, and here in South Florida, a trench coat is completely unnecessary. Perhaps I will look for some beach stripes. Although it is fun to see what’s in style, it is even nicer to feel secure and confident that I don’t have to chase trends.

    • pretastyler says:

      Hi Cathy,
      These were only my tick of lots of trends on the way for you. Check out the links under the photos for websites with more trends.

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