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STATUESQUE STYLE: the art of dressing to impress when you’re tall

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Do you admire statuesque women? I do. Their height has a regalness, and legginess can leave those of us less endowed us a little green around the gills.

I’m glad too that the days of tall girls being made to feel freakish have long gone and today they stand tall and proud.

However, it’s not all fun and sunshine for them. Like their diminutive sisters, tall women have a unique set of style challenges that make dressing and shopping something needing to be mastered. 

In my experience, the top concerns of tall women are: finding the right fit, length, looking pleasingly proportioned and strategies to look less tall. With that in mind, as you read through this feature when you see an * next to the sub heading or text, it indicates that this tip will also make you appear a little less tall.

So, what height is considered tall I hear you ask? Generally, it’s considered being 179cms / 5’10” or taller.

The three-quarter sleeve hack

A major problem when shopping for sleeved garments is arm length. Folding or cuffing sleeves to create a three-quarter sleeve is a great styling hack whenever the sleeves end at an awkward length on your forearm. An added bonus is that not only are three-quarter sleeves universally flattering, they add more dimension to your midsection.

Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

Jump aboard the jumpsuit trend

Jumpsuits look great on leggy ladies. These one-piece style stunners have been on-trend lately and they’ve got a classic and elegant curb appeal that means they are likely to be around for a while. Experiment with bold patterns and sexy low-cut neckline jumpsuit silhouettes. But if you invest in purchasing a jumpsuit in a solid classic color, you’ll be wearing it for years to come. Jumpsuits are great for creating a great silhouette since it most often cinches your waist in while calling attention to your long and lean shape. It is the one-two punch; making you look even more statuesque than you are, and balancing your proportions at the same time.

Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

Invest in brands made for you

Do your research and seek out brands that make clothing specifically for the proportions of tall women. Basics like T-shirts, jeans, pants, straight and tapered skirts, and blazers, will serve as the foundation for a lot of your looks. Any time spent researching specialty stores and/or collections that cater to your height will be time well spent. Brands include: Long Tall Sally, Asos, Search By Inseam, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, J Crew, Tall By Design, Height Goddess, and Missguided just to name a few.  I also have not forgotten our plus size tall gals with this website chock full of brands and tips just for you.  

For the tall curvy girls here is a link to your best brands and bloggers.

Brand Group

Know your measurements…by heart

Knowing your measurements will make for an easier time dealing with store sales associates and online since you already have specific length and sizes in mind. Store sizes may vary, but knowing the proper and correct measurements of your body and proportions will help you in determining whether a certain item fits properly.


Go wild with wide

You’re blessed with height and with that comes the ability to indulge in all things wide, especially anything that sits below your waist. From skirts and pants to dresses and jumpsuits – dive right in and have a ball.

 Wide pants group
Source: Images 1 & 2, Image 3

Have fun with layering, color, pattern, and texture

You have the height to really let your creative juices flow when it comes to outfits. From color blocking, large prints and strong textures you’re the one to really carry these off and make your friends envious.  Wearing multiple blocks of colors can give you the illusion of shape and when used horizontallycan break up your length.  My only word of warning is not to add a bold pattern, light or bright color over an area you feel is your largest – I know I don’t need to tell you more.

Color_Texture_Layering,Print group
Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4

Look up, look down, look all around 

There’s no limits to where you can place focal points on your body. From your head to your feet the world’s your oyster; while your shorter female counterparts are constantly striving to attract all the attention high on their body to look taller and slimmer YOU, can play up your hemlines, legs, and feet your content. 

Look Down Group
Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

Become a shape shifter

Your height is often accompanied by a straight body shape and that means you’re the perfect candidate to add a punch of style to your look via interestingly shaped garments. From amazing blazers, A-line skirts, bell sleeves, peplum tops, there are heaps of garments that are not only fun to wear but will also give you shape or curves. 

Interesting shapes Group
Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

Belts, belts, belts*!

The taller you are the more likely you are to be proportionally long legged and short torsoed (high waisted). Belts have the power to add emphasis to a particular area of your torso and by doing so create a pleasing break line to balance your torso and leg length.

If you know you have long legs or a short torso (high waist) wear either narrow belts on your waist, medium width styles at your hips or belts in the same color as your skirt/pants.

If you’re tall and plus sized wear slimline belts.

If you tend to have a more evenly balanced, body to leg proportion waist belts will be your best choice. 

Belts group
Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

Show off your ankles with this short pant hack

Pants that are too short are a common tall girl problem. But you can use this for your sartorial gain if you get creative, cuff those jeans that fall awkwardly around your ankle. The ankle-cropped pant has been given a new lease on life this season. One of spring/summer must-haves, the ankle-length pant gives you the opportunity to show off your shoes too!

Show off Your Ankles Group
Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

Only you rock this footwear

That’s right, it’s thigh-high boots and flats. OK, so thigh-high boots aren’t for everyone but if your young and bold enough you are the only ones who wears them well.

When it comes to flats you can wear them with almost anything and not suffer even one style demerit – now that does leave the rest of us really envious. 

Flats and Boots group
Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

Embrace large baubles and oversized bags

Here’re another two trends that were made for you; from statement necklaces and earrings to large totes and purses, you can pull them off spectacularly.

Large accessories group
Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

Cultivate a great relationship with a tailor

Being tall, it goes without saying that you’ll often find yourself in a situation where the fit of a garment is not perfect. This is where a tailor comes in handy. When it comes to style, fit is everything. It may not be picture perfect at the time of purchase, but a great tailor will make everything fit you like a glove. This is a relationship worth working on. It is something that will pay dividends when it comes to your overall image, style, and personal appearance.

Alterations group

Consider tailor made

If you’re a stickler for fit, have high expectations (and why shouldn’t you), and you have specific ideas of what styles you want, then custom-made may be your way to go. Alternatively, there are websites like Sumissura that offer a custom-made service at a very reasonable price.    

Custom made

Take a few hints from your tall celeb style sisters

When in doubt, look to celebrities that possess a similar tall body type. Here are some names to watch out for: Brooke Shields, Uma Thurman, Nicole Kidman, Elle MacPherson, Ivanka Trump, Kate Middleton, Ciara, and Blake Lively. You’ll be so inspired when you see how these ladies style their svelte body types to perfection.

Tall Celebrites group

As always, I want to inspire you to embrace the skin you’re in. You may notice that there’s no tip saying not to wear heels. Rock those heels if you want to! While flats are great, if you’re a girl that loves heels, don’t let what others think you SHOULD wear get you down. As long as you love yourself and work on your style, your confidence will grow and flourish.


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MainimageIf you’re the recipient of an hourglass figure you’re probably the envy of all your friends and, you’re a rarity with only 8% of women possessing your shape. Despite your fortune, it is not uncommon for you to experience the some of the same dressing issues that every other woman experiences. In addition, overtime hourglass shaped women tend to lose their waist as their vertebral spaces diminish and extra weight gain is distributed around their middle. At that time, an hourglass often morphs into a rectangle.

Distinguishing characteristics of the hourglass shape are:

  • Your bust and hips are similar in width from viewed from the front
  • You have a defined waist usually at least 9 inches smaller than your hips.
  • You’re endowed with a good sized bust and shapely hips

A good thing to bear in mind is that an hourglass figure doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a size 2. You can be a petite hourglass or a full-figured hourglass. What makes the hourglass body type is having the same width bust and hips with a defined waist.

Since this shape is the most desired in the Western world, there’s little to do except highlight the waist and coordinate well.

Here are the main aims to keep top of mind when dressing the hourglass:

Your upper body

  • Support your assets with a bra that has great support to make your bust area look amazing and lengthen your torso.
    ~ Adjust the straps to ensure the correct left after each wash and whenever possible hand wash your lingerie in cold water to maintain their shape and condition. Never place a bra in the dryer; always hang it up to dry.
  • V-shaped and scooped necklines are among your very best choices.
    ~If you are larger than a DD cup and prefer to downplay your size, avoid necklines that add width and/or highlight fullness i.e. boat and wide scoops.
  • For most business occasions avoid wearing necklines that show cleavage. A hint of cleavage is good, but showing off too much may make you look less than professional.
  • Sleeves that are set-in with high armholes and have tapered or slim sleeves will best highlight and keep your waist whittled.
  • Look for fitted garments in soft fabrics that will conform to your curves. Stiff fabrics and boxy styles are not for you, as these may make your bust area look out of proportion with your hips.
  • Keep your upper body uncluttered. Since your bust area is already generous, over-accessorizing, large prints or too much fru-fru can just be all too much.
  • When it comes to jackets those with defined shoulders, but not those that extend past your natural shoulderline, will highlight your waist and serve you best.

UpperBodySource: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

Your waist

Look for garments that highlight your waist via shape or design elements e.g. ruching, side tie, waist panel, etc. Wrap dresses especially amazing for this body type since it skims the curves while showing off the bust and waist. When you are wearing an oversized or shapeless top, add a belt to cinch your waist.

Hourglass waistSource: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4

Your lower body

  • You have a beautiful natural womanly figure, and that means skirts and dresses are always going to be your best bet when trying to impress. From short flippy A-lines to figure-hugging pencil skirts, you can go ahead and have fun. From fluid fabrics which skim your curves to body-hugging stretch fabrics that will give your look some varvoom, all the way through to an A-line with a cinched waist, you have all the possibilities on the side of your shape.
  • Balance is always the key; if you decide to wear a very full skirt ensure your top has enough width in or across the shoulders to maintain your hourglass shape.     
  • When wearing pants, your defined waist will benefit from a high waist especially when it sits on your natural waistline. 

pants and skirts for hourglass figuresSource: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4

Celebrity inspiration

As always, it’s always helpful to look to celebrities for style inspiration; sure we may not have the money, opportunities or stylists they do but we can learn and get direction for our own wardrobes from them. Remember too that they also make mistakes (or their stylist does) and we can learn from those as well.

Here are some of the celebrities who share your goddess shape: Kate Winslet, Dita Von Teese, Salma Hayek and Beyoncé Knowle. 

Hourglass celebritiesSource: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4 

Having an hourglass shape is pretty much like naturally hitting the jackpot. When showing off your bust, hips, and small waist, you can pretty much get away with anything. So embrace your curves and show them off while you have them and never forget that chicness should always be top of mind when dressing your shape.

Important: This information is only pertains to the hourglass body shape. Your body has many other characteristics that also need to be taken into account and can alter some of the recommendations. Prêtàstyler is the perfect tool for finding your perfect garments and making you look fabulous from top to toe.


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WomanBy now you already know that women’s bodies come in different shapes and sizes and Prêtàstyler is here for you throughout your style journey. We want you to embrace the natural shape
of your body.

This week it’s time to address the Inverted Triangle Body Shape.

Also called ‘V’, goblet, lollipop, you possess the Inverted Triangle Body Shape if you fall into the following categories:

  • You are larger above the waist than below
  • You have a large bust
  • Little to no waist definition
  • You are top heavy and may have have broad shoulders with narrow hips and legs

If you possess the Inverted Triangle Body Shape, these should be your main aims for dressing for your body type:

You should strive to:

  • Minimize your upper body
  • Create the illusion of a waist
  • Soften the appearance of your upper body, specifically your shoulders
  • Accentuate your lower body 
  • Celebrate your shape by wearing shaped garments over those that are straight

If you love your ladies (and so you should), and want to have them front and center go ahead by wearing curved necklines and bustline embellishments..  

Your upper body

Since this is the heaviest and most prominent part of your body, it is vital for you to master it. Mastering how to dress for your upper body entails many factors, which you can choose at your own liking. Some tips may work better for your lifestyle or your personal style preferences while others may not. The key to unlocking the mastery of the Inverted Triangle Body Shape lie in your mastery of how to show off your upper body in the right way, or balance it with the lightness of your lower body. Here are some tips:

  • Eye catching earrings i.e. chandeliers are a great way of attracting attention away from your bust, as well as softening the appearance of your broad shoulders. 
  • Never underestimate the impact of a good bra. The appearance of a well-supported bust line is already enough to make your look seem more polished. It will also make your torso look longer and it will hold up your shoulders straighter. Remember to adjust the straps to maintain the effect after each wash. 
  • Keep your upper body streamlined and free of excessive detail and fuss that creates volume. In this instance, less is truly more. 
  • Stick to tops in medium to dark solid colors and prints in muted colors or low contrast, these pieces will ensure that your upper half is not further emphasized. 
  • Vertical detailing is an excellent way to create balance with your lower body – look for the details like buttons, seams, pintucks etc. when shopping for tops. 
  • Show skin with medium to low necklines. Remember to always keep it classy, of course. 
  • Strap should be medium to wide. Spaghetti straps can look too insignificant to hold up a large bust. Thin straps will also serve to make your broad shoulders look even broader, and create an unflattering look. 
  • Necklines that narrow and elongate are best such as V-neck, deep U scoops and split necklines.
  • Button front and wrap tops with bust darts are excellent to add flattering shape and minimize volume. 
  • Garments in soft fabrics will sit over your curves best. 
  • Jackets with defined shoulders but not those that extend pass your shoulder line help define your waist.
  • Skip lapels whenever possible. Lapels style creates a much cleaner and slimming line for you.
  • Wear jackets and cardigans open whenever possible. This will make the appearance of your athletic and strong upper half appear more delicate and gentle. 
  • Avoid sleeves that end at the fullest point of your bust. [link to large bust post] ¾ sleeves sit at your sweet spot.


Your waist

To give yourself the most flattering and feminine silhouette, it’s always a good idea to put the focus into your waist, or rather to create the illusion of one. Waist shaping or waist cinching garments or pieces give you a more covetable small waist and hourglass shape, and it also serves to be the balancing counterpoint between the upper and lower half of your body.

  • Nipped jackets, tops and sweaters will give the illusion of a waist and curvy hips.
  • Dresses that highlight the waist are ideal e.g. ruching, side tie, waist panel etc.
  • Belts are great so long as you are not also short waisted
  • Dark belts create a more defined waist than those that are light or bright, which might create the appearance of a wider waist
  • Wide pants with fitted tops also make your waist appear shapelier. 
  • Pants and skirts with no prominent waistbands
  • Just below the waist to hipster waists – no high waist styles.


Your lower body

Inverted Triangle Body Shapes are lucky enough to commonly have slender legs. Take advantage of your shapely and beautiful gams by showing them off to the fullest. This is the area of your body where you can really get creative and freely dress it up as you wish.

  • Have fun with your lower body. Look for details, design lines and shapes that will add curve and/or width to your hips and thighs such as peplums, horizontal stripes, sheen and shine to tiers and pleats.
  • Boot-cut and flare pants, since these pieces will balance your strong shoulders 
  • Straight, A line, gathered, tulip and trumpet
  • A word on A-line skirts: Do not go too wide if you are short, as wide silhouette A-line skirts will make you look shorter.

Celebrities who share your shape

As always, it’s always helpful to look to the stars for some sartorial guidance when it comes to dressing up for your body type. This is also a quick and easy way to garner some inspiration for your next look.

Jill Scott, Heidi Montag, Susan Sarandon and Christina Hendricks

For more information on how to dress a large bust see my feature: Marvelous Mammaries

InvertedTriangle Celebrities

Important: This information is only pertains to the triangular horizontal body shape. Your body has many other characteristics that also need to be taken into account and can alter some of the recommendations. Prêtàstyler is the perfect tool for finding your perfect garments and making you look fabulous from top to toe.


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shapeDressing for your body type correctly is one of the most important parts of curating your style and projecting your desired image or style persona into the world. Never underestimate the value of knowing yourself and your body thoroughly. This kind of in-depth knowledge about yourself can prove to be extremely useful when dressing up for the life you want to have.

Today in The Body Brief we are focusing on the rectangle body shape also known as that “H,” column, or banana. If you belong in this body shape category, you possess the following key characteristics:

  • You have little to no waist definition
  • Your hips tend to be a similar width as your full bust
  • You have straight hips and may have a flat or small bottom.

It’s a common misconception to think that all rectangular body types have overtly boyish figures. Some women with rectangle body shapes don’t appear athletic on account of softer shoulders. The important thing to remember for this body type is that the absence of a prominent waist is what needs to be paid the most attention to. It’s all about creating the illusion of a defined waist.

Embrace your body, rectangle body types are relatively easy to dress. Once you master your problem area (the waist), you’ll be well on your way to being a fully-fledged style maven.

The main aims when dressing the rectangular body shape are:

  • Draw attention upwards
  • Create the illusion of a waist.
  • Add dimension to your shape.

Draw attention above the bustline

Never underestimate the power of an accessory or high placed statement style element to give your overall appearance high impact. It’s a great way to integrate trends into your look as well as ensure that the attention is above your bust line. 

EyesUpSource: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4

Master your upper body

  • Never underestimate the impact of a good bra to hold your girls up and lengthen your torso and remember to adjust the straps to maintain the effect after each wash. 
  • Add flattering curves to your shape by experimenting with clothing shapes and fabric textures. For example, a top with volume tucked into a slim skirt or pants will work wonders in creating some curvy illusion as will wide pants with a fitted top.
  • Garments in soft fabrics will add softness and femininity to your straight shape.
  • Structured garments in stiffer fabrics will also look fabulous if they have waist definition.
  • Curvy embellishments and shapes such as lace, ruffles, shawl lapels, wrap dresses and tops will look wonderful one you. 
  • Jackets with defined shoulders will assist in help define your waist.
  • Whittle your waist by wearing tapered or slim sleeves.
  • Avoid sleeves or design lines which end at or near your waist as the strong horizontal line will visually add width to your torso.
  • If you are full busted show more skin with medium to low necklines.


Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4

Whittle your waist

This is the most important body part/area for you to get right. The goal is to create a silhouette with a subtle hint of a waist or alternatively, to bypass the waist with a waistless floaty garment. 

When it comes to your waist the key is to keep it understated and bulk free. Gently waist shaped garments are best at giving you the illusion of a waist but straight shifts and tops will work too. 

  • Belts are not your Enemy

    Belts are great for creating a waist when you know the right width and styles to choose. In addition, dark belts are best at creating the illusion of a waist.If you have short waist, avoid all small belts that will draw undue attention to it.If you have a long torso, you can use all manner of belts and belt buckles exposed under an open jacket is also a great way for you to gain waist detail.Never belt your waist belt tightly; it just creates a look that is unnatural and unflattering to any type of shape. 

WaistSource: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4

Have fun with your lower body

  • Because of your straight hips you can wear almost any style of pant. Those with pleats are especially attractive on you.
  • When it comes to skirts, you can have fun with shape from A-lines to contoured skirts with a strong structure. These pieces will all look fabulous on you.

Lower BodySource: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4

Follow your muse

Finally, If you find yourself lacking style inspiration you can look to celebrities which share a body type. Here are some celebrities to look to for rectangle body shape style inspiration:

  1. Cameron Diaz
  2. Nicole Kidman
  3. Hilary Duff
  4. Queen Latifah
  5. Gwyneth Paltrow
  6. Natalie Portman


Important: This information is only pertains to the rectangular body shape. Your body has many other characteristics that also need to be taken into account and can alter some of the recommendations. Prêtàstyler is the perfect tool for finding your perfect garments and making you look fabulous from top to toe.


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TriangleKnowing and dressing for your body type or shape is essential for having impeccable style. Once you start tailoring your wardrobe and personal style to your body type, you’ll be on your way to achieving standout style.

Embracing your body and follow its natural contour will result in more confidence as you become comfortable with how your wardrobe fits into your lifestyle and body type.

A common body type is the triangular body shape. Sometimes called pear shape, the triangle body shape is characterized by the hips being the widest and most prominent part of the body. Other distinguishing characteristics of the triangle body shape are:

  • Narrow shoulders 
  • Smaller upper body than lower body
  • Bottom heavy body type, with larger hips and thighs than shoulders and bust

It is important to describe your body type with geometric terms – ie. triangle as opposed to pear shape; this is to keep the language body positive and inclusive.

Lastly, it is a common misconception that triangle body types are exclusively for women who are plus size. That is completely wrong. Triangle shape body types are applicable to anyone that has wider hips and thighs than the shoulder and bust area, ranging from petite to those with more pronounced curves.

Since this body shape is wider at the bottom, the main thing to remember is to draw the attention upwards and balance the hips.

Here are the main aims to keep top of mind when dressing for the triangle body shape:

Draw Attention Upwards

To create a more flattering and longer silhouette, it is best to draw the eye upward. Here are some styling tips to achieve this:

  • Eye-catching accessories, great hair or makeup
    Think statement necklace, amazing braided ‘do, or a simple yet impactful red lipstick. These add-ons not only upgrade your outfit of the day but also help to make sure attention is on the upper portion of your body, specifically your beautiful face or hairstyle. 
  • Interesting styling or style features (eg. great/interesting collars)
    Putting the attention closer to your face is best. Collars or shoulders with embellishments or tailoring details ensure that the eyes skim over the hip area and go straight to the key details in your look. 
  • Bright or light colors and prints
    Wearing darker colors from the bottom, more striking color or lighter colors at the top helps to balance the wide hips of the triangle body shape. 
  • ¾ sleeves
    The ¾ sleeves on either a dress or a top serves the triangle shape well. The sleeves conceal narrow shoulders, which are typical of this shape, and offsets wide hips perfectly.

Eyes Up

Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4

Add Visual Width To The Upper Body

Using clever tips and tricks, like visually striking details on top, can compensate for the wideness of the lower body and create visual symmetry. Look for the following details to even out your wide hip area:

  • Texture and detailing
    Seek out texture to draw attention to your upper body as well as add more interest to your look. Textures like leather, knits, or tweed, which are trendy for fall. 
  • Sheen/shine
    A little hint of glam never hurt anybody. A sparkly top with dark colored bottoms is a great choice – use this tip in the evening.
  • Horizontal lines and horizontal design elements
    Since triangle shapes have a smaller upper body, horizontal lines will help accentuate it and accordingly mask your wide hip area.
  • Layering
    Layering always makes one look chic. When layering your triangle body shape, opt for pieces that skim the hips. Avoid jackets or vests that end right above the hips, as this is unflattering and will only serve to emphasize your wide hip area. Bulky fabrics will just weigh you down. 
  • Wear tapered or slim sleeves 
    Because wide or bell sleeves will hide your beautifully defined waist, steer clear of this sleeve silhouette and instead choose tapered and slim sleeves cut close to the body. These thin sleeves will work wonders on your figure and will put the focus on your waist instead of on your hip area. Also, tapered/slim sleeves are a classic cut that will never go out of style.

Widen upper bodySource: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4

Minimize Width Below The Waist

If there is one tip to take away, this is it: It’s all about lessening the appearance of the wide hips of triangle-shaped bodies.

  • Classic, simple styles
    Reach for classic simple styles that are universally flattering. Wrap dresses, A-line styles and boot-cut jeans are some go-to pieces that work wonders on the triangle body type.
  • Think vertical patterns and design features
    These design details will elongate your figure and keep the eye moving upward. Get creative! Vertical stripes are not your only option. Side piping on trousers, a thigh-high slit, or V-necklines are some examples of features you should look out for.
  • Matte surfaces
    Don’t draw attention to your wide hip area by donning shiny skirts. Stick to matte fabrics.
  • Smooth textures
    Smooth textures, like a cotton linen blend, are ideal. It doesn’t cling too much and the body and has an ease of flow.
  • Medium-dark to dark colors
    Wearing dark colors below the waist is a no-brainer when it comes to making sure that your wide hips aren’t highlighted but rather cleverly concealed.
  • Avoid tops and jackets that end at your widest point
    Tops and jackets should either end below the middle part of your hips or should end by the waist. Ending at your widest point will just draw undue attention to it. A simple solution to this is to keep the top and bottom garments in the same color or similar color depth; ie. navy pants and medium dark green sweater, white pants and pale pink top.
  • Midi-length skirts and dresses work best (just above to just below the knee). You’re in luck. Midi skirts, which are super flattering to you, are so on-trend this season. It just gives your overall appearance enough balance.
  • Tapered, slim, straight or boot-cut pants
    Your curves are a blessing so don’t hide them. The worst you can do is wear wide pants and a wide top; that will only end in a blockish shape.When wearing wide pants or skirts always team with a slimline top. When wearing form-fitting shapes you’ll always get the most flattering results when you create a smooth foundation with shapewear.
  • Wear heels to elongate your legs
    Heels are a woman’s best friend, indeed. Elongating your legs is always a great style move and is always flattering.

Slim Below the Waist1

Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4


Pant Width


Highlight Your Waist

Triangle-shaped body types are typically gifted with a defined waistline. Highlight your waist whenever possible and leave waistless style to those without a waist.

Accessories like statement belts, and shaped garments that cinch the waist are great for showing off your natural curves.
The best position for your belts and waistline seams is from under your bust to just above your natural waistline. 

Highlight your waistSource: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4

Celebrity Style Inspiration

Sometimes it really helps to have an icon to look up to and you’re in fine company. These are just a few pear-shaped celebrities, so if you’re feeling confused or lost during your style journey, look them up and see what they are wearing.

  • Kim Kardashian
  • Beyoncé
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt
  • America Ferrera
  • Alicia Keys

Pear CelebsLeft to Right: Alicia Keys, Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, America Ferrera, Jennifer Love Hewitt

Note: This information is only pertains to the triangular body shape. Your body has many other characteristics that also need to be taken into account, and these unique features can alter some of the recommendations stated here. Prêtàstyler is the perfect tool for finding your perfect garments and making you look fabulous from top to toe.


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MARVELOUS MAMMARIES: How to make the most of a large bust.

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A large bust can be both a blessing and a curse. Yes, your girls may have some of your besties envious and there’s no denying they do turn heads, but finding the line between sartorially stylish and trashy can at times be tricky.

Regardless whether you want to hide of flaunt them, there are many ways to be busty, elegant, and fabulous, all at the same time.

Busty BeautiesTop row: Kim Kardashian, Scarlett Johansson, Kat Dennings
Bottom Row: Christina Hendricks, Sofia Vergara, Salma Hayek

Support, Fit, Define

While wearing a bra can be a pain the benefits out weight the disadvantages. A well-fitted bra will:

  • prevent peek-a-boo nipples, 
  • lift and define your bustline. Slimming and elongating your torso and presenting a more youthful appearance. 
  • inhibit excessive movement when walking fast or exercising
  • delay sagging

So before anything else invest in a few great bras, no matter what your bust size. If you are large busted, you need a bra built with extra support. It’s all too tempting to cheap-out and buy an inexpensive bra but by doing so you do yourself a great injustice.

If you’re tempted to go bra-less take a few moments to read Gabrielle’s feature:  My Week Of Living Bra-lessly in New York City


Strategize the Lines

If your desire is to down-play your chest size the next thing to do after purchasing a good bra is to be mindful of the style of necklines and collars you wear.


  • ⋁ rather than
    shaped necklines and collars pull attention up and outward away from the bust toward the shoulders.
    ⋀ necklines, i.e., halternecks and collars pull the eye onto the bust and create width.
    Even wearing the right bra can visually reverse the lines – see Lift, Support and Define image (above). A good bra places the emphasis on the shoulders while a sagging bust has the emphasis at the base of the breasts.  

Minimize with triangles

  • Low trumps high.
    High necklines cause a large bust to be engulfed and exaggerated.


  • Narrow verses wide.
    The importance of this depends on your size and how you feel about your breasts and upper body. The wider a neckline or collar, the wider your chest will appear.


  • Angular verses curved
    Angular design lines have the power to counteract curves. Use them if you feel you’d like to play down the fullness of your breasts.
    Round necklines will emphasize your voluminousness. 


  • Vertical over horizontal. 
    Another clever technique to elongate and slim your upper torso is to incorporate vertical design features or accessories.  From button-front tops, pinstripes to open jackets and accessories like oblong scarves this can be a real winner.  

 Run a Lean line


Selecting a statement accessory is all about scale. Picking dainty jewelry or finishing off a look with a small bag can look unbalanced with your bust. Medium to large statement necklaces or details that sit above your bust line are among your best options. You can also try long line necklaces and pendants as long as they don’t bounce as your walk or fall within the cleft of your bustline. Alternatively try some dazzling chandelier earrings. Dramatic pieces will draw the eye up, and away from your bust line.

As for purse options, a major leather carryall is not only functional, it’s also the best option to minimize and balance a large bust. Bags that are narrow in depth from back to front will also not add extra width to your torso if carried under your arm. For the evening, try a trendy over-sized clutch instead of a small minaudiere.


Accessories are not the only embellishments worth noting. Garment embellishments such as frills, motifs and texture will add extra bulk to your chest so keep these minimal.

Get it Together

When it comes to tailored blouses, dresses, and a perfect fit, darts should be given much of the credit. When positioned right (pointing and ending near the nipple) the results can be spectacular. Darts allow for ample room while providing torso shape – always a good thing when you want to highlight a small waist.

Buttonhole position and direction likewise can have a significant impact. The perfect place for center front buttons is where one sits midway between your breasts where they are fullest. Alternatively close set rather than wide set button also work well – both allows the blouse to close without gaping. Buttons often sit above and below this point and are a major cause of unsightly blouse gap.  

Another smart technique used in higher end garments or by designers who truly care about fit is a horizontally cut buttonhole located where the garment is likely to experience most strain. For women, this can be between the breasts and at the hipline while for men it’s at the stomach. Horizontal buttonholes allow for more lateral movement and, as a result, the garment will gap and strain less    


Sleeve Logic

When it comes to enhancing or minimizing the apparent size of your bust your sleeves are the power players. Where they end creates a strong horizontal line across your body add to or deflecting attention away from your bust.

To minimize your size wear a half to full length fitted or slender sleeves.  To accentuate your size end you sleeves at the widest point of your breasts.

Sleeve Logic


Shape Up

A curvy body and/or a voluminous bust are assets to be proud of, not hidden so don’t hide your curves undergarments that swamp your body.

Semi-fitted to very fitted (depending on your weight and how much you love your girls) is the way to go. As a second option softly flowing tops and dresses will also work.

A nipped in garment from just under your bust to your waistline will create desirable curves while also cleverly concealing a large bust if that is your desire. Avoid narrow lapels in favor of medium to medium-large versions as well are streamlined, non-fussy styles and embellishments as well as jackets that button under the bust. 

clebrate your shapeAlter It

Rarely will off the rack garments fit you perfectly. A good alteration service can make a just-so garment look made for you and is worth the investment in yourself and your image – hands down.

Please Don’t

To complete my ramblings here are some final thoughts on large bust fails.


BigBustBlundersA: Too much horizontal width across where Jill is already large. Half length sleeves also widen upper torso: 3/3 sleeves would have been better.

B: Blousing makes Christina’s breast look like they are sagging below her waist.

C: Shapeless: when you have a sultry figure don’t hide it .

D: Heavy, wide lower sleeves drag Christina’s shoulders down, narrowing then and making them appear more sloped as well as making her bustline appear lower. 


Here are some great how-to features from bloggers who intimately know large bust issues.

diagonal design lines


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Of all the design lines seen in accessories and garments above all my favorite is the diagonal. At first this line can seem innocuous but look a little closer and you’ll see that it is possibly the most common and most impactful line of all.

Diagonal design lines may be single or divergent lines with each causing the eye to move from one side to the other on an angle.

  • Physically, diagonal lines can slim and lengthen when more vertical lengthen. While those that are more horizontal will shorten and widen the area they have been place over.
  • Psychological, diagonal lines can be generally described as dynamic and interesting as they are not as conventional as horizontal or vertical design features. 
    ~ As a single design lines or features: interesting, inventive and lively. 
    ~ As zig zag lines within patterns they can be seen as fun, creative or busy.
    ~ As alternating lines within patterns they can be seen as dramatic, erratic or intense.
    ~ Diagonal prints and patterns are best left for after work hours as they can be overwhelming especially when in bright colors.

  • Associations: Alternating diagonal lines are often subconsciously associated with danger as many dangerous events and animals in our natural world have diagonal shapes.

Diagonal lines and features can be found:

  • within prints and textures: such as herringbone, chevrons and argyle etc.

  • as structural components: such as triangle and inverted triangle silhouettes, panels, seams, collars, necklines, darts, flared pants and raglan sleeves etc.
  • garment detailing or embellishments: pockets, inserts, rick-rack and pleats etc.
  • accessories: scarves, bags, pendants, toes of shoes, earrings etc.


The wearing of garments with diagonal design lines or features is best achieved when they feels in-sync with your personal style expression.

Single lines

The longer and more vertical the diagonal line design features the more powerful the effect. Add color contrast to amplify the result.

A. Length is highlighted by the color contrast.

B. Diagonal line is slimming but not as much as A.

C. Only slight slims the mid torso.

D. While the line is highlighted by the color contrast the angle is more horizontal than vertical.

Divergent Lines (Triangles)

Triangles are one of the most common diagonal design lines found within garments e.g., ‘V’ necklines, collars, lapels, ‘V’ shaped button placement on a double-breasted jacket or a chain and pendant.

A triangle is formed when two or three sides are apparent (e.g., ‘V’ necklines, collars, lapels, pendants and jacket openings etc). The widest arm of the triangle is the one that commands the most attention (even if the widest arm is missing e.g., V-neckline). The brain will perceive that area as the one with the most width. Below jackets (C and D), each have a ‘V’ shaped hemline. The jacket with the widest inverted ‘V’ hemline ( A ) is the one that makes the hips appear widest. The triangular opening in jacket D is longer and narrower, lengthening and elongating the area.

Likewise the width and length of the ‘V” in V-necklines will impact the width and length of the face, neck, shoulders and bust line:

E: Balanced width and length

F: Widens shoulders

G: Lengthens face and neck and slims bust line

H: Lengthens the face and neck, plus slims the bust line even more than G

Horizontal fashion features

HORIZONTAL HELP: how horizontal design features impact appearance

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All lines are endowed with their own set of image creating powers; from changing the way you appear physically to altering the impression you make on others.  Like many things in life, what is taught in theory is not quite as black and white when applied to real life and so it is with horizontal design line features.

What are horizontal design features? They’re anything that draws the eye from one side to another across a horizontal plane.

They can be found in:

  • within garments: such as boat necklines, off the shoulder collars, bilateral pockets etc.
  • structural components: panels, pleats, seams and fabrics that stand away from the body etc.
  • garment detailing or embellishments: horizontal lace paneling and ruffles etc.
  • fabric: horizontal patterns and prints.
  • colour: horizontal blocking, outfits comprising of several different colored garments etc.
  • accessories: scarves, belts, closed/high vamp shoes, low heels and/or blunt toe shoes etc.
  • length: short garments.

Physical Effect: shortens and widens. Can also be used to balance the body.

Psychological Impression: stability and composure. 

Associations: sport and manual labor. 

As a Pattern: is most seen in casual clothes and therefore best worn in limited amounts at work.


Most women are aware that horizontal design features such as stripes have the ability to make them appear wider, and as a result are best avoided. But that’s not necessarily correct as you will see.  When employed in the right way they can be incredibly effective in creating the perfect proportional balance for your body.  

Play Up or Down

One of the things I enjoy most is demonstrating to audiences how quickly a slight change to a garment or outfit can significantly improve their appearance. This is most easily done by manipulating hemlines.


Regardless if your girls are overly big or teeny tiny, horizontal illusion can come to your rescue.  If you would like to minimize the size of your bust ensure the length of your sleeves are well above, or well below the fullest part of your bustline. The photos of beautiful Christina Hendricks demonstrates this very well.  When she wears sleeves that are too close to the fullest part of her bustline she adds extra visual width to that part of her body making her bust appear larger.  If that’s you desire – great!  If not, the further above or below your bustline your sleeve ends, the small your bust will appear. 

Of course if like Keira Knightley you were missing from the line-up when God was giving out boobs then ending your sleeves at the fullest part of your bustline is the PERFECT thing to do – along with a push-up bra and a little blush in your cleavage to to give the illusion of more depth.  

Line Hierarchy

The design line/feature that is the most dominant is the one that will be seen first and will be the most powerful; only after the first feature/line has been noticed will other design features be seen.  In the case of the white dress that Kiera is wearing in the top line of photos below, while the dress does have a horizontal design features (lines) either side of her upper chest but the vertical seam running from her shoulders to the hemline attracts attention first and being so strong it negates the horizontal line.   In the following three photos each have a horizontal design feature that adds width and/or fullness to Kiera’s bustline. 
Large Waistline/ Big Tummy:
Where you are widest is never the best place to end a garment if it means creating a strong horizontal line.  This beautiful plus size model looks much longer and leaner when the top is longer (out).  Tucking it in emphasizes her small waist but at the expense of dropping her visual height and increasing her width.  When the sleeves end at the same location (waist) the effect is magnified.  If her top were a darker color the horizontal effect would be minimized due to the lower colour contrast level.

A Striped Affair

If anything gets attention, it’s stripes. Wide, contrasting stripes are clear victors when it comes to adding width and shortening apparent weight.  Multiple thin stripes in a garment that is longer than it is wide have the power to elongate and slim as the eye wants to climb them rather than move from side to side. 



Contrast also plays an important part in gaining the look you want.  The lower the colour contrast between the stripes the more diminished the effect.  Below both dresses have wide stripes but the pink and orange dress is more slimming even though it is the shorter of the two. In other words, the extra length of the brighter dress did not counteract the effect of the wide, bright (high contrast) stripes.   


Color Blocking

The more your body’s length is divided by horizontal divisions of color the shorter and wider you will appear to be and vice versa.

The woman with red hem border skirt has seven horizontal color divisions.  Each one visually shortening and broadening her body:

  1. Black tipped shoes
  2. Tanned legs
  3. Red border on skirt
  4. Skirt pattern
  5. Top hemline against skirt color
  6. White line crossing chest (top)
  7. Sleeve hemline  

Keep in mind also that these women are models with figures most of us dream of, on us the effect is magnified.


Most women LOVE shoes and I’m no exception however, I’m over my ideal weight, have short legs and am over 50.  So my legs need all the help they can get to look as long as possible and that’s why I’m careful about choosing the color of the shoe, the vamp and location of the straps.

Must Know Basics

  • The more your foot is covered by the shoe/boot, the shorter your leg will look – short = fat.  The vamp is the mouth of the shoe and the more it exposes your foot the longer and leaner your leg will appear.
  • The more horizontal lines that cross your foot the short your leg will appear.  Ankle straps unless thin are best for long legged women with slender legs.  Thin ankle straps are less harmful than those that are wide and flesh colored straps are better again.

Best options:

  • shoes with low vamps (last shoe 2nd row)
  • add matching hosiery to camouflage the strap
  • wear low vamp shoes in a color that matches your skin
  • heels – the highest you can manage.


Horizontal design lines and features can be used to increase or decrease apparent height.
The higher on your body the line or feature is, the taller you will appear and the wider the area it has been applied to will appear to be. 


By being aware of the power of design lines/features to broaden and balance your the body you can create the illusion of a well balanced figure within any price point. Here are a few examples:

To Balance a Full Hipline: Short wide sleeves, boat/wide necklines, bilateral focal points, stripes above the waist.

To Balance a Full Bustline: Full A line skirts, drops waists and focal points below the waist.  
To Balance a Rectangular Figure: Horizontal dark waistbands or belts (not tight), high horizontal focal points, Fit and flare dresses, stripes above or below waist (not both), flared shorts or wide to palazzo pants, peplums.
vertical fashion trend

THE VERTICLE ADVANTAGE: how to dress slimmer

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Imagine walking into a room or onstage and your audience sees you as strong professional woman, maybe one who’s even taller and more slender than you really are. How is this done? Through vertical design.

What is vertical design? It is clothing design elements which draws the eye up and down. The more vertical elements you use, the greater the elongating, slimming effect. For each element used, you can appear almost 4.5 pounds (2kg) thinner! This is the key for how to dress slimmer.

Vertical design is achieved through garments via:

  • shape:  straight and pencil skirts, straight and tapered pants, straight and tapered jackets/tops
  • silhouette: semi- to very fitted (boxy and soft somewhat)
  • structure: darts, panels, pleats, vertical folds, iron creases, seams
  • embellishments: vertical lace paneling, pin tucks, ruffles
  • fabricvertical patterns and prints; fluid fabrics which follow curves.
  • closures: zippers, buttons, lace-up
  • accessories: oblong scarves, pendants, drop and hoop earrings, open vamp shoes, high heels and/or pointy toe shoes, nude shoes, hosiery that blends into hemline and shoes
  • focal points: statement necklaces, medium to large or colorful earrings, applique design, embellished neckline/collar, scarf
  • length: the longer the garment, the more vertical power
  • grooming: long, short, straight hair; hair which stands up on top

Pictured are several outfits using vertical elements. Can you guess what they are (answers are at the end of the feature)?




Pants vs Skirts

Pants elongate the legs from waist to hem, which is usually at the ankle (J). Skirts vary more, going from waist to around the knee, leaving the legs exposed (K). The shorter the pants or the wider the skirt, the less elongating and slimming effect. Why? Because where the legs are exposed is usually an area of colour contrast that horizontally divides the length of the body (L). If hosiery and/or shoes/boots are worn in a similar contrast level (depth and colour) to the hemline colour, the vertical influence is maintained.


Run a Line

The most effective vertical line is one that runs down the center of your torso or limb (a seam, contrast stitching, zipper, row of buttons). However, the line’s position and width can negatively impact the elongating effect. This is definitely worth considering in light of how to dress slimmer.

Dress O’s wide vertical central panel, which is lighter than the sides, adds width to the torso. The wide central vertical seam in dress P divides the torso in two equal halves; however, the purple side is shinier, which makes it appear slightly wide than its darker matte counterpart. With sweater Q, the wider panel makes the torso appear wide regardless of the seam (vertical line). Sweater R is slimming due to the vertical seam being on the center of the torso.

A crease down the center of a pants is slimming. Pairing such with pointy toe high heel shoes looks even better.

Color in the Lines

Color coordinating your outfits can achieve an elongated look, either with an inner or outer line.

For example, a solid color single breasted jacket left open and paired with pants of the same or similar color creates an uninterrupted appearance from shoulder to pants hemline. Worn with a bright/light top and you create an outer vertical line (S). The darker colour is slimming because it recedes; a lighter/brighter colour advances, drawing the eye to the centre.

For variety, wear pants and a top of the same colour along with a solid colour single breasted jacket or cardigan in a different colour. This creates an inner vertical line (T). A light/bright jacket or cardigan should be avoided by those who are large above the waist because it will cause the upper body to appear wider.

Focal Feature

Even the best-laid lines of style and trends can be undone if you add a focal point which minimizes the vertical effect. For example, wear a low-placed focal point (colourful shoes, border on skirt) and you draw the eye downward, which in turn ruins the illusion of slimness and height. However, all you have to do is wear something eye-catching up high as a counterbalance (an accessory, statement jewelry, make-up or hairstyle) to move the eye upward. Ta-da!


Beware the Stretchy Stripe

While it’s well-known that vertical stripes elongate your appearance, some fabrics undo all the good of those stripes. Stretchy, clingy fabrics with vertical stripes can stretch out of shape where you are widest and end up accentuating what you want to camouflage. Stick with non-stretchy fabrics and a semi-fitted silhouette for stripe success.

Toe the Line

Wow! Who knew design lines exerted so much influence over how people perceive your physical appearance? Did you know it also affects them psychologically? It’s true. Tall is associated with strong (think trees, skyscrapers, and pro basketball players). Someone with “upright” morals is viewed as having strong beliefs. So it’s natural to view someone who walks tall or has an elongated appearance to be some kind of authority.

You can use vertical design to as part of your plan for how to dress slimmer. If you want to appear more professional, more authoritative (and slimmer and taller), be sure to incorporate vertical elements. After all, pinstripes for menswear hasn’t lost its pro touch!


A: 1. pintucks in shirt, 2. skinny pants, 3. high focal point with button on collar
B: 1. one colour outfit, 2. raglan neckline drawing attention upwards, 3. embellished collar, 4. pointy toe shoes.
C: 1. outer vertical colour flow, 2 .strong focal point blouse
D: 1. semi fitted tubular dress, 2. vertical pattern, 3. pointy toe shoes
E: 1. solid coloured dark dress 2. eyes up focal point – white shirt, 3. pointy toe shoes.
F: 1. solid coloured dress
G: 1. knee high boots, 2. striped coat, 3. focal point on shoulders and at neck, 4. high heels, 5. pointy toe shoes.
H: 1. gored skirt, 2. high waistband on skirt, 3. high focal point – leopard blouse
I: 1. vertical pattern in skirt, 2. pointed toe shoes