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7 trends to try this summer

7 Trends to Try this Summer – Sept 2018

Time for sunny days, tons of fun weekends, and of course new fashion trends. With every season, there are the must-haves to wear and try. It’s a nice refresh for anyone to take their wardrobe to new levels. Summer is one of the best seasons for fashion and you are going to be head over heels for these new 7 trends to try this summer!

  1. Mix and Match Prints

mix and match prints trend summer 2018

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It’s daring but also attention worthy, mix and match print outfits are up and coming. The runways are starting to flood more and more with pairings that are the exact opposite in the print department. You can start slow with not so outlandish but familiar prints like a striped skirt and a floral top. To be a risk taker, go all out and opt for something bright and vibrant for both prints and we guarantee no matter what two designs you choose, you’ll ace this summer trend. Prints are a great way to step out of your comfort zone.

  1. Sheer Details

sheer clothing for 2018 summer trend

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Sheer designs are feminine and romantic. This recurring summer trend is still on the map for a beloved look. From high end, red carpet approved dresses to a top you can wear with culottes, sheer is a great choice for summer and it will keep you cool for those hot days. The great part about sheer details is that they aren’t hard to come across. No matter what your personal preference may be or if you’re searching for a certain occasion, it’ll be effortless to find that perfect sheer outfit.

  1. Fringe

fringing on clothes for 2018 summer trend

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Fringe has been an ever-evolving fashion trend. This summer, take fringe to new heights! There is an abundance of designs that have brought out a new era for fringe. It’s not just a bohemian look anymore- it goes from the high fashion spectrum to dressing it your way and it will always have an eye-catching end result.

  1. Espadrille Sandals

espadrilles the trend for 2018 summer style

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Espadrille sandals are the it shoes of summer trends. The style themselves have a sort of beach, resort style feel to them. A great shoe for vacation looks, the platform on most espadrille sandals is a new option for a heel. Heels during summer can at times be a bit too dressy while espadrille platforms fit in with almost any summer outfit. Plus side, they’re comfortable and easy to style.

  1. Ruffles

ruffles summer 2018 trend

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If you have a love for all things chic, ruffles are the summer trend for you. Ruffles are being reinvented left and right, and some designers make it their signature details. It can be ruffles from head to toe, all ruffled sleeves, or just some slight accents and your wardrobe goes from 0 to 100 in an instant. It’s a look you can wear from the office to after work drinks and be named best dressed.

  1. Gingham Print

gingham trend for summer 2018

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It comes from the 50’s and has surpassed most other prints as the new hot ticket, Gingham print is a look that shows summer has arrived. Gingham comes in many different color variations from classic black and white to basically any other color. Dress it as an accent piece or all over, this summer trend takes a retro style to a new age favorite.

  1. Statement Gold Earrings

gold statement earring for summer 2018 trend

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Summertime is where updo hairstyles come out most. It’s hot out, dealing with your hair down can be a pain- you may love to wear a top knot or a sleek ponytail. With this in mind, you need to dress up your ears a little to complete your look. Statement gold earrings take the win for jewelry summer fashion trends. All over gold matches with it all and when you find big, oversized designs, your earring game will be top notch.

These go-to 7 trends to try this summer are going to make wonders in your wardrobe.

Quick tip: consider your closet, you may have some of these pieces without even knowing. Investing in new fashion will keep your style everlasting.

Create new summer memories while creating new summer outfits.

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