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fashion for pregnant ladies

THE MODERN MUM (Part 2) – Fashion for Pregnant Ladies

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Nine months of pregnancy doesn’t have to mean nine months of hiding your flair for fashion. Let’s take a look at more ideas for fashion for pregnant women.

Skirt the Issue

Did you know you can wear just as many different styles of skirts when pregnant as you can when you’re not? High waist full skirts (yes, even pleated ones) are adorable pieces to play up your feminine style. Add a belt over the belly (braided by day, metallic by night) to draw the eye to under your bustline.

A short curve-hugging skirt pairs well with fuller top, while a full short skirt will do better with a body-hugging top.

Long, stretchy skirts lean toward the casual side, but a bold accessory can add pre-natal razzle-dazzle.


Wrap the Bump

Swaddling a baby is said to be beneficial for him/her, but don’t forget to wrap up your figure. Wrap dresses feature a V-neckline and elegant drape which look glamorous no matter your size. In addition, you can wear a wrap dress while losing your post-pregnancy weight and still look fab.



Accentuate the positive with accessories. Draw the eyes upward with hats, statement jewellery, scarves, belts worn above the belly, and embellished necklines. Don’t forget to coordinate these items with bangles and shoes.

CAUTION! Accessories should be minimal and uncluttered because there’s a lot more of “you” to be seen, so understated is better. This is very important in terms of fashion for pregnant women.



Work It

Maintaining a professional appearance when you’re working while pregnant starts with a great support bra . . . or two, as your cup size will no doubt go up. You should also invest in conservative clothing styles (remember: there’s more of you to be seen) with tasteful accessories for polished pregnant couture. Marion of Marionberry Styleshows you how it’s done.

Don’t want to buy a new work wardrobe? Try hiring outfits - they are generally cost-effective and give you a fresh look without the financial commitment.


Do’s & Don’ts of the 9-Month Wardrobe


  • Show your personality and have fun.
  • Use color to lift and invigorate your appearance and mood.
  • Think clean, classic, and cute.
  • Use jackets and cardigans to layer, add interest, and camouflage.
  • Accessorize.
  • Wear fitted dresses.
  • Consider hiring maternity outfits.



  • Forget to wear make-up, exercise, and put some effort into looking good.
  • Wear miniskirts.
  • Wear shapeless garments.
  • Wear overwhelming prints and patterns.
  • Wear underbelly belts.
  • Wear floral patterns (unless you’re ok looking like a field of flowers or a sofa).
  • Wear too many horizontal design elements.
  • Experiment. There’s more of you to look foolish if a new look doesn’t work out.
  • Wear closed necklines – they’ll only increase your apparent width.
  • Wear big T shirts with quotes about your pregnancy.
  • Squeeze into pre-pregnancy clothes past the fifth month.




fashion for pregnant ladies

THE MODERN MUM (Part 1) – Fashion for Pregnant Women

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Congratulations! You’ve got bundle of joy on the way . . . and some drastic body changes. Just because your belly can be used as a table and comfort takes precedence over appearance doesn’t mean your maternity wardrobe has to be blah. Gone are the days when maternity wear was designed to hide the body. Today’s pregnant mom can show off her bump with style. Read on for our advice on fashion for pregnant women.

Max Appeal

Maxi dresses combine comfort with trendiness. Layer one with a vest, cardigan, or blazer in a complementary or contrasting color. Don’t be afraid to wear an empire waist to accentuate your curves.


Image 1                                                                                         Image 2

Bold Bump

On the opposite spectrum from billowing maxi dresses, curve-hugging maternity tops, dresses, and bottoms are attractive when worn right. Solid-colors are best but prints can be worn with care (see my other blogs about color and horizontal coordination).


Image 1                                   Image 2

Cool Undercover

Cooler weather doesn’t mean you have to cover up style. Coats with wider lapels which frame the face and draw the eye upward will help elongate your appearance. Belted coats are also a great option for creating proportion.


                                                                                                       Image 1                                       Image 2                                     Image 3

Provocative & Pregnant

Pregnancy is not reason to forego sex-appealing attire to enter the ranks of frump-hood. There is available fashion for pregnant women – pregnancy is far from a hopeless situation .Just ask men what they think about a sexy pregnant woman! Bloggist Judith Marsacky shows how it’s done.

Harvesting the Crop

Take your basic dresses from plain to pow! with a crop top, cardigan, or jacket. Crop tops “cinch” in the waist and draw the eye there, creating an “hourglass” silhouette. You can crop a knit shirt by knotting the bottom at the centre of your waist.


Jean Joy

If you’re a jean lover, you’ll be happy to know there are plenty of maternity jeans out there to suit your style, not to mention they are oh-so-comfy. And if you’re hesitant to pay for something you think will be worn for fewer than 9 months, keep in mind that maternity jeans are great to have while you’re losing post-pregnancy baby weight.


Image 1                                     Image 2                                  Image 3