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One step above multi-tone monochromatic dressing is the wearing a single, saturated hue. Nothing can beat it’s power for creating a style statement that is memorable, timeless, and chic.

The look easily translates from one season to another, simply select a hue that works with your personal coloring then the weather, the current color trend or whatever suits your mood.

Embracing color is such a vital part of everyone’s fashion journey and never underestimate the effect that individual colors can have on your psyche and those you interact with. 

That said wearing it also takes a little more imagination and finesse to ensure the look is visually interesting so here are a few tips.

#1. On The Surface

When it comes to personal styling, there’s no faster way to look like a fashion editor than experimenting with tons of surface textures and tactile elements with your outfit. Texture savvily hints at a deeper understanding of fashion and what truly makes a look chic and current. Look for surface textures like ponyhair, feathers, faux fur, leather, exotic animal skin, chunky cable knits, and the like.


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#2. Makeup Maven

Matching your makeup exactly with the color of your outfit can rob your appearance of personality. Use your makeup look as a contrast to your one-color ensemble. An all black look is instantly given a huge dose of wow from a red lip, while an all white look is give some edge with a goth inspired deep maroon or dark purple lip. The possibilities are endless when it comes to thinking up ideas on how to use your beauty look to update one-color dressing.

PutonaPoutSource, Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

#3. Accessory Game

Break up your single shade look by making a strong accessory statement. Wearing one color serves as the perfect canvas, with which you can really highlight some of your favorite pieces from your accessories closet. The streamlined and clean silhouette and appearance of a monochrome look is made to show off your trendiest bags and shoes. A carefully selected purse or footwear in a complementary color can increase the graphic appeal of your look even further.

EmbellishSource: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4.

#4. Bedazzle

Wearing a solid colored outfit from top to bottom gives your look a cohesive feel, and gives you more leeway to play around in your bling box. Let your statement neck-pieces, chunky bangles, oversized cocktail rings, embellished sunnies, and trendy chokers come out to play; this is certainly the perfect styling opportunity for it since one color will make the details in your jewelry become more noticeable and swoon worthy.


Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4.

#5. Get Intense 

When one talks about single hue dressing, neutrals commonly come to mind. Grays, blacks, whites, and navy blues are your standard and typical go-to hues to pull off this trend. If you want something a bit more exciting or if you’re ready to take more fashion risks and increase your style savvy, embrace color to the fullest by wearing an intense color from top to bottom. 

IntenseSource: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

#6. Get Detailed

Like they say, the devil really is in the details. You can count on tailoring and clothing details to make your take on one hue dressing a cut above the rest. Features like peplum, Peter Pan collar, military buttons and pockets and menswear inspired tailoring, can all elevate your look and give it a wow factor.

Get Detailed


  • Pat says:

    I love a column of color. So chic, elegant and killer confidence.
    Thanks for your help and suggestions in this manner of dressing.
    Any more wonderful ideas, suggestions and hints for dressing this way would be so appreciated.
    A faithful fan,

    • Ann Reinten says:

      Thanks Pat, At this time all I have written that is similar is the monochromatic feature which is linked to in the fist line of the feature.

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