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By | Accessorizing | 4 Comments

Goldilocks knew what she wanted when it came to porridge  – not too hot or too cold but just right.  The same ‘just right’ principle can be applied to accessorizing. By knowing some simple coordination principles, you can save yourself valuable time randomly trialing lots of different accessories until your outfit ‘looks right’, I call them the Big 3: Once…

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By | Personal Style | 13 Comments

Not everyone has a personal style as recognisable as Iris Apfel’s but everyone does have their own unique style. Some just haven’t discovered it yet. Do you know what your style is and if you do, does your wardrobe reflect it? Yes, No, Maybe… Have you ever tried on a garment that took your eye while shopping and once on…

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By | Colour, How To... | 2 Comments

What are thoughts about wearing white? I believe it can be worn all year round. However, clever dressing means not only wearing the white that best suits your natural coloring but also knowing how to coordinate it with other colors to ensure you get the best look possible. The Basics The great thing about white is, unlike black, there is…

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By | Fashion, Figure Flattery, Personal Style, Style Clinic, Trends | 19 Comments

After fifty most women’s style naturally begins to evolve to harmonize with the changes in their lives. These changes do not have to herald your change from stylish to dowdy; they simply mean a rethink of the trends that cater to your changing circumstances and shape. All women regardless of their age, shape, weight or height can look amazing –…

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SNAP, CRACK, CRINGE: Fashion Emergency Kit

By | Fashion, How To..., Style Clinic, Wardrobe Savvy | 4 Comments

Ever been derailed by a fashion emergency or wardrobe malfunction at the most inopportune time? I have and it’s a cringe-worthy experience. It even happened to me again this week when someone pointed out that the hanger strap of my top was peeping out of my neckline. Perfect I thought! Inspiration from above to create a Style Clinic feature about fashion…

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By | Wardrobe Savvy | One Comment

Over the last thirty years, wherever I travel in the western world, most women have the same complaint…they have nothing to wear despite a closet bulging at the seams. It’s easy to understand why; they’re enticed by sales, friends and fashion trends and they’ve constantly purchased clothes with little thought to what they really need. As a result they’ve ended…

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