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Anyone for the races?

The Australian Melbourne Cup is only just over a month away and those planning to attend will be starting to plan their outfits of which a hat is an essential element. The right hat will not only complete your outfit it will add a glamorous flourish and they are an essential part of the traditional etiquette that surrounds many race meetings.

The first and most important point is give yourself plenty of time to find the right hat and outfit by starting at least a month in advance.

When it comes to your hat try on a variety of styles and experiment with the way you place the hat on your head. One rule of thumb is the crown width should not be narrower than your cheekbones. This will ensure a good visual balance. 

Don’t feel obligated to match your hat exactly to your outfit. Complementary colored hats can look just as stunning as a fully coordinated ensemble and trimming your hat with flowers is a great way to add extra pizzazz. However, if you’re wearing a floral printed dress, it may be best to keep your hat flower free.

The following four international race events all have a rich traditions and a history of fabulous fashion, and with it we’ve included a quick how-to and etiquette guide when dressing up and picking the right hat for each race day event.

Australian Spring Racing Carnival

Held in November this is one of the most-awaited sporting and social events in Australia for the summer season. Selecting what to wear for the Melbourne Cup is not as simple as wearing your favorite cocktail or little black dress, each day of this event has its own unique set of fashion traditions.

Derby Day

Theme: Black and White

This day marks the start of the Melbourne Cup Carnival. This is the day when you can bring out elegant striped or polka dot black and white pieces.

As for your racing hat of the day, stick to the black and white theme while opting for a more understated hat. Try a modern pillbox hat or a fascinator with a geometric or architectural design.

Emirates Melbourne Cup Day

Theme: Bright Colors and Bold Prints

Today is the day to be more audacious with your sartorial decisions. Have fun with your outfit today and get playful with vibrant hues and patterns. The Emirates Melbourne Cup Day is your chance to make a major fashion statement and to embrace and show off your love for color. Get creative and express your personality with your various options for color and prints today.

Your hat choice should, of course, complement your ensemble of the day. If you are wearing a striking print or color, it is best to coordinate your hat with that to avoid looking too busy. You can still be daring with your hat choice though, provided that it matches the dominant hue of what you’re wearing. Given the elegance of the occasion, solid color hats (no hats with patterns, please) would be your best option.

Crown Oaks Day

Theme: Feminine and Ladylike

Crown Oaks Day is when the Myer Fashion on the Field parades happen. So this is the day to dress to impress. Bring out your Sunday best and the more feminine the better. Think delicate florals and dreamy pastel palettes. Midi skirts, structured pieces, and fit-and flare frocks are silhouettes that you should look for.

Your hat today should reflect the ladylike and traditional atmosphere of the day. Vintage-inspired hats in pastel colors are a great option, and so are floral headbands. Floral headbands are easy to style and coordinate with your looks and are considered a great option for your hat accessory of the day.

Emirates Stakes

Emirates Stakes Day also known as Family Day comes with a more relaxed dress code. That’s not to say you’ve got a license to get too casual though, you are still at the races after all. However, feel free to choose clothing that allows for a bit more movement. Look out for floaty fabrics and breezy silhouettes.

Contrast your more relaxed look with a hat that is made for the races.

It is also important to note that there are traditional flowers worn by men in their lapels for each day.

  • Derby Day: Cornflower
  • Emirates Melbourne Cup: Yellow Rose
  • Crown Oaks Day: Pink Rose
  • Emirates Stakes Day: Red Rose

To up the style of your hat even more, you can pin some flowers on the brim.

MelbSpringCarnivalTop Row: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3. Bottom Row: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3.

Royal Ascot UK

Held in Nine and considered the major highlight in the British social calendar, a day at the Royal Ascot races will surely necessitate an ensemble worthy of the Royal Court. Established by Queen Anne in 1711, the Royal Ascot is a major institution in British Culture as well as one of its richest traditions. Potential for rubbing elbows with members of the Royal Family is high, and a celebrity sighting or two, of course. The dress code of this major event depends on where you’re seated. Keep tradition top of mind, as the Royal Ascot places tradition above all else when it comes to its fashion. So above all else, keep your sartorial choices on the elegant and conservative side.

Royal Enclosure

The most prestigious seating during the event, hats are required in this area. Fascinators are strictly prohibited, however you can wear headpieces with a base covering of at least 4 inches. Given the strict rules for dressing, you can probably tell that this is a formal event in which you should bring out your sartorial best. Bearing in mind the dress code, of course. Dresses or skirts cannot go above the knee and straps should be at least an inch in length. Formal daywear is the suggested dress.


Just like at The Royal Enclosure, the dress code here is formal daywear. Royal Enclosure dress rules still apply. In this section, however, you are permitted to wear fascinators, hats, and headpieces. You are still required to wear your headwear at all times.

Silver Ring

No formal dress code is required in this seating area, but the conservative code of dress still applies even though you can wear more relaxed clothing. The Royal Ascot is not the place for short hemlines and strapless numbers. You can still get into the spirit of the races with a hat, but you need not wear a large one. Opt for a classic pillbox hat that complements your relaxed yet sophisticated look. Also important to note, replica sport shirts are not allowed during this event.


Dubai World Cup Carnival

Dubai is an emerging fashion capital. With all the top fashion brands setting up shop there and a market that is hungry for fashion, it is no wonder that the Dubai World Cup Carnival is becoming a fashion destination and event all its own. Just like other prestigious race events, the Dubai World Cup Carnival attracts people from the world over. The Dubai World Cup Carnival is similar to the Royal Ascot when it comes to their seating area corresponding to a certain dress code.


Since Dubai World Cup Carnival is more modern, the dress code for the grandstand is standard race wear. It is not required to wear formal attire, but you should still aim to dress to the nines. Traditional hats or fascinators are encouraged. Revealing attire, nightclub outfits, and evening gowns are prohibited.

Parade Ring/General Admission

These two sections are more dressed down, but it will be a mistake to go too casual. No jeans, T-shirts, sneakers, flip-flops, and shorts allowed. You can still wear a hat to get into the race day spirit, but it is not required in this section.

DubaiCupSource: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

Kentucky Derby

The most awaited social racing event in the United States is the Kentucky Derby. Colonel Clark, the founder of the Kentucky Derby, had a vision to create a racing event akin to those in Europe. He wanted to recreate that same upscale and luxurious feeling, and thus the Kentucky Derby was born. Dressing for the Kentucky Derby is all about opulence and lots of color. This event is also seen as the perfect opportunity for fashionistas to showcase the latest of spring fashions.

Like other race events, hats are a huge part of the fashion during the Kentucky Derby and at the Derby: the bigger the hat, the better. Whether you’re sitting pretty at the VIP box or the field, you should never be caught without a hat. From the simple and elegant to the fashion forward and fantastical, there is more leeway during this event as to what kind of hat you’re going to wear. You can be as creative and daring, as you want, it’s all up to you. Just make sure that you head wear matches what you’re wearing. And remember, going to the Kentucky Derby without your statement hat is a major faux pas.

 Kentucky Derby

 Top Row: Image 1, Image 2, Bottom Row: Image 1, Image 2


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TriangleKnowing and dressing for your body type or shape is essential for having impeccable style. Once you start tailoring your wardrobe and personal style to your body type, you’ll be on your way to achieving standout style.

Embracing your body and follow its natural contour will result in more confidence as you become comfortable with how your wardrobe fits into your lifestyle and body type.

A common body type is the triangular body shape. Sometimes called pear shape, the triangle body shape is characterized by the hips being the widest and most prominent part of the body. Other distinguishing characteristics of the triangle body shape are:

  • Narrow shoulders 
  • Smaller upper body than lower body
  • Bottom heavy body type, with larger hips and thighs than shoulders and bust

It is important to describe your body type with geometric terms – ie. triangle as opposed to pear shape; this is to keep the language body positive and inclusive.

Lastly, it is a common misconception that triangle body types are exclusively for women who are plus size. That is completely wrong. Triangle shape body types are applicable to anyone that has wider hips and thighs than the shoulder and bust area, ranging from petite to those with more pronounced curves.

Since this body shape is wider at the bottom, the main thing to remember is to draw the attention upwards and balance the hips.

Here are the main aims to keep top of mind when dressing for the triangle body shape:

Draw Attention Upwards

To create a more flattering and longer silhouette, it is best to draw the eye upward. Here are some styling tips to achieve this:

  • Eye-catching accessories, great hair or makeup
    Think statement necklace, amazing braided ‘do, or a simple yet impactful red lipstick. These add-ons not only upgrade your outfit of the day but also help to make sure attention is on the upper portion of your body, specifically your beautiful face or hairstyle. 
  • Interesting styling or style features (eg. great/interesting collars)
    Putting the attention closer to your face is best. Collars or shoulders with embellishments or tailoring details ensure that the eyes skim over the hip area and go straight to the key details in your look. 
  • Bright or light colors and prints
    Wearing darker colors from the bottom, more striking color or lighter colors at the top helps to balance the wide hips of the triangle body shape. 
  • ¾ sleeves
    The ¾ sleeves on either a dress or a top serves the triangle shape well. The sleeves conceal narrow shoulders, which are typical of this shape, and offsets wide hips perfectly.

Eyes Up

Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4

Add Visual Width To The Upper Body

Using clever tips and tricks, like visually striking details on top, can compensate for the wideness of the lower body and create visual symmetry. Look for the following details to even out your wide hip area:

  • Texture and detailing
    Seek out texture to draw attention to your upper body as well as add more interest to your look. Textures like leather, knits, or tweed, which are trendy for fall. 
  • Sheen/shine
    A little hint of glam never hurt anybody. A sparkly top with dark colored bottoms is a great choice – use this tip in the evening.
  • Horizontal lines and horizontal design elements
    Since triangle shapes have a smaller upper body, horizontal lines will help accentuate it and accordingly mask your wide hip area.
  • Layering
    Layering always makes one look chic. When layering your triangle body shape, opt for pieces that skim the hips. Avoid jackets or vests that end right above the hips, as this is unflattering and will only serve to emphasize your wide hip area. Bulky fabrics will just weigh you down. 
  • Wear tapered or slim sleeves 
    Because wide or bell sleeves will hide your beautifully defined waist, steer clear of this sleeve silhouette and instead choose tapered and slim sleeves cut close to the body. These thin sleeves will work wonders on your figure and will put the focus on your waist instead of on your hip area. Also, tapered/slim sleeves are a classic cut that will never go out of style.

Widen upper bodySource: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4

Minimize Width Below The Waist

If there is one tip to take away, this is it: It’s all about lessening the appearance of the wide hips of triangle-shaped bodies.

  • Classic, simple styles
    Reach for classic simple styles that are universally flattering. Wrap dresses, A-line styles and boot-cut jeans are some go-to pieces that work wonders on the triangle body type.
  • Think vertical patterns and design features
    These design details will elongate your figure and keep the eye moving upward. Get creative! Vertical stripes are not your only option. Side piping on trousers, a thigh-high slit, or V-necklines are some examples of features you should look out for.
  • Matte surfaces
    Don’t draw attention to your wide hip area by donning shiny skirts. Stick to matte fabrics.
  • Smooth textures
    Smooth textures, like a cotton linen blend, are ideal. It doesn’t cling too much and the body and has an ease of flow.
  • Medium-dark to dark colors
    Wearing dark colors below the waist is a no-brainer when it comes to making sure that your wide hips aren’t highlighted but rather cleverly concealed.
  • Avoid tops and jackets that end at your widest point
    Tops and jackets should either end below the middle part of your hips or should end by the waist. Ending at your widest point will just draw undue attention to it. A simple solution to this is to keep the top and bottom garments in the same color or similar color depth; ie. navy pants and medium dark green sweater, white pants and pale pink top.
  • Midi-length skirts and dresses work best (just above to just below the knee). You’re in luck. Midi skirts, which are super flattering to you, are so on-trend this season. It just gives your overall appearance enough balance.
  • Tapered, slim, straight or boot-cut pants
    Your curves are a blessing so don’t hide them. The worst you can do is wear wide pants and a wide top; that will only end in a blockish shape.When wearing wide pants or skirts always team with a slimline top. When wearing form-fitting shapes you’ll always get the most flattering results when you create a smooth foundation with shapewear.
  • Wear heels to elongate your legs
    Heels are a woman’s best friend, indeed. Elongating your legs is always a great style move and is always flattering.

Slim Below the Waist1

Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4


Pant Width


Highlight Your Waist

Triangle-shaped body types are typically gifted with a defined waistline. Highlight your waist whenever possible and leave waistless style to those without a waist.

Accessories like statement belts, and shaped garments that cinch the waist are great for showing off your natural curves.
The best position for your belts and waistline seams is from under your bust to just above your natural waistline. 

Highlight your waistSource: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4

Celebrity Style Inspiration

Sometimes it really helps to have an icon to look up to and you’re in fine company. These are just a few pear-shaped celebrities, so if you’re feeling confused or lost during your style journey, look them up and see what they are wearing.

  • Kim Kardashian
  • Beyoncé
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt
  • America Ferrera
  • Alicia Keys

Pear CelebsLeft to Right: Alicia Keys, Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, America Ferrera, Jennifer Love Hewitt

Note: This information is only pertains to the triangular body shape. Your body has many other characteristics that also need to be taken into account, and these unique features can alter some of the recommendations stated here. Prêtàstyler is the perfect tool for finding your perfect garments and making you look fabulous from top to toe.


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They say that fall is the New Year of fashion. Every September, each fashionista worth her salt does a little bit of a wardrobe overhaul. While there’s no need for a drastic closet or style makeover, adding a few key pieces here and there (while discarding some others) to update your look will keep you on top of the trends.

Pointed-Toe Flats

If you’re looking for a more stylish option to your standard ballet flats this winter, reach for pointed-toe flats. These stunners are proof that you don’t always need heels to strut like a fashion editor. A camel leather pointed-toe flat, a la Jessica Alba, is a great basic option that will work well with fall colors. Buckles, bows and studs are other excellent details that make the pointed flat even more fashion forward.

Pointy Toe Flats


Ribbed Knits

The matching flouncy skirt and crop top trend of the spring/summer season has found its fall counterpart – knitted separates. Ribbed knits, to be exact about, are the new co-ordinating set to be spotted in. What’s great about this combo is there are a multitude of body shapes that can wear it since it’s so form-fitting. The key is to find the right color and silhouette for you. Don’t throw out your chunky knits just yet, since those pieces are still great for off-duty style, but consider ribbed knit dresses or separates for your next outing. Trust us, you’ll make a statement.

Ribbed Knits

Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4


Looking for a piece of clothing to give you fashion editor cred instantly? Shop for a cape immediately. This hot fall/winter outerwear trend is just the right balance of quirky and chic. Contrary to popular opinion, capes are extremely wearable and it give you an element of fashion risk mixed with bravado – something a regular coat simply cannot convey. Select a printed cape to spruce up a neutral fall look or select something more traditional like plaid or a block colour.


Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4


A product of the ’70s trend domination, flared pants are great for this season as they give any look a dose of bohemian vibe and a definite playfulness. Wear with faux fur or pair with Breton stripes and a peacoat for a look that screams classic and trendy. Another great way to style flared pants is to accessorize your ensemble with a felt floppy hat, for a covetable ’70s feel. 


Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4

Faux Fur Stoles

Fur vests and coats are great to have, but sometimes a stole is just the right amount of over-the-top style that you need. This is one of this winter’s must-have accessories and a much more glamorous option than the safe knitted scarf. Just look at how it transforms the outfits below – that’s certainly enough to convince anyone to invest in a faux fur stole for this season.



Statement Hosiery

Black tights always come out to play in fall but, this season, designers and brands have stepped up their hosiery game and have churned out tights in different patterns and textures. The ribbed knit trend makes another appearance here, touted as statement legwear to transition your summer platforms into fall with ease. Sparkly, polka dot and spiderweb patterns will make your legs the stars of your fall wardrobe.

Statement Hose


Boxy Bags

Updating your purse collection this season? All you need is a good boxy bag. These rectangular bags were the stars of the Fall/Winter 2015 runways. From Louis Vuitton to Christian Siriano, these boxy bags were toted in style along the catwalk. Animal skin and vintage inspired, embellished and ladylike, these should be your arm candy of choice this season. 

Box bags

Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4

Brown Suede

Another offshoot of the ’70s trend, brown suede is the material of choice for many designers this season. Never mind that the color and suede is inherently earthy and matches with most of your winter wardrobe options, brown suede also lends your outfit a more luxurious look. So whether you opt for a coat or a pair of slouchy boots, this will ensure that you step out in style.

Brown Suede

Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4

Look-At-Me Earrings

Large cabochon statement earrings and brilliant encrusted ear cuffs are the jewelry of choice this season. Now we know that you love your statement necklaces, but you’re better off donning statement earrings this time around. These are best paired with your favorite sweaters and cardigans in matching colors or with your monochrome outfits.


Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4

Lucite Heels

This fall, it’s all about the heel. Not the height exactly, but the detail. Lucite heels give your ankle boots, wedges and pumps a little something extra. Lucite just gives these shoes a hint of futuristic style and a super sleek modern aesthetic. We guarantee you these fabulous footwear will liven up your staple black dresses and tights for the fall. 

Lucite Heels

Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4

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While the rest of the world buckles down and gets ready for the cold, it’s time for the southern hemisphere to get ready for sunny days ahead. The fashion landscape is awash with new trends and something for everyone, no matter what your age. Here are the key themes you’ll see coming your way:

Off-Shoulder Tops

Switch up your summer style game by stocking up more on off-shoulder tops and less on your standard tanks and tees. A plain off-shoulder top is a closet workhorse that you can wear all season long, from the beach to your city adventures. Opting for a printed off-shoulder top makes looking chic so easy as you get dressed up for those fun summer parties.

Off shoulder TopsSource: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4

Luxury Bohemian

Think billowy floor-length frocks inspired by ’70s icons like Janis Joplin. This season’s boho dresses look more opulent and have a definite feeling of earthy glamour. Look for gossamer fabrics with an ease of flow or colors and prints that stand out. What’s even better is that these dresses are a one-stop shop – slip it on and look instantly fabulous.

LuxuryBohemianSource: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4

Patchwork Denim

Another trend stemming from the deluge of ’70s fashion, patchwork denim is a great way to make a statement this summer. Spruce up your plain tees with either patchwork jeans or shorts. This is also a trend that, with a little bit of sewing skill and patches from your old jeans, you can DIY! This is a different kind of denim-on-denim. You can even be more unique and choose dresses or shirts done in patchwork.

PatchworkDenimSource: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4.


Jumpsuits, whether ’70s-inspired or flight suit-inspired, are a worthy addition to your closet. If you’re feeling a little lazy, jumpsuits are an excellent way to get dressed since you can just wear it and go. Pair with platforms for the ultimate ’70s look or with tread-sole platforms for a more casual feel.

JumpsuitsSource: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4.

Saddle Bags

Now we might not all have the budget for this season’s “it” bag from Chloe, but we can certainly avail ourselves of the easygoing, nostalgic, and on-trend feel of the saddlebag. Whether suede or leather, saddlebags have a vintage feel that will increase the cool girl vibe of any look.

SaddlebagsSource: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4.

Button-Front Skirts

Whether it’s a midi or a mini, button-front skirts are having a major fashion moment. They’re so retro, yet so now. Denim is a great option for these skirts since it’s so versatile, but lightweight linen or cotton are also great for those balmy summer days. Pair with a crop top and tuck in your tee – either way, the result is trendy summer chic.

Button Front SkirtsSource: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4.

Athletic Slides

Flip-flops are just way too basic. Why not try something straight out of the hot athletic trend? Slip-on slides are an upgrade from your summer sandals, plus a much more fashion forward option. Wear with dressy pieces for contrast or liven up your basics with them. Flatforms and metallic details elevate these slides to true fashion editor chic.

Athletic SlidesSource

Shift Dresses

Want to go a step above the sundress this summer? Get out of your fashion comfort zone and opt for the more structured, classic shift dress. These dresses are no longer just for the office, with fun prints, embellished necklines and updated sleeves, shift dresses can be worn for both work and play. Wear with sneakers or feminine Mary Jane flats for casual days, and glam up in the evening with pumps in bright hues.

Shift Dresses

Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4.

Tropical Prints

Florals are a summer staple, but if you want to take your print game a little bit further, try the tropical print on for size. Palm leaves, pineapple prints, hibiscus patterns and exotic Birds of Paradise are just some of your options to live the island life, even when in the city. Let these prints whisk you away to sunny destinations and upgrade your summer wardrobe in a vibrant way.

Tropical prints

Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4.

Back Cutouts

Another hot trend straight out of the street style blogs are back cutouts. A subtle way to show off the skin this summer, dresses with back cutouts are super wearable and easy to pull off. You can be as daring or as subtle as you want – it’s up to you. These frocks increase the trend factor of your look, especially when matched with a top knot or sexy waves.

Back Cutouts

Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4


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