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MINDFUL DRESSING: how to with purpose

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Have you ever thought about the type of image you want to project? It’s easy to think that this would only be something professionals need to think about but that’s not true. No matter what your lifestyle, professional or age your appearance tells others about you before you even open your mouth. How you present yourself will either attract or repel…

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OLIVIA PALERMO: Lessons learned from a style icon

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Take one look at street style blogs or popular fashion social media, and you’ll quickly realize that Olivia Palermo is one of those street style stars that continue to amaze and inspire women with her seemingly endless trove of clever styling tricks and unexpected combinations. Her style speaks to different types of women because her aesthetic is firmly planted in…

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The Curved Line banner2


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From the gentle undulation of a hill-scape, the swirls in a paisley pattern to the languorous curves of the female form, there are few things as inviting as curved lines. Unlike a straight line which can be quickly and easily followed by the eye, the curved line or feature causes the eye to slow down in order to take in its highs and…

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In Melbourne Australia, autumn has well and truly arrived and it’s time to do a closet switcheroo – out with Summer clothes and in with Winter’s.  For you, it may be the other way round. I both love and hate this task. I love the fact that I’m changing my closet as I’m usually sick of my present wardrobe, but I…

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BREAKING NEWS: Revolutionary technology finds perfectly-matched fashion for women Read more...