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The Curved Line banner2


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From the gentle undulation of a hill-scape, the swirls in a paisley pattern to the languorous curves of the female form, there are few things as inviting as curved lines. Unlike a straight line which can be quickly and easily followed by the eye, the curved line or feature causes the eye to slow down in order to take in its highs and…

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This week I’m changing up my feature up a bit by focusing on a pattern – stripes to be precise. They are almost as wearable as solid colors and a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe. Their versatility allows multiple ways to coordinate them with your favorite garments and depending which stripe you use you can easily create either a relaxed…

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Horizontal fashion features

HORIZONTAL HELP: how horizontal design features impact appearance

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All lines are endowed with their own set of image creating powers; from changing the way you appear physically to altering the impression you make on others.  Like many things in life, what is taught in theory is not quite as black and white when applied to real life and so it is with horizontal design line features. What are…

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vertical fashion trend

THE VERTICLE ADVANTAGE: how to dress slimmer

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Imagine walking into a room or onstage and your audience sees you as strong professional woman, maybe one who’s even taller and more slender than you really are. How is this done? Through vertical design. What is vertical design? It is clothing design elements which draws the eye up and down. The more vertical elements you use, the greater the…

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