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As the cold weather approaches, the opportunity to display our layering prowess will grow ever more frequent. Thankfully many of us do not have to suffer the extreme cold and snow that our Northern girlfriends do and that makes winter, even more, fun.

There’s a definite feminine touch with some nods to menswear and 80′s suiting this coming winter and I love that many items are very wearable and distinctly elegant. However, there are some horrors waiting in the wings, such as ugly oversized sweaters, huge 80′s shoulders and over-the-top 80′s glamour. 

These are my picks for the season. Which of these will you try?  Tell me in your comments below. 

Accordion Pleats

Pleated skirts seem to be the silhouette du jour for this Autumn/Winter 2017. You can rely on them to add visual interest and texture to any look.  From the luscious jewel tones in fine wool and silks to metallic and even leather pleating, pleated skirts are fun and comfortable to wear. The longer the skirt the better they look with tucked in tops.

Remember that while it’s fashionable to wear a sweater over pleats the look is very blocky and not flattering on those not blessed with height and a slender frame.  

Be sure to also wear the correct size for your size. Pleats that have pulled open and lay flat across your hips and stomach do not show off the style to it’s full potential.

Accordion Pleats


Texture is a big component of trends this season. Slip into some suede pieces to give your look an instant punch of texture and a bit of a retro feel. Whether it’s a suede dress or high suede boots, it’s all about the feel and the look of suede this fall/winter. Consider the warmth of suede as an added bonus to how great it looks with other cold weather staples like fur, leather, and knits.

Be sure to treat it for water resistance and stains before wearing for the first time.



Though normally associated with warmer weather, floral embroidery has crept steadily into Autumn/winter fashions. Judging from designer presentations the modern romance of floral embroidery is here to stay. Featured in more casual styles like denim and longline overcoats, this trend also features heavily in evening wear as well as in outerwear. The delicate look of floral embroidery marries so well with heavier pieces worn when temperatures drop. Embroidered denim with a leather jacket and ankle boots is the perfect off-duty outfit for fall.

I’m lovin this!



Culottes or cropped trousers are becoming year-round style staples. Done in different materials like leather and velvet, designers have made culottes adaptable and appropriate to be worn even when the cold starts to bite. Wear with contrasting tights underneath or wear with full knee-length boots, culottes will earn you instant double takes. The great thing about culottes too is that it is such a versatile piece that can be worn with more structured pieces for work and more playful pieces for social outings.


Pussy Bows

While this trend may remind many Australian’s of the much missed Darrel Lea ladies there’s nothing like a bow to conjour up our little girl fantasies. Go all out in pretty florals, colours and soft fabrics or harden up the look with contrasts of black and white.  Play down the femininity by tying a knot and leave the ends hanging.

Pussy Bows

 Faux Fur Stoles

Get warm and cozy by slinging a faux fur stole across your body. Bundling up for the cold doesn’t have to mean adding bulk to your frame, these faux fur stoles are the perfect winter accessory since it’s both sleek and is very apropos for the chilling weather. Opt for more neutral colours or punch things up with jewel-toned faux fur stoles.

Fur Stoles


Don’t expect to see it too early but it will come, and in all, it’s splendour – from pants suits to skirts and dresses there’s nothing like velvet to add some sophisticated glamour to your style. For those who have a more artistic nature, you’ll also see an array of printed and embroidered velvets. Stick with smooth velvets for the most elegant and slimming looks.



Get ready for some truly wonderful colours this winter. Pinks and deeper shades from fuchsia to magenta in everything from silks and sequins to furs, purples and midnight blues for your sophisticated events, military greens for urbane moments and red to make an entrance. Who every you are and whatever your personality of lifestyle there’s a shade this winter to raise both your spirit and style.

Remember even touches of these colours such as a lipstick, eye shadow, scarf, boots or a bag is all that you need to show you know what’s going on.



Exploring new looks and even pushing your boundaries just a tad is a great way to expand and enhance your style. Embrace a trend or two and experiment with it to expand your personality, style and creativity.


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