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After fifty most women’s style naturally begins to evolve to harmonize with the changes in their lives. These changes do not have to herald your change from stylish to dowdy; they simply mean a rethink of the trends that cater to your changing circumstances and shape.

All women regardless of their age, shape, weight or height can look amazing – all it takes is the know-how and a little practice. Can I hear you say… ”yea and the money!”?  If you did, know that money has little to do with style and everything to do with the elements below.


The first thing to get a grip on is what age you appear to be and feel.

Many women do not look or act their age. I’m not talking about a woman who is sixty and acts twenty-five, but one that looks and acts forty-five when she’s sixty-five.  She knows her personal style, seeks current styles of clothing and accessories that flatter her shape and work with her lifestyle.

It is apparent age rather than true age that we should look to when deciding if we should wear something.

Am I Too Old To Wear That, Style Clinic, Image Consultant Training, Stylist Training, Image Innovators, Ann Reinten, Fashion, Over 50Source


Within these bounds knowing where to draw the line with skin exposure is probably the most important thing when it comes to being stylish over 50.  When it comes down to it, there are several areas of our body that tend to give away age: our face, neck, hands, upper arms, thighs and cleavage being the main culprits. I’m always saddened when I see a 50+ woman in short shorts or thigh-high miniskirts – it speaks of poor self-awareness and difficulties dealing with aging. 

 Am I Too Old To Wear That, Style Clinic, Image Consultant Training, Stylist Training, Image Innovators, Ann Reinten, Fashion, Over 50, Skin ExposureSource: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3


How much you expose depends on the condition of your skin and the length of your neck. I’ve found that while some women agonize over they neck few other people notice it if everything else is up to par. V-neck and open collars flatter necks that are getting shorter or fuller and are always on trend.

The upper décolletage on most women remains reasonably firm and smooth and allows for many neckline trends. It’s only deep necklines that expose cleavage that can expose a somewhat wrinkly cleavage that should be avoided if you wish to appear more youthful. Keyhole cutouts are modest for everyone and put a chic feel into an outfit while off-the-shoulder can also be thumbs up because it remains stylish without showing too much skin!

Am I Too Old To Wear That, Style Clinic, Image Consultant Training, Stylist Training, Image Innovators, Ann Reinten, Fashion, Over 50, over 50 necklinesSource: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3



A common place that concerns women over 50 and a giveaway of age if showing signs of untoned skin or dimpling. Opt instead for bust to half-length sleeves and there are plenty of wonderful bell sleeves to choose from at present. Also, worth mentioning is sheer sleeves which allow for the best of both looks.

Am I Too Old To Wear That, Style Clinic, Image Consultant Training, Stylist Training, Image Innovators, Ann Reinten, Fashion, Over 50 SleevesSource: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3



Length is a huge topic on a “am I too old to wear this,” list.

Someone of 60 shouldn’t be wearing a mini skirt that a 16-year-old would wear if their goal is to project a polished style and the reason for this is our thighs which are generally, not our best feature after 50. I recommend you avoid dress and skirt hemlines more than 2”/5cms above the knee, high splits and shorts no higher than mid-thigh. To carry-off, a dress or skirt hem higher than mid-thigh add opaque hosiery to subtlety blur the length.

Likewise, deep backs on evening gowns and swimwear can reveal sagging flesh.

Am I Too Old To Wear That, Style Clinic, Image Consultant Training, Stylist Training, Image Innovators, Ann Reinten, Fashion, Over 50 Hem LengthSource: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3


Not only is age a factor when it comes hot how something fits but it’s an overall rule for anyone. If something feels uncomfortable or constricting and it’s highlighting unflattering bulges, it’s not flattering or stylish. Either don some shapewear or give it a miss. If there’s one thing I’ve learned along the way past 50, it’s that comfort becomes a priority for most women. Not because we’re lazy or unstylish but we’ve been there, done that and are over it. There’s plenty of flattering and stylish things to wear without being squished into shape.

Far more comfortable and flattering are garments that skim your curves.

No matter what your shape, weight or age garments that reveal shape will always be more flattering than those that are straight – especially if they are boxy and stiff. The shape of garments are is psychologically linked with youthfulness and agility while the reverse is true of shapelessness.

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This is an area that can become difficult if your middle is thickening. If you have a long body and defined waist, high waist designs will always work in your favor. A high waist can create a flattering fit and it is also on trend.

If your waist is high or mid-torso short, look for skirts and pants that are waistbandless or have narrow waistbands and when adding belts match them to your top rather than the bottom.

If your tummy is full either blouse your tucked in top or wear it out and to a flattering length.

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These are the fashion elements where you can really have fun with your style and stay current without breaking the bank or putting yourself too far out on a limb. They are often the linchpins of fashion which can thrust your classic outfits into the here and now. 

Any overly loud or bright prints are better substituted with those which are medium to low in contrast. No need to only stick with classic color palettes but do make sure you select colors that suit you. It’s OK to go quirky or artsy so long as they are not too bright for your coloring or too large for your scale. With the numerous patterns and colors out there, you’ll be sure to find details that fit your style!

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While there are new trends that come to light which should be left for the younger generation such as crop tops, some sheer designs or overly dramatic pieces, there are always plenty you can rock! At the moment it’s fringes, feathers, ruffles, and metallic which are all never too young or too old to wear. If they speak to you, then go for it! Even if it’s head to toe fringe!

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As throughout a woman’s lifetime, great skincare is the secret to healthy, youthful skin. Even if you’re only starting now, do start to care for your skin. My skincare of choice is SKII and I highly recommend you use a hyaluronic acid serum before your cleanse. 

Before applying foundation add a skin primer, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the beautiful smooth surface it will give to your skin. Next, add concealer to hide any dark areas or unwanted redness.

When it comes to makeup trends, avoid heavy foundations, too much face powder, dark or bright lipstick or eyeshadow and large false lashes. Aim for a fresh face, natural to classic look.

Be sure to add some light blush, mascara, eyeliner, and brow powder to define your look.

Am I Too Old To Wear That, Style Clinic, Image Consultant Training, Stylist Training, Image Innovators, Ann Reinten, Fashion, Over 50 Makeup


 Is it too revealing?

  • Is it too shapeless?
  • Is it too bright?
  • Does it fit well?
  • Is it me/my style?

That golden question “am I too old to wear this,” is easy to answer with a process of elimination. Try things on, see what fits best, what looks good, and most importantly, what you feel comfortable in. Never stop experimenting with your style, pick and choose, try new trends, but most importantly have fun with your clothes, age is just a number!

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7 trends to try this winter


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It’s the coolest season weather and fashion wise. Trying to stretch your summer and fall clothes can only go so far. This time of year, you want to layer up, explore new colors, and be compatible with the climate outside. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should be in a full bodysuit but it does mean making way for stunning new finds. From outerwear to dark colors, find your niche with these 7 trends to try this winter.

Monochromatic Suits

 winter 2018 trends monochromatic suits Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3 Image 4 

This winter, try the fashion trend that makes you look like a top businesswoman with monochromatic suits. This look not only is ideal for work meetings but it’s a chic way to dress up when you want to try something other than a dress. We see a lot of celebrities today opting for a matching suit on the red carpet. Heels will dress up the attire entirely while flats or sneakers are a cool approach for casual chic.

 White Boots

 winter 2018 trend white boots Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3 Image 4 

Turning a new leaf on go-go boots style, white boots are the it winter trend for fashionable shoes. This must have is the missing piece you never knew you needed. Coming in a variety of styles, dressing up white boots to dressing down has never been so easy. Dresses to jeans, light layers to heavy-duty outerwear, white boots will find their mark in your wardrobe.

Dark Florals

 winter 2018 trend dark floralsSource: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3 Image 4

Florals are making their way to be worn all year around. In different color schemes, dark florals are the winter trend you’ll learn to love. Burnt orange, emerald, bronze and golden tones on browns and blacks form design details that are always pleasing to the eyes. Dark florals come in blouses and skirts to outerwear which means you’ll be able to find your favorite to show off this winter season.


 winter 2018 trend beaniesSource: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3 Image 4 

Beanies have been through it all since the fashion game began. They were a huge hit in the 90’s and have progressed since. It keeps you warm, helps on bad hair days but it also represents cold weather. You can create stunningly chic to casual looks with beanies and layers. Find your beanie look by adding in your personal flare!

 Faux Fur Jackets

 winter 2018 trend faux furSource: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3 Image 4 

Outerwear is your best friend during winter and you need a trend that surpasses all the others to keep warm. When you’re in cold climates, faux fur jackets are cozy and stylish. It instantly takes your outfits to a contemporary level when just wearing a pair of jeans and a tee or a simple dress. These fluffy coats can be found in a diverse range of styles and colors.

 Bold Stripes

 winter 2018 trend bold stripesSource: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3 Image 4 

Stripes will be the trend that will never disappear or disappoint. This winter, try stripes but in a bold sense. The thicker the print, the better. Also, take into consideration the colors- darker to warmer tones are best for the winter season. Stripe tops, sweater dresses, matching sets, and oversized sweaters are all stylish in a bolder print. Incorporate this trend from weekday looks to weekend outings.

 Dark Red

 winter 2018 trends deep redSource: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3 Image 4

The color to wear this winter comes in the red family. Close to maroon, dark red is the crimson trending color. It’s festive but can also be daring. Red, in general, can be an intimidating color, but the darker tones are not as vibrant which makes it easy to wear. Velvets are a buzz-worthy style in dark red that you’ll be glad you invested in. Whether you wear it as an accent piece or from top to bottom, you’ll get compliments guaranteed.


Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean your fashion game has gone out the window. Be prepared and in the know of what’s new and what’s trending.

Winter soirees to daily looks, your style will be the highlight with these 7 trends to try this winter.

7 trends to try this summer

7 Trends to Try this Summer Sept 2018

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7 Trends to Try this Summer – Sept 2018

Time for sunny days, tons of fun weekends, and of course new fashion trends. With every season, there are the must-haves to wear and try. It’s a nice refresh for anyone to take their wardrobe to new levels. Summer is one of the best seasons for fashion and you are going to be head over heels for these new 7 trends to try this summer!

  1. Mix and Match Prints

mix and match prints trend summer 2018

Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3 Image 4

It’s daring but also attention worthy, mix and match print outfits are up and coming. The runways are starting to flood more and more with pairings that are the exact opposite in the print department. You can start slow with not so outlandish but familiar prints like a striped skirt and a floral top. To be a risk taker, go all out and opt for something bright and vibrant for both prints and we guarantee no matter what two designs you choose, you’ll ace this summer trend. Prints are a great way to step out of your comfort zone.

  1. Sheer Details

sheer clothing for 2018 summer trend

Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3 Image 4

Sheer designs are feminine and romantic. This recurring summer trend is still on the map for a beloved look. From high end, red carpet approved dresses to a top you can wear with culottes, sheer is a great choice for summer and it will keep you cool for those hot days. The great part about sheer details is that they aren’t hard to come across. No matter what your personal preference may be or if you’re searching for a certain occasion, it’ll be effortless to find that perfect sheer outfit.

  1. Fringe

fringing on clothes for 2018 summer trend

Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3 Image 4

Fringe has been an ever-evolving fashion trend. This summer, take fringe to new heights! There is an abundance of designs that have brought out a new era for fringe. It’s not just a bohemian look anymore- it goes from the high fashion spectrum to dressing it your way and it will always have an eye-catching end result.

  1. Espadrille Sandals

espadrilles the trend for 2018 summer style

Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3 Image 4

Espadrille sandals are the it shoes of summer trends. The style themselves have a sort of beach, resort style feel to them. A great shoe for vacation looks, the platform on most espadrille sandals is a new option for a heel. Heels during summer can at times be a bit too dressy while espadrille platforms fit in with almost any summer outfit. Plus side, they’re comfortable and easy to style.

  1. Ruffles

ruffles summer 2018 trend

 Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3 Image 4

If you have a love for all things chic, ruffles are the summer trend for you. Ruffles are being reinvented left and right, and some designers make it their signature details. It can be ruffles from head to toe, all ruffled sleeves, or just some slight accents and your wardrobe goes from 0 to 100 in an instant. It’s a look you can wear from the office to after work drinks and be named best dressed.

  1. Gingham Print

gingham trend for summer 2018

https://www.pinterest.com/pin/395683517245380388/, Image 2, Image 3 Image 4

It comes from the 50’s and has surpassed most other prints as the new hot ticket, Gingham print is a look that shows summer has arrived. Gingham comes in many different color variations from classic black and white to basically any other color. Dress it as an accent piece or all over, this summer trend takes a retro style to a new age favorite.

  1. Statement Gold Earrings

gold statement earring for summer 2018 trend

Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3 Image 4 

Summertime is where updo hairstyles come out most. It’s hot out, dealing with your hair down can be a pain- you may love to wear a top knot or a sleek ponytail. With this in mind, you need to dress up your ears a little to complete your look. Statement gold earrings take the win for jewelry summer fashion trends. All over gold matches with it all and when you find big, oversized designs, your earring game will be top notch.

These go-to 7 trends to try this summer are going to make wonders in your wardrobe.

Quick tip: consider your closet, you may have some of these pieces without even knowing. Investing in new fashion will keep your style everlasting.

Create new summer memories while creating new summer outfits.

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7 Trends to Try this Winter

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Now that we are officially in Autumn it’s time to start planning our winter wardrobes. Here’s my pick of the most wearable trends you’ll see over the cold months ahead. Remember, you don’t have to fill your closet with everything that’s ‘in’; just choose the few that spark your interest, match your personal style and work with your lifestyle.

Bell Sleeves

With these little beauties you can channel your inner Stevie Nicks and inject a little bohemian style into your winter wardrobe. They’ll be Bell sleeves in dresses, tops, sweaters and even the occasional coat. Bell sleeves are great for stepping up the drama and adding a touch of boho flair to what would otherwise be a plain old sweater. Try a bell-sleeved piece layered underneath your coat and pull your bell sleeve through it so that there’ll be a glimpse of chicness even when you’re trudging out in the cold. Accessorize with a wide brim hat to protect against the wind for maximum 70′s fashion feel.

Style Clinic, Ann Reinten, Winter Trends 2018, Bell Sleeves, Image Innovators, Image Consultant Training,

Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4

Glitter Boots

This trend is a playful and flirty way to combat the cold. Whether it’s metallic glitter or straight up glitter sparkle, a pair of glitter boots will add a spark to winters traditionally dark appeal. Add them to a simple jean and sweater look and what as people turn their heads and smile.  Keep the rest of your look minimalist and elegant, and let these glittery boots do the talking.

Style Clinic, My Private Stylist, Glitter Boots, Trends Winter 2018, Image Innovators, Image Consultant Training, Ann Reinten

Source: Image 1Image 2Image 3

High Collars

Nothing can beat the dark and romantic feel of the Victorian inspired high collars. This detail can go a long way in stepping up your fall/winter looks. To have these high collars peeking through underneath your fall leather jacket or pea coat will be utter style perfection. This high-collar style can be worn from work to play, with jeans or with voluminous skirts—the possibilities of styling this are endless. Bonus points when this high collar is paired with shoulder dusting statement earrings.

Style Clinic, My Private Stylist, High Collars, Trends Winter 2018, Image Innovators, Image Consultant Training, Ann Reinten


Over-sized Sleeves 

It’s all about sleeves this season. The voluminous sleeves on a lot of the silhouettes on and off the runway are going to look stellar when worn with your favorite tailored trousers. Different from the bell sleeve silhouettes,  over-sized sleeves are more about the juxtaposition of tailoring in the structure of the garment then the surprised of dramatic volume in the arms. This look can be work appropriate and can also be night-out ready when worn with a sexy pair of stiletto heels.

Style Clinic, My Private Stylist, Over-sized Sleeves, Trends Winter 2018, Image Innovators, Image Consultant Training, Ann Reinten


Mid Skirts

Midi skirts are, arguably, the trendiest, and one of the most flattering items to be worn on and off the runway. There’s a shape to suit every shape and age so go grab one of these marvels. For the hottest look this season team them with knee-high suede boots. Whether it’s an embellished, lace, or pleated skirt, a midi skirt will be your closet work horse this season.

Style Clinic, My Private Stylist, Midi Skirts, Trends Winter 2018, Image Innovators, Image Consultant Training, Ann Reinten


Mustard and Chocolate Brown

OK, I’ll admit, it’s not the world’s favorite color but you must have noticed by now, that mustard is already everywhere. I’ve bought myself a fabulous knit from Next Direct that I can’t wait to wear.  It’s a huge trend this season and if you’re timid just try a touch with shoes or a bag. 

Women's Winter Trends 2018, Style Clinic, Dark Floral Trend, Ann Reinten, Image Innovators, Image consultant Training, Image Consultant Training Online,

Source: Image 1, Image 2Image 3

Chocolate brown will be enjoying a resurgence this season and is oh so wearable suiting almost everyone. It will bring elegance and delicious warmth to your winter ensembles. Team it with lighter camel hues and jewel tones, for extra sophisticated and don’t be afraid to wear it with black, this former faux pas is the new tonal pairing du jour.

Style Clinic, My Private Stylist, Chocolate Brown, Trends Winter 2018, Image Innovators, Image Consultant Training, Ann Reinten

Source: Image 1, Image 2Image 3

Polka Dots

Polka dots are commonly thought of as a summer print, but designers are flipping the script this season and adorning the runways with polka dots for fall/winter. The way to don the winter polka dot is choose it in an unconventional piece. Summer is about breezy polka dot sundresses and tank tops, while the winter polka dot is about dotted faux fur and polka dot pants or a trench. Polka dotted pieces just add a pop into your winter layering look.

 Style Clinic, My Private Stylist, Polka Dots, Trends Winter 2018, Image Innovators, Image Consultant Training, Ann Reinten

Source: Image 1, Image 2Image 3


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7 Trends to try This Summer

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When the sun comes out to play, it’s time to bring the latest spring and summer fashions out in the light of day. There is no time of the year better than summer (says me who is about to enter winter :cry: ). Summer is the time to have not only outdoor adventures, but also fashion adventures. 

Here are the trends I’m envious of; you lucky northerners.

Yellow Dresses

Yes, white dresses are the quintessential summer go to but if you want to shake things up a bit this year be bold and opt for a yellow dress. Whether it’s a pastel yellow or a bright lemon yellow, you are sure to find a shade of yellow that goes with your skin undertones. A yellow dress with a cute straw hat, a light scarf, and perhaps wedges or skimmers, that’s the ideal recipe for a dreamy summer outfit. You can go saturated for a true fashionista look, or you can have your yellow dress be your focal point and keep the rest of your ensemble neutral.

Style Clinic, My Private Stylist, Yellow Dresses, Trends Summer 2018, Image Innovators, Image Consultant Training, Ann ReintenSource

Pencil Skirts

No longer strictly confined to the office; this spring and summer, pencil skirts are the new go-to piece of choice. Pencil skirts for summer may seem counter-intuitive, but when worn with a cropped top or with a billowy tank top it’s the going to be your unexpected fashion MVP for the summer. Complete your pencil skirt ensemble with low heel or ankle strap flats, and you’re good to go. If you want to go big, wear your pencil skirt with a statement t-shirt and sneakers for the ultimate cool girl factor.

Style Clinic, My Private Stylist, Pencil Skirts, Trends Summer 2018, Image Innovators, Image Consultant Training, Ann ReintenSource

Tailored Shorts

Forget those jorts or those short shorts, this summer and spring will be about tailored shorts. These will be boxier in cut and end either just above the knee or mid-thigh. These tailored shorts can be easily dressed up or down. While these may not be entirely appropriate for the office, these tailored shorts can be elevated to just more than casual. Pair with a blazer and heels, these tailored shorts can take you on your next big night out. Most of the tailored shorts are high-waisted, so the most flattering way to wear them would be with a blouse tucked in. If you have a larger midsection you want to camouflage, you can still pull this off by simply adding a blazer and jacket over to make the eye dance.

 Style Clinic, My Private Stylist, Tailored Shorts, Trends Summer 2018, Image Innovators, Image Consultant Training, Ann Reinten

 The Slip Dress

This trend was around not so long ago so it’s interesting that it’s back again so soon. This time it’s primarily worn over T-shirts, but don’t be stuck with just that – be innovative and try out some of your own styling wizardry. Instead of a plain white tee, try a striped tee. Instead of heels, why not dress a slip dress down with sneakers or a bandanna? In the end it’s all about sartorial contrast which in this case is balancing the overt sexiness of the slip dress with casual essentials.

 Style Clinic, My Private Stylist, Slip Dresses, Trends Summer 2018, Image Innovators, Image Consultant Training, Ann Reinten

Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

Waist Belts

Cinching your waist is the quickest and easiest way to make a more flattering silhouette. Adding a belt around a flowing sundress or trousers is often all the finishing touch you need to make an outfit look and feel complete. Belts are an often-overlooked accessory that actually makes a huge difference in making an ensemble look polished.

Style Clinic, My Private Stylist, Yellow Dresses, Trends Summer 2018, Image Innovators, Image Consultant Training, Ann ReintenStyle Clinic, My Private Stylist, Belts, Trends Summer 2018, Image Innovators, Image Consultant Training, Ann Reinten


Kitten Heels

Arguably the most ladylike of all the heels. The kitten heel is extra sweet when worn with a sundress. Mix up the femininity of kitten heels with ripped jeans and plaid to add an unexpected and alluring edge. The best part about kitten heels is that it combines vintage inspiration with comfort and modern chic style. The kitten heels can also be a real wardrobe workhorse as it can be worn for multiple occasions and times.

Style Clinic, My Private Stylist, Kitten Heels, Trends Summer 2018, Image Innovators, Image Consultant Training, Ann ReintenSource

Retro Poolside Florals

Instead of feminine and soft florals, this summer try seeking out resort-inspired vintage florals that hark to the times of 60s poolside, palm beach glamour. You don’t need to be at the beach or the cabana to don these whimsical and statement making prints. Wear them top to toe or choose either a top, bottom, or accessory to sport your resort floral, either way you’ll be gorgeous. Don’t forget your sunglasses, your sunhat, and your SPF, of course.

 Style Clinic, My Private Stylist, Summer florals, Trends Summer 2018, Image Innovators, Image Consultant Training, Ann Reinten



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thanksgiving (1)


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Another year, another season but this year the thought of summer being just around the corner must bring a teary smile to many a snow weary north American. I can only watch in horror as I see the blizzards and cold you have all been going through.  The good news is that this spring/summer are rife with enough color and vitality to raise even the lowest of spirits. 

It’s all about glam throwbacks and bold sartorial details so, let’s get cracking with my pick of the trends.

All About Yellow

Every season there’s always at least one hue that dominates. For Spring/Summer 2017 the runways were awash with different hues and gradients of yellow. From lemon to vibrant sunshine, yellow is THE color to be seen in this season. Yellow is also the ultimate summer color and a perfect antidote for any winter blues. It’s also youthful, energetic, happy and confident!

Embrace this season’s yellow, and you’ll be making the most out of your summer instantly. 


Mini Bags

It’s not about the size of your bag, it’s about the style of your bag.

For this spring/summer, micro bags will be a style that packs a wallop of chic. Miniscule as these bags may be, they communicate a major statement. From teeny architectural satchels to modernized mini versions of vintage 50s frame bags, the smaller your purse, the higher your style quotient.

micro bags
Source: Image 1, Image 2

Sleeve Slits

Last summer’s boho dominance necessitated bell sleeves, this time around designers opted for a subtle, sophisticated, contemporary yet surprisingly alluring detail—the sleeve slits. Adding a new dimension to sleeve silhouettes, sleeve slits add drama to billowing sleeves and even add a cape-like look to the flowing lightweight fabrics of the summertime.  

Slit Sleeves

The Reimagined Trench Coat

Trench coats are a classic staple that is especially perfect for the transition into spring and summer. Trench coats are also the outerwear of choice during the spring and summer season since it goes with pretty much everything in your closet and it makes you look polished and chic in an instant. Just throw a trench on, and you’re good as gold.

This season, however, designers took it up a notch by adding thrilling details to your classic trench. Wider lapels, military inspired breast pockets, exaggerated longline silhouettes, and wide power belts have all served as details and features that have elevated the classic trench into fashion risk taker status.



Out of the boudoir and beyond your underwear drawer, the bralette has emerged to be the newest in a slew of underwear-as-outerwear trend movement. What started with the pajama a couple of seasons ago has become a full-fledged design movement. Worn as a cropped top or worn over more structure garments, the bralette is one of this season’s major must-haves. This is going to be a great layering piece come summertime. Wear over an oxford shirt or wear on its own with a high-waisted skirt, there are so many ways to style the bralette to suit your personal style.  


The 80s Revival

Move over flower childs and boho babes, designers this season are ditching their 70s inspiration for the glamour, excess, and over-the-top aesthetic of the 80s. Embracing the excitement of this decade, runways were filled with dance-inspired looks as seen in robe-tied waists and flashdance-esque one shoulder looks. Power shoulders were also prominent as was lamé.

You’ll have the time of your life as you don these easy-to-wear and comfy silhouettes that also exude high glamour and 80s sex appeal.

off shoulder 16200fd
Sources: Top, Bottom

Beach Stripes 

Stripes have always been a mainstay in the fashion vocabulary. It’s pretty safe to say that stripes, one way or another, will perpetually be in style. For 2017, stripes have a decidedly retro feel. Less graphic and more nostalgic, this season’s stripes take a cue from the beach umbrellas of years past and take visual inspiration from boardwalks and beach picnics. These kind of stripes are best paired with brown-tinted sunglasses, and perhaps even a giant straw beach hat.


Kitten Heels

Banish all those negative thoughts you may have about the kitten heel. Spring/Summer 2017 will usher in the era of the kitten heel – yes, ladies, the kitten heel is cool again. Equal parts lady-like and cutting-edge, the new incarnation of the kitten heel involves quirky detailing like patterned straps, pointed toes, and mule silhouette. Style the new kitten heels with cropped pants or swingy skirts for maximum style this spring/summer season.


The key to pulling off these trends is letting them work for you.

Trendy additions worn with your personal style staples or classic pieces equal sartorial success.

Which trend are you dying to try? 


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As the cold weather approaches, the opportunity to display our layering prowess will grow ever more frequent. Thankfully many of us do not have to suffer the extreme cold and snow that our Northern girlfriends do and that makes winter, even more, fun.

There’s a definite feminine touch with some nods to menswear and 80′s suiting this coming winter and I love that many items are very wearable and distinctly elegant. However, there are some horrors waiting in the wings, such as ugly oversized sweaters, huge 80′s shoulders and over-the-top 80′s glamour. 

These are my picks for the season. Which of these will you try?  Tell me in your comments below. 

Accordion Pleats

Pleated skirts seem to be the silhouette du jour for this Autumn/Winter 2017. You can rely on them to add visual interest and texture to any look.  From the luscious jewel tones in fine wool and silks to metallic and even leather pleating, pleated skirts are fun and comfortable to wear. The longer the skirt the better they look with tucked in tops.

Remember that while it’s fashionable to wear a sweater over pleats the look is very blocky and not flattering on those not blessed with height and a slender frame.  

Be sure to also wear the correct size for your size. Pleats that have pulled open and lay flat across your hips and stomach do not show off the style to it’s full potential.

Accordion Pleats


Texture is a big component of trends this season. Slip into some suede pieces to give your look an instant punch of texture and a bit of a retro feel. Whether it’s a suede dress or high suede boots, it’s all about the feel and the look of suede this fall/winter. Consider the warmth of suede as an added bonus to how great it looks with other cold weather staples like fur, leather, and knits.

Be sure to treat it for water resistance and stains before wearing for the first time.



Though normally associated with warmer weather, floral embroidery has crept steadily into Autumn/winter fashions. Judging from designer presentations the modern romance of floral embroidery is here to stay. Featured in more casual styles like denim and longline overcoats, this trend also features heavily in evening wear as well as in outerwear. The delicate look of floral embroidery marries so well with heavier pieces worn when temperatures drop. Embroidered denim with a leather jacket and ankle boots is the perfect off-duty outfit for fall.

I’m lovin this!



Culottes or cropped trousers are becoming year-round style staples. Done in different materials like leather and velvet, designers have made culottes adaptable and appropriate to be worn even when the cold starts to bite. Wear with contrasting tights underneath or wear with full knee-length boots, culottes will earn you instant double takes. The great thing about culottes too is that it is such a versatile piece that can be worn with more structured pieces for work and more playful pieces for social outings.


Pussy Bows

While this trend may remind many Australian’s of the much missed Darrel Lea ladies there’s nothing like a bow to conjour up our little girl fantasies. Go all out in pretty florals, colours and soft fabrics or harden up the look with contrasts of black and white.  Play down the femininity by tying a knot and leave the ends hanging.

Pussy Bows

 Faux Fur Stoles

Get warm and cozy by slinging a faux fur stole across your body. Bundling up for the cold doesn’t have to mean adding bulk to your frame, these faux fur stoles are the perfect winter accessory since it’s both sleek and is very apropos for the chilling weather. Opt for more neutral colours or punch things up with jewel-toned faux fur stoles.

Fur Stoles


Don’t expect to see it too early but it will come, and in all, it’s splendour – from pants suits to skirts and dresses there’s nothing like velvet to add some sophisticated glamour to your style. For those who have a more artistic nature, you’ll also see an array of printed and embroidered velvets. Stick with smooth velvets for the most elegant and slimming looks.



Get ready for some truly wonderful colours this winter. Pinks and deeper shades from fuchsia to magenta in everything from silks and sequins to furs, purples and midnight blues for your sophisticated events, military greens for urbane moments and red to make an entrance. Who every you are and whatever your personality of lifestyle there’s a shade this winter to raise both your spirit and style.

Remember even touches of these colours such as a lipstick, eye shadow, scarf, boots or a bag is all that you need to show you know what’s going on.



Exploring new looks and even pushing your boundaries just a tad is a great way to expand and enhance your style. Embrace a trend or two and experiment with it to expand your personality, style and creativity.


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Turtlenecks are seeing a resurgence as one of this Fall’s must-have wardrobe items. What was once a standard nondescript sweater for fall/winter has now become a full-on industry-wide trend. Celine and Jil Sander are the two fashion houses that initiated the revival. As modern and minimalist brands they heavily influenced the this season’s interpretation of the turtleneck. 


Turtlenecks were first spotted in fashion history back in the 1860s. English polo players pioneered this style of sweater which was known back then as the ‘polo neck.’ From the 1920s onward, those who are perceived to be against the grain, those who are unconventional, have adopted the turtleneck. From feminists to beatniks, artists, and philosophers, the turtleneck became an iconic fashion item that expresses rebellion from the norm. It’s no wonder why one of the most visionary creative of our time adopted the black turtleneck as his own personal uniform. Who am I talking about? None other than Steve Jobs, of course. Other than Steve Jobs, the turtleneck enjoyed an iconic fashion moment when Audrey Hepburn donned it in true gamine style in the movie Funny Face.


Turtlenecks have been around for years and have been consistently worn by the masses as part of a casual wardrobe. Though they have fell out of favor for a while being associated with 80s and 90s fashion, turtlenecks are now back with a vengeance and are chicer than ever.

When and Where to Wear

The great thing about turtlenecks is that they are a wear any time, any where item – it just depends on what you wear it with, and how you style it. Turtlenecks of the 80s and 90s were of a more casual style in loose silhouettes and oversized funnel necks. The turtlenecks of the Audrey Hepburn era, it’s sleeker and more sophisticated. These two depictions of how turtlenecks can be worn is a testament to the fact that this piece can be worn for day or evening, for formal or informal occasions, and for work or play. Take a look at the first set of two images below; both ladies are clad in black turtlenecks with one outfit being for evening formal and the other daytime casual. To make the black turtleneck formal, it’s paired with a lace pencil skirt. On the other hand, when paired with jeans it instantly becomes easygoing casual. In the second set you can see how the bulk and fitting of the turtle necks make a world of difference to the formality of the total outfit. Close fitting, fine gauge, close set necks will always trump loose, textured styles in the formality stakes.

What you wear Turtlenecks with

Turtleneck bulk
Source: Top Row: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3. Bottom Row: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

Work Days

When cool weather prevails, a turtleneck is a great work wear wardrobe staple. Striped or neutral, the turtleneck can work wonders in elevating your existing office closet basics like trousers, blazers, and solid colored pumps. You can even try monochromatic work ensembles with your turtleneck for extra chic points. Opt for fitted styles since that tends to look more dressy than large, oversized silhouettes. If your turtleneck has a little slouch in it, pair with a sleek pencil skirt and sleek pumps to keep it office appropriate. Also keep the neckline in mind when selecting your turtleneck, avoid oversized necklines as well.

Work Turtlenecks
Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

Formal Events

Your trusty turtleneck can save you from having to freeze in a cocktail dress and comes in handy to make an even summery dresses transition into fall. It also adds a downtown vibe to your glitzy evening pieces. Take a look at how Zendaya styled her grey turtleneck to perfection for a red carpet event; you can learn a thing or two from her styling prowess.

Formal events Turtlenecks
Source: Image 1Image 2Image 3

Casual Days

Turtlenecks are a marked upgrade from a slouchy sweater, hoodie or long-sleeved tee. Elevate your casual and everyday uniform during the fall/winter season by swapping out those wardrobe staples with a modern and fitted turtleneck. A fitted and smooth turtleneck will add some more polish to your daily looks, and give it a bit of panache.

Casual Turtlenecks
Source: Image 1Image 2Image 3

To recap, here are a few styling reminders to keep in mind when wearing turtlenecks:

  • Fitted styles and tailored fits tend to be more flattering and appear dressier. Oversized turtleneck sweater styles and loose fit turtlenecks are more casual and can be less flattering due to its tendency to appear shapeless. This same rule applies to the fit of the neckline itself of turtleneck pieces.
  • When choosing the fabric of your turtleneck, remember that chunkier textures like large open weave knits appear more casual while those that have smooth body fitting materials will look more polished and formal.
  • Length, i.e. where the turtleneck ends on your leg, is another factor to consider. If you’re going for an evening formal look, select a turtleneck that ends above your hipline. Anything below the hipline will be seen as casual.

 How to Accessorize

Accessorizing turtlenecks are easy. The high neckline provides the perfect canvas for statement jewelry up top. Think bib necklaces or multiple layered delicate necklaces, or even a shoulder-grazing pair of statement earrings to accessorize your turtleneck with. Steer clear of wearing neck scarves since that will prove to be too much fabric around your neck area. Finish off your look with your necklace or earrings of choice; it’s all up to you.  

Turtleneck accessories
Source: Image 1Image 2Image 3

Modern Turtleneck Styling  

There are so many options on how to style your turtleneck. Allow us to shine the spotlight on 3 modern ways to style your turtleneck. Whether you prefer trendy or classic, these styling ideas can be your source of inspiration and outfit ideas too!  

Slip Dress

Commonly believed to be too racy to wear outside the house, a turtleneck worn under a slip dress is a refreshing way to style this trendy piece. The classic and conservative feel of the turtleneck balances the sexiness of the slip dress. Finish off this ensemble with either sneakers or boots.

Slip dresses and Turtlenecks
Source: Image 1Image 2Image 3


Fur is a definite must-have for the fall/winter, add a turtleneck into the mix and you’ve hit the sartorial jackpot.

Turtlenecks and Fur
Source: Image 1Image 2Image 3

Overalls/Pinafore Dress

Overalls and pinafore dresses can feel too youthful and it might skew a little bit too summery. When you wear it with a turtleneck, though, it tones down the playfulness of the overalls and pinafore and makes it look more polished and grown up too.

Turtlenecks and Overalls

Source: Image 1, Image 2Image 3

Are you excited with this trend?

Which styling tips you’re eager to try!


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Magazines put out voluminous September issues for a reason, it is the ultimate month to either overhaul your wardrobe or simply inject it with an infusion of exciting new trends and pioneering new silhouettes. New trends are always so exciting since it’s a new opportunity to rediscover your personal style.

And as the leaves start to fall and a change in seasons start to come, feel the chill in the air as you sport the best that fall/winter fashion has to offer. Whether or not you’re ready, fall fashion will take over and it’s best to be prepared. Layering textures is what it’s going to be all about. While you may miss those dreamy summer nights, these trends will give you something to be excited for.


Crushed velvet dominated the Fall 2016 runways, and for good reason. This lush and rich fabric makes for the perfect fall/winter piece to give your wardrobe a much-needed boost of texture. Velvet dresses were a big winner on the runway, and you can expect velvet dresses to take over street style too. A velvet dress over tights and a pair of leather boots is oh-so-chic. The texture of velvet elevates your other fall/winter essentials like your leather moto jacket, wool scarf, or patterned tights, velvet dresses and jackets should be at the top of your fall/winter shopping list. Consider velvet frocks for your next fancy evening event, a little black dress in velvet are a great alternative for your upcoming season’s events or parties.


Back to School Backpacks

September is back-to-school for some. While you may not actually be going back to hitting the books, you can definitely channel back-to-school style with a chic backpack. Popularized by the trend-setting Jenner sisters, leather backpacks have successfully transitioned from practical carryall to high-fashion style staple. From Gucci to Chanel, the formerly humble backpack is enjoying must-have status. A sleek leather backpack will be your ultimate fall/winter companion.

Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4

Turtleneck Layering

Oscar de la Renta first showed a feminine dark floral dress with a turtleneck layered underneath. Since then, turtleneck layering has been spotted all over. Aside from being a great styling tip to transition some of your spring/summer dresses into fall, turtleneck layering is also a clever way to prevent your standard turtleneck from looking too basic. Layering turtlenecks underneath dresses gives your look a certain edge and a particular je ne sais quoi. Add on a statement necklace for maximum impact.

Turtleneck dressing
Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4


For a fall/winter cover up with a retro feel and a lot of sartorial curb appeal, consider the capelet. Not quite as voluminous as a full-on cape, capelets are most definitely wearable and will prove to be flattering to most women since it doesn’t cut you off at the waist but actually serves to drive attention toward your face. Pair your capelet with a wide brim hat or with a statement lip. Capelets are also great to wear with short hemlines or knee-length skirts.


Plaid Statement Outerwear

Plaid scarves and plaid shirts are so last year. This year, it’s all about making a huge statement with plaid outerwear. Don’t shy away from this print, plaid is actually universally chic and is a classic pattern. Match your proportions to the scale of the plaid print you choose, and you’ll be golden. Explore your inner preppy with this trend, wear your plaid overcoat with oversized sweaters and pleated skirts with oxfords and tights,

Plaid coats1
Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

Shearling Jackets

From Altuzarra to Kate Spade, shearling jackets were all the rage at Fashion Week. Different jacket silhouettes with prominent shearling lining, collars, and hemlines were spotted on the runway. You will definitely have your pick of a jacket shape that suits your body type and personal style. The one thing all these jacket styles have in common is a whole lot of shearling action, which does the double duty of keeping you warm while keeping you looking ahead of the fashion curve.


Bandanas / Neck Scarves

Chokers are so hot this year and it’s pretty much ubiquitous. If you want to stand out from the crowd during the fall/winter season, opt out of the choker trend and adopt the rising neck scarf trend. Instead of donning a choker, a bandana or silk scarf tied around your neck ups your style points instantly by a thousand. It’s very Parisian girl chic and looks so fashion forward when added to your layering game.

PicMonkey Image
Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3


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September is near a close and the shops are filling with many new trends and fashion to explore. Down here in the Southern Hemishpere, September means the start of warmer months and sunny days.

It’s time to explore the new summer trends and discover the ones that light your sartorial fire. While there are more trends on offer than this list, these are my favorites for the season.

Keep in mind that a successful wardrobe and ultimately your style comes not from slavishly following fashion but rather from you carefully choosing items that:

  • best reflect their personality,
  • flatter their shape
  • work for their lifestyle
  • are within their budget 

Trend items are fleeting, and to me, they do not warrant spending a lot on. It’s your classic, wear over and over again items where you are best to invest in the best quality you can afford; jeans, tailored pants, straight/tapered skirts, a pair of great  black pumps to name just a few.

Shoulder Duster Earrings

For the spring/summer season, shoulder duster earrings will be the ultimate statement jewelry. We’re not just talking about dainty chandelier earrings, the “it” accessory of the season literally reaches your shoulders to make a style splash like no other. Sculptural, boho chic, or tasseled, shoulder duster earrings will look perfect with your summer beach waves or when you put your hair up to battle the summer heat.

If you like this style but feel the length is a little over the top for you simply go part way by wearing long earrings in a length more befitting your style/age and circumstances.

Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

White Bags

White bags are going to be a hot trend for the spring/summer 2016. The starkness and minimalist appeal of a white bag is a new approach to accessorizing your looks this season. The modern vibes and aesthetic of a white bag, whether it’s a structured one or a bucket bag, totally elevates your casual looks plus the pop of bright white is sometimes unexpected, but always, always chic.

Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

Crochet Lace

White and coloured crochet lace will be a major trend this summer.  The woven, crochet lace is being used to create 1970s inspired looks. The lace will feature everywhere, from long, calf length skirts, dresses and even as contrasting pockets on denim garments. Ultra-sheer, ethereal lace will also be seen. One unique feature of this trend is the peep-a-boo of skin aspect via short or skin coloured lining.

Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

Get the Blues

Blue is the classic color for this spring/summer season and it’s going to be everywhere and in every garment, from solid colours to stripes and with embroidery for a Boho twist.  

Shades of Blue
Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3


Metallic sheens and finishes are always in style. This season, however, metallic finishes are a stronger trend than ever. For 2016, metallics have become more iridescent and have made their transition from being a purely evening trend to a daytime trend those fashion insiders, bloggers, and tastemakers have grown to love and to rock. Dress down your metallic pieces with slouchy lightweight knits or sneakers. You can even opt for metallic accents like mirrored sunnies and metallic oxfords to finish off your summer looks.

Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4

Off-Shoulder Tops

Exposed shoulders are the trend du jour of spring/summer 2016. Say goodbye to bare midriffs courtesy of crop tops, and say hello to different yet all equally stylish incarnations of the off shoulder neckline. Shoulders are the new sexy. Boho, embroidered, ruffled, or tailored, off-shoulder tops and dresses can be worn all summer long. Sweep a bit of bronzer on your shoulders and pair with another hot trend, the shoulder duster earrings, and you’re set to take on the season in high style.

Cold_off Shoulder Garments
Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

Bell Sleeves

Rising from the popularity and resurgence of 70s fashion trends, bell sleeves is a bohemian and 70s inspired trend that propped up during music festivals and is now enjoying a legitimate trend revolution. Part hippie chic and part modern romantic, bell sleeves give your summer/spring look more texture and more visual interest. 

Bell sleeves
Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4


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