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APPEARANCE: The Resume that Matters – Pt 3

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Welcome to part 3, the final instalment of my Appearance series on how to create a positive visual impression at work. This time I’m primarily concentrating on color and accessories. Color Up for Authority Solid colors are the best choice for your foundation work pieces i.e., skirts, dresses, pants and jackets. Subtle patterns are best left for your next tier…

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APPEARANCE: The Resume that Matters – Pt 2

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We live in a world of instant judgements where our appearance, clothes, grooming and body language create the visual clues from which others make judgements about our character, personality, status and ability. Creating a good visual impression is essential in order to pass the ‘all important’ first impression and encourage others to ‘go beyond’ your packaging and pay attention to…

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It’s true, most of us are blessed to live in a country where we are free to wear whatever we choose.  But with that freedom comes the responsibility of knowing what’s appropriate for the job, our role and the events we need to attend.  To disregard any written, implied or silent cultural appearance codes and you may find yourself considering…

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how to wear floral prints


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  Have you thought of wearing florals to work then backed off because you feared they may look too girly or unprofessional?     Florals like all prints and patterns have a set of characteristics subliminally linked to them that when worn transfers to the wearer. Floral prints are normally linked with femininity, passiveness, frivolity and non-serious endeavors and as a result have…

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fashion accessories for work


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Dressing for the office can be a tricky situation to navigate; you want your work style to look confident and chic while maintaining an air of professionalism and adhering to dress codes. Far from being something that only younger women need to concern themselves with, the more mature woman should also strive to always look polished, professional and in sync…

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