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style mistakes to avoid

50 FASHION FLUBS & STYLE SAVES: How to avoid panty lines, Wardrobe Malfunctions and More

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Is there anything more embarrassing or aggravating than perspiration marks, runs in hosiery, or the ill-timed button popping off? As much as we love our clothes, sometimes they won’t behave and instead of sailing with style, we crash and burn in a clothing catastrophe. Read on to learn how to avoid panty lines, wardrobe malfunctions, and more embarrassing situations.

While not all annoyances can be avoided, most can be prevented or fixed with a little help and ingenuity. The following tips are presented to make your clothing life more attractive and less embarrassing.


Static Cling: Apply lotion to legs back and front, attach a safety pin to the inside hem of the skirt, or use a product like Statique spray.

Lint or Pet Hair: Wrap tape around your fingers (sticky side up) and pat your clothes.

Pills on Sweaters: Gently run a pumice stone over pills or use a fabric shaver.

Saggy Boobs: Adjust your bra strap length. If it doesn’t work, it’s time to go bra shopping.



Bra Strap Falling Off Shoulders: Unclip each strap at the back, lengthen to their longest length, re-clip to the opposite side to form an X. Put on bra and adjust straps for comfort.


Unwanted Colour on Clothes: Use Dylon’s Runaway Colour Catcher (UK and AU – warning: it smells like rotten eggs) or Rit Color Remover (US).

Bleach Spots or Faded Areas: Use a permanent colour marker of the same colour to fill in the spot.

Scuffs on Leather Shoes: Erase scuff with the inside of a banana peel and buff with a paper towel.

Snags and Loose Threads: Use a snag tool such as the Snag needle to pull the snag through to the other side (these are available online if your local fabric store doesn’t carry them). Secure short snags with a dab of clear nail polish.


Tight Clip-On Earrings: Adjust using an earring key(available online).


How to avoid Panty Lines: There are a number of solutions for how to avoid panty lines:

  • Wear ultra-thin microfiber panties, boy leg panties, boxers, or a thong
  • Wear a liner in your hosiery and go commando
  • Avoid skin-tight clothing – it’s okay to buy the next size up
  • Invest in shapewear
  • Tone your bottom by cutting off control top pantyhose at the ankles and wear under trousers without panties

Bulging Waist from Tight Pantyhose: Clip small Vs in the waistband (as many as needed).

Muffin Top from Jeans: Wear higher waist styles.

muffin top

Crooked Jean Zipper: Turn jeans inside-out and cut the pocket where it attaches into the zipper edge. The pocket shouldn’t have a hole in it since you will be cutting fabric which is after the pocket seam. The result is about 2cm (3/4”) of extra room.

Tight Shoes: Placing a bag of water in each shoe (tilted toe down) and leave in the freezer overnight.

Foundation on Clothes:

  • Powder foundation – gently brush off excess powder but DO NOT RUB. Mix white vinegar with water to remove the stain. Test it on an inconspicuous spot first for colourfastness
  • Liquid or Cream Foundation – apply shaving cream to remove oil-free foundation. Mix in a dab of alcohol for tough stains. Wash garment immediately.

Chewing Gum on Clothes:

  • Apply an ice cube to gum or place garment in a plastic bag in the freezer for a few hours to harden the gum.
  • Scrape off the gum with a dull blade. Refreeze if necessary to get it all out.
  • Once the gum is removed, treat the remaining spot with an equal mixture of liquid dishwashing soap and white distilled vinegar (washable garments only). Rub in gently and wash the garment as usual.
  • Check the stain before drying and retreat if necessary.
  • Rub on a dab of petroleum jelly if the gum is old and dry. Treat fabric to remove the grease (see above mixture).
  • If the garment is dry clean only, use the freezing technique to remove the gum and take it to your dry cleaner. If using a home dry cleaning kit, treat the stain with the included stain remover before putting the garment in the dryer bag.

Hoodie or Waistband Cord Came Out: Rethread by attaching the cord to a safety pin to push it through.

Shoe Strap Blisters: Foot Petal Strappy Stripes adhere to the inside of shoe straps to provide protection and cushioning as you break in new shoes.

Too Short Skirt: Sew lace or a band of fabric to the hem of the skirt or add a wider waistband to the top.


Ladder in Hosiery: Apply clear nail polish at either end.

Torn Hem: Tape the hem up on the inside with masking tape.

Broken Heel: Apply Shoe Goo (found at most hardware stores) to the broken part of your heel and press firmly for a temporary fix.

Nipple Sighting: Purchase a pair of silicone nipple concealers or cover with a bandage.


Pokey Underwire: Push back in and dab superglue on the tear for a temporary fix.

Fallen Hem: Use double-sided tape to lift hem. Be sure to remove it before washing the garment.

Gaping Blouse: Close the gap with a double layer of double-sided tape.


Popped Off Sweater Button: Thread a twist tie (take the paper off first) through the button and secure it behind the garment. Only use on open weave sweaters and loose knits. The wire will harm fine fabrics.

Peek-a-Boo Panties

Getting into a car:

  1. Stand close to the car facing the same
    direction the car is pointing.
  2. Place the foot nearest the car on a
    line just in front of the seat, and the
    outside foot one step forward.
  3. Lower yourself with your weight carried on your thigh muscles until your head is clear of the car roof and sit on the outer edge of the seat.
  4. Swing your knees to the front and bring your feet inside the car.
  5. Arrange your skirt.

Getting out of a car:

  1. Lift your derriere slightly off the seat and straighten your skirt, pulling it gracefully to cover your knees.
  2. Slide to the outer edge of the seat, knees together.
  3. Place the foot that is nearest the door on the curb, bending the other leg at the same time to keep the knees close together.
  4. Step out with the other foot and lift yourself from a sitting position with your thigh muscles, keeping your back straight.



Suede: Gently rub stain with emery board. It will get rid of the stain and refresh the nap. Use stale bread to remove surface dirt.

General Stains: Rub stain with a baby wipe, Shout wipes, or Tide to Go pen to reduce the visibility of the stain until you can wash the garment.

Coffee: Run cold water over stain to get rid of most of it. Rub a little liquid detergent on old coffee stains.

Blood: Soak a blood stain with any clear carbonated beverage (club soda, tonic water) for 20 minutes and blot with a towel.

Red Wine: Pour white wine or club soda through the stain.

Oil Spots: Sprinkle with baby powder, then brush off with a clean white cloth.

Deodorant: Rub off marks with a piece of pantyhose.

Ballpoint Pen: Spray with ‘strong hold’ hairspray and launder as soon as possible.



Stuck Zipper: Rub with bar soap, a candle, or a soft lead pencil to lubricate the teeth.

Keeps Unzipping: Slide a key ring through the hole in the end of the zipper pull. Loop the key ring over the button and button your pants.

Lost the Zipper Pull: Replace with a paper clip or safety pin. Make sure to hide it under the zipper flap.


Handbag Collapse: Stuff with paper or fabric before storing to ensure they maintain their shape. Place inside an old pillowcase.

Underarm Sweat Marks: Insert sweat guards under your arms.

Back Bulge: Wear an Unbelievabra to eliminate bra lines, back fat, and muffin tops.

Belt Buckle Bulge: Invisibelt is a flat, a smooth, undetectable belt with a flat clasp that gives you a sleeker, slimmer look.


Angora/Mohair From Shedding: Insert sweater in a Ziploc bag and freeze for at least three hours

Runs in Pantyhose: Spraying hairspray on the toes of a new pair of pantyhose. It strengthens the threads and makes them last longer.


Shoes Losing Their Shine: Lightly spray just-polished shoes with hair spray for a coat of protection.

Sore Feet or Broken Heels: Check your heels before you leave the house and carry fold-up slippers such as SpareSoles.


Fading Dark Jeans: Add 1/2 cup of distilled white vinegar to the last washing cycle.

Colour Runs in the Washer: Separate colours when washing or use Shout® Color Catcher® sheets.

Undoable Shoe Laces: Watch the video.


Leather Handbags: Wipe with a damp cloth and mild soap, then buff with a colourless leather conditioner.

Patent Leather: Lightly spray on glass cleaner, then buff gently with a cotton cloth or paper towel.

Sneakers: Use an old toothbrush to clean with a baking powder and detergent mixture. Watch the video

Sweat Stains from Shirts: Spray area with lemon juice before washing.


Denim Hem Tape: Supports heavier fabrics. Allows you get the most wear out of your jeans or trousers.

Need a Pocket: Pocksie adhesive pocket attaches to the inside of your clothing to carry small items like a cell phone, money, or credit cards.

find my style

MY STYLE? – a look at what influences how you dress  

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What do you think is the biggest influence on your wardrobe?

  1. Celebrity style
  2. Whatever’s on sale
  3. Morals
  4. How you dressed as a child

If you guessed how you dresses as a child, you’re in agreement with psychologists. What you wore when growing up may be dictating what you wear now. It sounds hard to believe, but if you think about all the other things which shape our personalities and behaviors, it’s not such a far stretch.

Style Child

Ask yourself:

  • Did I develop my own style as a child?
  • Was I allowed to buy my own clothes?
  • Did I wear new clothes or hand-me-downs?
  • What stores did I shop at?
  • Am I confident in my clothing purchases or do I need other peoples’ opinions?
  • Do I dress to please myself or other people?
  • What are my favorite things to wear?
  • What did I hate to wear?
  • Do I give my children freedom to choose their own clothing?
  • How can I use this to find my style

The answers to these questions will give you astonishing insight into how you shop for clothes today and will help you answer the question “how do I find my style”. Maybe your current style is reactionary to your childhood clothes. For example, “Al,” a successful businessman, owns over 70 pairs of shoes. Does he need 70? Probably not, but growing up in extreme poverty where he had to bind his shoes with bailing wire to keep them together has something to do with it.

Perhaps you’re hesitant to express yourself boldly through clothes. “Jane” grew up in a strict household where makeup was frowned upon, jeans were a no-no, and muted colors and patterns ruled the day. Though she has a family of her own and no living parents, she doesn’t wear anything but the lightest foundation, soft colors, and dresses her children in the same way.

“Kay” appreciates top dollar, exclusive name-brand clothing bought at expensive stores. Nothing but the very best will suffice and she’s been that way since her teens. Maybe it has to do with moving from a city to a small town where fashion was always behind the times and she was determined to not look like a “hick.”

In the Know

Once you discover why you dress the way you dress, you can begin to make some decisions.

  • Do you dress like you did 20 years ago? It’s time to grow up and move on to a more sophisticated look.
  • Does your wardrobe clash with your current job or family role? It’s time for a wardrobe update.
  • Has your experiences made you a more confident, accepting person? Let your clothes reflect the attractive real you.
  • Do you have a low self-esteem and don’t want attention? Your clothes surely show it and you no doubt suffer for it. It’s time to dress for success.
  • How can I use this information to find my style

Instead of letting the past determine the contents of your closet, take that first step into fashion freedom and shut the door on the past. It’s gone, over, done with. You don’t have to live there anymore.

Assess for Success

With this new sense of purpose, it’s time to assess your wardrobe. Follow these 5 steps into a brighter fashion future:

  1. Try on all your clothes. Ask yourself what you do and don’t like about them.
  2. Put the clothes you do like back in your closet.
  3. Take the clothes you no longer like and separate them into 2 groups:
    • what can be altered or accessorized to be worn again
    • what will be thrown out
  1. Make a list of what you plan to throw out and what it will be (ideally) replaced by.
  2. Gradually shop for new items to revamp your wardrobe. Start with basic items which easily mix and match with what you already have.

Wardrobe Warning

Remember! Building a new wardrobe based on the present you takes time. Expect to spend about 6 months of shopping to discover items which express your personality and lifestyle (don’t forget those end-of-season sales!). Be careful not to fall into the rut you’ve been in and automatically purchase garments you’ve always worn just because you always have and they’re comfy. Ask yourself if a garment or accessory fits who you are NOW before making the purchase.

PretaStyler makes the perfect partner in helping you dress better. If you know someone who’s due for a wardrobe revamp, introduce them to PretaStyler as their newest fashion influence.