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7 trends to try this winter


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It’s the coolest season weather and fashion wise. Trying to stretch your summer and fall clothes can only go so far. This time of year, you want to layer up, explore new colors, and be compatible with the climate outside. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should be in a full bodysuit but it does mean making way for stunning new…

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APPEARANCE: The Resume that Matters – Pt 3

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Welcome to part 3, the final instalment of my Appearance series on how to create a positive visual impression at work. This time I’m primarily concentrating on color and accessories. Color Up for Authority Solid colors are the best choice for your foundation work pieces i.e., skirts, dresses, pants and jackets. Subtle patterns are best left for your next tier…

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Wardrobe Royalty


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Kate Middleton knows them and so does Victoria Beckham, Michelle Obama, Melania Trump and I’ll wager many of your best dressed friends. They’re the styles that live on far after the fads and trends have been hurled to the discard piles. What are they? They’re the garments and styles known as wardrobe royalty.  Let me take you through my favorites….

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It’s happened to the best of us; showing up to an event only to discover you’ve not dressed appropriately. Not only is it embarrassing, it strikes a blow to your confidence, you feel conspicuous and it can give others the impression that you either don’t care or have not done your homework. Most social and professional occasions have a dress…

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MINDFUL DRESSING: how to with purpose

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Have you ever thought about the type of image you want to project? It’s easy to think that this would only be something professionals need to think about but that’s not true. No matter what your lifestyle, professional or age your appearance tells others about you before you even open your mouth. How you present yourself will either attract or repel…

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races fashion etiquette

FASHIONS ON THE FIELD – how to dress & behave during the Australian spring racing carnival

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Race days offer a fabulous reason to indulge in more glamorous fashion and are an amazing opportunity to mingle and socialize. No racing event quite compares to the Australian Spring Racing carnival.  It offers men and women the opportunity to have fun, rub shoulders with the rich and famous and be unashamedly and unapologetically dressed to the nines. When it comes to…

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WHAT TO WEAR FOR ANY OCCASION – how to understand dress codes

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Have you ever turned up for an event only to discover you were inappropriately dressed?  It’s embarrassing and instantly puts you at a visual and emotional disadvantage.  Most occasions whether social or professional have an expected code of dress; some are written while others are implied. A dress code ensures the event lives up to the formality desired by the…

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