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how to wear a hat

HATS OFF: how to wear a hat

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Of all the fashion trends from the 20th century, it seems like hats for women have taken a backseat to every other piece of fashion accessory. 2014 changed all of that. Baseball caps, floppy hats, panama hats, crystal-embellished knit hats, and logo beanies are all rated high on the chic radar. All manner of headgear have become in vogue again….

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perfume guide

MAKING SCENTS: a perfume guide for beginners

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Scent of a Woman Have you ever caught a whiff of scent which triggered childhood memories or a strong emotional reaction? The nose knows. Why is that? Is it because the olfactory bulb is located next to the memory-creation centre in the brain? Is it because most scents are discovered in childhood? Whatever the scientific, technical reason for the power…

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my sexy style

MY SEXY STYLE – How to Reveal Your Sexy Side!

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Looking appropriate for an occasion means following a few fashion guidelines. The same goes for looking sexy. There are differences between classy and trashy. Do you know what they are? Here are a few hints for achieving sexy sophistication and determine your own ‘my sexy style’. #1 Attitude Attitude is your number one accessory for showing sex appeal. It’s all…

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