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stuck in a style rut


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OK, so you seriously suspect you have gotten yourself into a style rut.  In order to move forward the first step is to identify exactly what areas of your dress and grooming need updating.


Take a long, hard look at your wardrobe, make-up, hairstyle, and accessories to determine what areas need adjusting. This process is made much easier when you have a My Private Stylist program and have invested in a personal color consultation. 

Some questions to ask yourself:

Is the problem with your clothes?

  • Does your wardrobe contain many items in the same style and/or color?
  • What percentage of your clothes are over 5 years old?  And are these the items you wear most? 
  • Do your clothes work with your apparent age, lifestyle, responsibilities, and goals? 
  • Next time you’re out looking around you as well as in weekly women’s magazines; how many other women are wearing similar styles to you?
  • How do you feel about your style/appearance?  Do you feel it is doing your justice by accurately representing who you are, your abilities and your outlook on life?   

Is the problem with your grooming (make-up and/or hairstyle)?

  • When was the last time you changed your hairstyle or hair color?
  • Is the style and color you presently have complimentary to your face shape or coloring?
  • Have you been wearing the same shade of lipstick for more than 3 years?
  • Have you changed the way you apply make-up within the last several years?
  • Do you see similar styles to what you’re wearing in weekly women’s magazines?

Only by identifying the problems can you begin to know how to start resolving your style rut.  

How to Escape a Style Rut

The truth will set your free but first, it will really tick you of!


Find a Mentor.  Enlisting the help of a stylist, image consultant or friend can really help. Please don’t ask friends who are not up to scratch themselves – this just leads to the blind, leading the blind. Asking for honest feedback can hurt at first but it will open your eyes and help you change. Accept the constructive and possibly negative feedback with grace – remember you did ask for it.

Dream a little, Think about the wonderful consequences of a new image and the doors and possibilities a brand new closet may open up for you. This will help you get ready to expand your thinking, launch into your new look, and it’ll make you open to exploring different fashion options.  

Decide how you want to look, and what impression you want others to formulate about you.

  • Write down words you would like people to use when describing the new you to others e.g., happy, youthful, relaxed, elegant, sexy, energetic, professional, fashionable, etc. These words will help you know what type of looks to experiment with.
  • I also recommend you make a list of words to describe how you do not want to look.  Each word will conjure up a look, type of behavior and mindset to build on.
  • Lastly, list words that describe how you want to feel after your new look i.e. more youthful, fashionable, energetic, etc – these words will keep you both motivated and on track.

Consider your personality to ensure you’ll feel comfortable with your new look. If you change your style to please someone else and not yourself, you may very likely find the look difficult to live out and in a short period of time you’ll revert back to your rut. To find a style that appeals to you, it will help to browse through current magazines to discover what appeals to you and what doesn’t. Cut out these images and paste them onto a large sheet of paper. Make a mood-board that will solidify your personal style vision. You can also take our free Personal Style Expression quiz.and it will be important to you to take the test twice as explained when you get your results.

Be prepared to stretch and change.  After all, if nothing changes, nothing changes.

Find a Muse. Look for someone famous whose style you admire and would feel comfortable in.  You can copy their look with clothes and accessories in your price range.  Google images are a good way to start.  Type in ‘street style + the words of your choice’ i.e street style women, street style mature women or street style women work then go to the image area. The images there will give you inspiration and they often link to great blogs.

Start looking for new current clothes, and remember, looking current does not mean blindly following fashion. Stylish women create fashionable ensembles that are in sync with their needs, personality, and lifestyle. When trying things on, keep in mind that ‘fit’ is a very important thing, and alterations are definitely worth the investment as they’ll make a world of a difference to your appearance.

 ‘looking current does not mean blindly following fashion’

Imagesin Google

Search – Street Style Women Mature

To jump-start your wardrobe revival, here are some tips:

Get a new hairstyle, It will do wonders for your morale. It doesn’t even have to be an extreme one – even something as simple as growing out a fringe, losing or growing some length, or adding a few highlights can work wonders. If you’ve been going to the same stylist for years go somewhere new to get a fresh and unbiased set of eyes and opinion.

Get a Make-up Revamp, But not at a department store. Find a make-up artist to properly and honestly assess your makeup and teach you how to apply an everyday look. If you attend a make-up clinic you can often bring your make-up bag and they’ll can help you figure out what products to toss and to keep. 

Purchase on-trend accessories that say, ‘I’m in touch with what’s going on in fashion.’ Accessories are by far the quickest way to update your wardrobe and incorporate timely trends into it. Do not underestimate the impact a pair of shoes, a statement purse, and updated jewelry can add to all your looks. No need to spend a lot on these as they pass from fashion to fad quickly. By purchasing affordable items you can update your wardrobe again next season. 

Purchase one complete outfit comprising of pieces that can be mixed with other items in your wardrobeMixing and matching, and getting creative with your separates is the surest way out of a rut. Use your imagination and play with blending different colors, textures, and silhouettes together.


To ensure you do not fall back into a rut:

  • Add at least two new fashion elements to your wardrobe every season. Accessories and color can be added most easily.
  • Remember; less is actually more. Buy quality over quantity especially when it comes to major pieces of clothing (suits, jackets, pants and skirts).
  • Experiment with various wardrobe combinations and fashion looks. Don’t be afraid to add color and new shapes to your wardrobe.
  • Reassess your hairstyle and make-up reassessed at least every three years.
  • For every new fashion item, you add, retire an old one.
  • Base your wardrobe on at least two basic colors.
  • Try a new style at least once a year.
  • Enlist the help of a stylish looking friend and give them permission to tell you if something about you is starting to look a little ‘off.’ Hearing constructive criticism about your style, and adjusting accordingly is important in making sure that you don’t fall into a rut again.


Don’t try to radically alter your look overnight.

Think evolution not revolution.

It’s better and easier to make subtle changes over a period of time to help ease yourself and others into your new look. I know change takes courage. If you embrace change, you may really surprise yourself; and I know you’ll certainly surprise those around you.

Change is a natural part of life, and as you change over time, let your personal style follow suit.

Style is a representation of who you are at any given moment,
let it be an accurate and flattering image every single time.



fashion style rut


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Discovering you’re in a style, makeup/hair or color rut often happens by accident. Over time you gravitate toward, and then repeated the same colors or styles over and over again until one day it hits you or, as happened to a client of mine, she found out her children’s friends called her the ‘Purple lady’. Many women by the time they reach their forties have gone through numerous and varied stages of trial and error discovering what works best for their body type, personal style, and fashion preferences. From then on nothing much changes. The danger is that being on the ‘right track’ can eventually turn into a style rut, that once they are entrenched in it can be very difficult to realize and/or escape. Now don’t think a style rut only happens after 40 – it can happen at any age and is quite often caused by a singular mindset. There are many reasons why one can be trapped in a thought pattern or trapped in a state of making style choice automatically. Whether it’s life changes, busy schedules or simply the lack of time or will to pay attention to one’s own style, a style rut is something that can be broken. I believe there are several types of style ruts:

  • The Time Warp: your entire closet seems to be stuck in another fashion decade.
  • The Peter Pan: your wardrobe is filled with the same style of clothes you wore 15 – 20 years ago clothes when you looked hip! Sure some things may be back in fashion but they will never be styled in exactly the same way.  I say…’ if you were young enough to wear it first time round – chances are you’re too old the second time‘. 
  • The Too Busy/Too Lazy to Think: every item in your closet is almost the same as the next and its been exactly the same for years. Sure it’s easy to get dressed in the morning but your wardrobe contains no more thrill to wear than flannelette pajamas.

Enlightenment often comes only after a particular comment or event has ‘shaken our tree’, and challenged the perception we have of who we are and how we are seen by others. Fashion and personal style are a huge part of one’s own image, and you may find that when your style is given an upgrade, your disposition follows and your confidence soars.

Change is Good

 Life is ever-changing:

  • Fashion changes.
  • Our body-shape changes.
  • Our coloring changes.
  • Globally thoughts on any number of subjects change.
  • Our lifestyle changes.
  • Our personal style expression can change.
  • Our expectations and desires change.
  • Our circumstances change.

Your style should match the changes that you go through in life, and it should reflect how you’ve come through all these challenges and how you’ve succeeded in them. Style is a great way to express that.

Style Rut1

 Unsure if you’re in a rut?    Here are some symptoms:

  • You’re uninspired as you look through your own closet
  • You or others use words like boring, staid, dowdy, unyielding, inflexible, strange, weird, ordinary, uninspired or dull when describing your look/wardrobe.
  • When shopping for something new you realize you have 4 or more similar pieces just like it in your existing wardrobe
  • Your wardrobe looks like something from a retro party or Throwback Thursday
  • Other people give you a nickname for your repeating signature look i.e. The Purple Lady
  • You rarely consider wearing different styles or colors. Black is a no-brainer color, but sometimes you gotta step away from the all-black attire
  • You don’t bother looking in the mirror because your clothes and total look are the same as every other day of the year, so you know exactly what you look like.
  • You don’t shop – you restock.
  • You are dressing by someone else’s rules (and sometimes these people aren’t even around anymore).
  • You can’t remember the last time you did anything different with your hair, makeup or clothes.
  • You stop wearing a garment only when it’s completely unwearable.

Once a rut is identified it’s common to make excuses for why/how it happened.

  • ’I don’t have time to shop’
  • ’Nothing works at my age’
  • ’I’m too fat/busy/old etc’
  • ’Nobody cares how I look’
  • ’I don’t have money to shop’
  • ’I don’t want to appear vain’
  • ’I couldn’t care less what people think’

Although I’ve heard all these comments, I have yet to meet a woman who deep down does not wish to look attractive. Most of us have discovered that when we look good, we feel good, and when we look good we get noticed in a positive way and treated better (not fair, but true). All it takes is the will, courage, and commitment to take action and make the change. At this point, you may realize you want to change but have no idea of where to start. Overhauling your closet and lifestyle and doing a style makeover might seem overwhelming, but there are simple ways to navigate it through the change.

When you’re ready, head to part 2.

races fashion etiquette

FASHIONS ON THE FIELD – how to dress & behave during the Australian spring racing carnival

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Race days offer a fabulous reason to indulge in more glamorous fashion and are an amazing opportunity to mingle and socialize. No racing event quite compares to the Australian Spring Racing carnival.  It offers men and women the opportunity to have fun, rub shoulders with the rich and famous and be unashamedly and unapologetically dressed to the nines.

When it comes to race days and ‘fashions on the field,’ there’s a plethora of styles that you can try, ranging from the fashionably chic to the incredibly over-the-top and ridiculous. The Caulfield Cup, Derby Day, and the Melbourne Cup are also used as important business/social events, where alliances and networks are established, social skills and professional etiquette are demonstrated, and deals are secured. If you want to impress during these events, you must be aware where the boundary lies between stylish fashion statement and embarrassing and inappropriate garb.

Here’s my guide on how to dress and behave.


  • Do dress appropriately for your age and figure.
  • Don’t wear black. Racing carnivals are for fashion fun, and not seriousness.
  • Do dress to suit the particular race day.
  • Do dress for glamour, i.e., not too glitzy or sleazy.
  • Don’t wear anything too tight or too short. Do not expose bare backs, deep cleavage, midriffs or underwear lines.
  • Do wear hosiery for the most elegant looking leg.
  • Don’t be caught wearing a lightweight summer outfit on a freezing day. Be prepared for Melbourne’s unpredictable weather, and have an alternative outfit or coordinating layer ready on hand. 
  • Do wear a hat or facinator if wearing a dress.
  • Don’t’ wear heels that will cause you to sink into the turf – pst wedges are perfect!.
  • Do coordinate your hat style with the color and silhouette of your shoes, handbag, or clothing. But never all three – too much matchy-matchy. 
  • Don’t allow you toes to hang over the edge of your sandals.
  • Do wear invisible toe hosiery, and make sure that your toenails are painted and well groomed if wearing sandals.
  • Do be sensible with the height and width of your hat (you need to get through doorways and people want to be able to see around or over you). The best width for most women is nothing wider than your shoulders.
  • Don’t wear uncomfortable shoes, only horses are expected to occasionally go lame.
  • Do secure your hat to your head; no one wants to see ‘hat-hair.’
  • Don’t overdo your look with too much color, frills, flowers etc. Think more no than 3 focal points.
  • Do take a matching man.
  • Don’t forget to take your make-up essentials with you, and re-apply as necessary to ensure that you look fresh and put together all day. 
  • Don’t wear shiny or patterned stockings if your legs are a bit on the stocky side. Basic colors are much more flattering and have a slimming effect. 
  • Don’t forget to bring an umbrella, raincoat, and sunscreen if you are going to the Melbourne Cup. Melbourne is after all a “four seasons in one-day” type of city.
  • Don’t carry binoculars or a camera around your neck.

watch your feet




  • Watch the demon drink. The savvy party-goer knows that alcohol can either be a friend or enemy. One or two drinks on arrival, and one an hour after that will not only keep your behaviour within your control but will also keep you under the legal limit for driving home. Oh and…don’t drink directly from the champers bottle ladies! 
  • Avoid the “kid in the lolly shop’ syndrome when being invited into a corporate tent. Free drink and free will are dangerous partners. Always keep in mind: maintaining professional decorum is paramount. 
  • When eating, don’t talk with your mouth full, use the fork to conduct conversations or enunciate a point, or help yourself to all the oysters! Etiquette must be top of mind at all times. Moderation in eating is also essential and keeping a fashionable appearance. 
  • Be a good sport. Never brag, and if you end up on the losing end, do congratulate the winners with utmost graciousness.



Source:  Image 1,   Image 2



Now that we have the basic dos and don’ts of how to dress and behave out of the way, let’s discuss the specifics of the dress codes of each respective race days. A big event such as the Melbourne Cup will draw a huge crowd with a mix of people; you never know when you’ll get to meet an influential person during this event. With this in mind, it is better to err on the side of caution when it comes to dressing up. Glamour is still important when deciding what to wear for the race days, but one should value the elegance and sophisticated quality of the ensemble above all.

Derby Day

Derby Day is all about the timelessly chic color duo of black and white. If your coloring is cool, then this color combination will surely work for you, particularly if you have dark hair and pale skin. You can go really graphic with this color, and wear a bold black and white print in a classic silhouette like an elegant sheath dress. But if you’re a cool blonde, opt for a dominantly white outfit with just a hint of black.

Complement your outfit with black accessories in an interesting texture, such as a black patent belt, black suede pumps, or a black leather clutch. If your coloring is warm, rather than go stark black and white, choose an off white, buff or beige to go with your black. When wearing a black-and-white outfit, you can add a touch of color with a belt, bag or shoes, but don’t go overboard. Just choose one complementary color and don’t add another color into your look. Make sure that your colorful accessory isn’t too loud, and that it goes tastefully with your final look.  You may also find the following Style Clinic features useful:  How to Wear White,  How to Wear Black.

Derby day dress


Melbourne Cup Day

Melbourne Cup Day is your opportunity to color-up and dress to impress. This is your day to glamorously express your unique style.

Hats take center stage and you will do well to plan your ensemble based on your hat design. If there was ever a time to get a hat custom-made, or to invest in a pricey yet artfully beautiful hat, attending the Melbourne Cup is a very compelling reason to make such a purchase. Let your hat either be the wow factor of your outfit and coordinate the rest of your look to complement it. For those with less to invest a facinator will do just as well when well selected. 

The Melbourne Cup is a very flamboyant and extravagant event where every woman comes in with the goal of being the best dressed and most glamorous woman of the day. Your effort will surely be worth it once you’re called up on stage, since there are prizes for the best fashion of the day during the Melbourne Cup.

Melbourne Cup Style #Pretastyler


Crown Oaks Day

Crown Oaks Day is also known as “Ladies Day.” On Oaks day men will sport a pink rose in celebration of Ladies Day, also dubbed “a day of indulgence.”

This is the day to bring out a more feminine style. Gain inspiration from vintage ladies fashions, and give in to your more girly side in delicate lace, gorgeous floral prints, and ladylike silhouettes like tea skirts and flowing, flirty frocks. Crown Oaks Day is a full day dedicated to women so why not use this day to show off your most gentle, graceful, and girly self. You can even opt to match your look of the day with the signature pink rose of the day. Keep your makeup look light and dewy, and keep your hairstyle soft, smooth, and effortless. Crown Oaks Day celebrates womanhood so take this as a perfect opportunity to show off your natural feminine beauty.

Ladies DaySource

Emirates Stakes Day

The most relaxed and laid-back day of the Spring Racing Carnival is the Emirates Stakes Day. Although more casual than other race days, it is still a major no-no to attend this race day under-dressed. Easygoing as this day might be, there are still race day dress code standards to uphold and rules to abide by.

This day is also known as “Family Day,” and it has a friendlier and more open vibe. As the racing carnival winds down, think about having fun while donning your outfit but never forget that understated elegance is still a crucial part of this event. Emirates Day is all about looking polished and being comfortable at the same time. Keep the silhouettes of your clothing options classic, and play with colors that are cool and relaxing. Try an A-line skirt with a crisp button-down in a light, pastel color. Emirates Stakes Day is the end of the Spring Racing Carnival so it is best to end a week of fashion on a good note and a stylish ensemble.

 Emirates day group



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fashion accessories for work


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Dressing for the office can be a tricky situation to navigate; you want your work style to look confident and chic while maintaining an air of professionalism and adhering to dress codes.

Far from being something that only younger women need to concern themselves with, the more mature woman should also strive to always look polished, professional and in sync with fashion. After all she is the one most threatened with being seen as ‘past her professional prime’.

The great news is looking professionally chic is something every woman can easily excel in and it will reap rewards both personally and professionally, while also empowering you to seize the day and conquer all challenges.

The easiest and quickest way to upgrade your standard work wear is to accessorize.

Make a Statement

Working while wearing chunky bracelets, earrings or over-sized cocktail rings can be cumbersome, your best bet in displaying some bling at the office is sporting a statement necklace. This type of jewelry instantly adds glam and edgy flavor to your work style attire.

When wearing a necklace that is very intricate or detailed, keep your makeup dewy and fresh. Let the statement necklace take center stage, it is a guaranteed way to show more of your personality when going to work.

Workwear_Statement necklace

Source:   Image 1,   Image 2,   Image 3,   Image 4

 Scarf Savvy

Whether it’s for the cold A.C. in the office or to battle the chilly winds outside, scarves do double duty as they serve both as a chic outfit add-on and a piece to keep your warm and cozy. Scarves are also one of the best ways to add a splash of print or pop of color to your ensemble or to unite two solid colored garments into a unified outfit. You can even opt for a fur scarf during the winter, and let it give your look some luxe texture and glamor.

 Workwear_ScarvesSource:    Image 1,   Image 2,   Image 3,   Image 4

In the Bag

Far from being just your carry-all, you can add personality, punch or power with the right work style bag.

If you need some professional kudos stick with structured silhouettes. Traditional colors such as black, navy, and tan will always be safe but that will not stop many business women from being able to sport bags with a little flare from embellishments, prints, and metal hardware.

Veer away from shapes and materials that are too casual, such as canvas or slouchy hobo bags. A vintage leather briefcase, animal print satchel, and black totes with gold hardware are all excellent options for increasing the elegance and sophistication of your look.

Workwear_BagsSource:   Image 1,   Image 2,   Image 3,   Image 4.

Footwear Frenzy

Don’t let your staple black and nude pumps limit your office look. In all but the most conservative professional environments you can show some personality and flare when choosing your footwear.To jazz up your monochromatic and neutral outfits. Red pumps and animal print pumps are no-brainer alternatives that give your look a bit more oomph. If you’re feeling a bit more sartorially brave and fashion forward, select loafers to go with your pantsuit for a menswear-inspired tailored vibe. Now if you’re the type that just prefers the classic quality of vibe, you can opt for more daring shapes like a lace-up heels or even sleek ankle boots.

When on doubt opt for closed toed styles.


Source:   Image 1,   Image 2,   Image 3,   Image 4.

Belt It Out

Never underestimate the impact of creating an hourglass silhouette. Accentuate your curves and cinch your waist with a figure-flattering accessory that creates a streamline shape and look, a belt. Done up in gold metal hardware or just with simple yet elegant leather, the simple addition of a belt works wonders in making you look more pulled together. Go the offbeat path and wear it over your blazer, or you can tuck your shirt in to show off more of the belt’s details.


Source:   Image 1,   Image 2,   Image 3,   Image 4.

Layers of Style

A layered office look already stands out from the pant-suit and neutral wearing crowd, since it makes use of different finishes and prints to make the ensemble look more interesting and multidimensional.

Layer a sweater over a striped button-down or a military jacket over a crisp tailored shirt, there are endless ways to do unexpected pairings that make one’s work style look more dashing and smart.

Workwear_LayeringSource:   Image 1,   Image 2,   Image 3,   Image 4.

5 Ways to Wear a Little Black Dress


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The little black dress, 4 words that hold so much meaning for any red-blooded fashionable woman. Otherwise known as the LBD, it is a closet must-have that has been the goal of many shopping trips and the solution to many ‘what-to-wear’ dilemmas. Just like finding a perfect pair of jeans, the search can take years. Once found, however, the little black dress becomes valuable and even irreplaceable at times.

Here are 5 reasons to fall in love with this style staple.

It’s Iconic

The beginning of the LBD’s rise to icon status can be traced back to the movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. This movie along with Audrey Hepburn quickly became a pop culture and style phenomenon. Audrey Hepburn and designer Givenchy are often given credit for popularizing the elegance of the little black dress. From Old Hollywood style icons like Maria Dietrich, Grace Kelly, Ava Gardner and Audrey Hepburn to Jackie Kennedy and Princess Diana to today’s style icons such as Victoria Beckham, Dita Von Teese, and the little black dress has been embraced wholeheartedly. You’ll find yourself in the company of stylish women every single time you don your little black dress of choice. 

A little black dress is timeless. It’s always in style. It’s an investment piece that will hold you in good stead for years to come. This much-coveted closet piece is what makes a woman’s closet, and more often than not it signifies the very essence and elegance of a woman’s beauty, confidence and style-savvy. These are precisely the reasons why this closet piece is so iconic. By owning a little black dress that you can call your own, you are becoming part of the LBDs storied and continuing history.

LBD Hollywood Icons 2

It Pairs it With Everything

The classic feeling that a little black dress exudes combined with its perennially chic color makes it the perfect fashion piece to get creative with. The simple yet sophisticated characteristic of an LBD makes prints, colors, jewelry, and accessories stand out. This same attribute also makes it ideal for pairing it with trends. You won’t look like a fashion victim when you pair a super trendy item with something as traditional and understated as a little black dress. It is, simply put, the perfect fashion canvas. Even a more detailed and tailored LBD, like one with laces or ruffles, is still classic enough and straightforward enough not to be a distraction to other details of your ensemble, like your accessories for instance. Maximize the chic potential of your LBD and get creative when styling it. It is your opportunity to test the waters with a particular trend or to take a major fashion risk.

LBD Magic 2_ Accessorize itSource:  Image 1,   Image 2,   Image 3,   Image 4

Its Versatility Can’t Be Beaten

The LBD can go from day to night, from casual to formal. It is always appropriate for any occasion since it looks sexy in an understated way. A simple footwear swap accompanied by a purse upgrade can take your little black dress from a day of downtown shopping and afternoon coffee to a night of all-night partying after your fancy sushi dinner. Change from ballet flats to heels, and from a cute canvas tote to an embellished clutch, and you’re all set.

Play up the versatility of the LBD in the styling. Your little black dress can take on so many looks; you have no idea. Don’t be limited to wearing it as a cocktail dress. Experiment with trendy athletic slides or with more bohemian earthy boots; the possibilities are endless when armed with wardrobe inspiration and a little black dress.

LBD_Glamup or Down

Source:  Image 1,   Image 2,    Image 3,    Image 4

You’ll Always Look Polished and Effortless.

As Karl Lagerfeld once said, “one is never overdressed or underdressed with a little black dress.”

When in doubt, a little black dress always looks elegant and appropriate. Whether you want to look a little bit more pulled together for a casual day, or when you want an office-appropriate work look that you can take to cocktail hour, the LBD will come to your rescue. A style cure-all, the little black dress will work overtime to make you look your best, it doesn’t matter if it’s for a quick coffee date or a big meeting or presentation, a sleek LBD always impresses.

LBD_Polished and RefinedSource:   Image 1,   Image 2,   Image 3,   Image 4

It’s the Ultimate Glam-it-Up Color

A little black dress is a foolproof way to look your best and most glamorous at any party or evening event. It’s any woman’s go-to date dress too, and a no brainer party dress. Whether it is embellished, armed with a dangerously sexy side slit, or covered in lace, there is an LBD out there with your name on it. If you do choose to go with something a plain LBD, just add some bling and seductive stilettos to up your style quotient for the evening. Otherwise, there is a wealth of glitzy little black dresses out there to choose from. Some are even so fabulous that no accessories are needed; the dress is a major style statement that speaks for itself. 

LBD_Instant GlamorSource:   Image 1,   Image 2,   Image 3,   Image 4