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THE VERTICLE ADVANTAGE: how to dress slimmer

By | Body Basics, Figure Flattery, Line and Design | 4 Comments

Imagine walking into a room or onstage and your audience sees you as strong professional woman, maybe one who’s even taller and more slender than you really are. How is this done? Through vertical design. What is vertical design? It is clothing design elements which draws the eye up and down. The more vertical elements you use, the greater the…

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fashion for 50 year olds


By | Personal Style, Wardrobe Savvy | 2 Comments

Have you ever peered in a store window or watched in horror as you’ve seen the latest hot looks saunter down a catwalk and thought ‘they’ve gotta be kidding — how am I supposed to wear that?! While, it’s true that fashion trends are primarily aimed at the young, looking current is important and very achievable at any age. I cringe when I…

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style mistakes to avoid

50 FASHION FLUBS & STYLE SAVES: How to avoid panty lines, Wardrobe Malfunctions and More

By | Wardrobe Savvy | No Comments

Is there anything more embarrassing or aggravating than perspiration marks, runs in hosiery, or the ill-timed button popping off? As much as we love our clothes, sometimes they won’t behave and instead of sailing with style, we crash and burn in a clothing catastrophe. Read on to learn how to avoid panty lines, wardrobe malfunctions, and more embarrassing situations. While not…

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BREAKING NEWS: Revolutionary technology finds perfectly-matched fashion for women Read more...