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By December 19, 2014 How To..., Shopping 2 Comments
after christmas shopping sales

Christmas is both a fun, busy, and hectic season for everyone. All the gift shopping, holiday parties, and family reunions are all enough to make your head spin. Thankfully, the great company and quality time with your loved ones more than make up for all the holiday-induced stress. The other light at the end of the tunnel of the busy holidays are all the crazy deals and massive sales that start on Boxing day.

These sales for some an annual can’t miss activity with some even holding all-night vigils to ensure they are first in the door.  For others the sales can be overwhelming, intimidating and hard to navigate.  No problem – here’s a cheat sheet just for you. Use this as your guide for what to do and what not to do to be successful at scoring those deals and keeping your head cool and sane during the post Christmas sales season.

Avoid the crush


Save your beauty sleep. Lining up in the dark and the cold, it’s really only worth it if you want to get things like TVs and fridges, where they have limited quantities on sale.

It’s true there are masses of amazing sales on Boxing Day, but savvy shoppers can avoid the crush. Big stores have sale strategies to keep people in store, and they don’t put all the stock out on day one – so you can rely on offers right through January.

Online shopping keeps you sane and has the merit of allowing you to find garments easily, in your size and have them shipped to you.  

Shopping online for post Christmas sales can make you privy to special discounts retailers only offer on their websites. These online-only sales can often save you extensive amounts of money on certain products, and some retailers even offer free shipping on orders over a certain dollar amount, which can result in even more savings. In addition, some deals may allow you to obtain a discount on a certain product when you purchase another product, which is perfect if you want to purchase several different items.

Make a Game Plan

  • Know what elements of style and color suit you best. This will prevent mistakes and disappointment and will definitely save you time during the Christmas sales . The best way to do this is to invest in a personal image consultation which will give you a sound platform of knowledge based on your size, shape and age. If you don’t have the money to spend on a professional My Private Stylist will ensure you purchase the right purchase and PretaStyler will find them for you.
  • Evaluate your current wardrobe. This will help you in knowing if there are any basic pieces you need, or any basics that are worn and need replacing. Knowing what you have and knowing what your upgrades you can make to your personal style is extremely important when shopping the sales.
  • Create list and set a budget. Determine what you want and how much you have to spend before you shop. Making a list will help keep you on track and prevent you buying something you’ll later regret.
  • Find all your loyalty cards. Especially if you’re buying up big, you wont want to miss out on any credits toward future purchases. 


On the Day

  • Wear shopping friendly clothes. Avoid high heels, heavy coats, umbrellas, lots of layers, lots of buttons, zippers and belts and anything difficult to get on and off. Separates are by far and away the most efficient way to dress for quick changes.  
  • Wear attractive, well fitting underwear. We all feel self-conscious in those little rooms sometimes, with bright lights and big mirrors and with salespeople sticking their head in every few minutes without also seeing ourselves in ugly underwear. Also, wearing seamless underwear will make you look better when trying on clothes.
  • Take a notepad and smart phone. A note pad to write down the items you have placed on hold and what store there were in, you’ll be amazed how quickly you will forget where you left things on hold. This notepad will also come in handy if you’re on a budget and needing to compare prices between items and/or stores. Water to keep hydrated – shopping is hard work!
  • If you’re hitting offline stores use your smart phone to take photos of yourself in different outfits to better see and evaluate the styles and colors that look good on you.
  • Maintain your energy level. Drink plenty of water and remember to have lunch.
  • Keep your cool and polite. If you choose to go shopping at peak bargain times be prepared for long waits; be it for a parking spot, a fitting room or to purchase an item. Others are just as frustrated as you so this is the perfect time to exhibit some style in the way of courtesy and friendliness to other shoppers and retail staff.
  • Think of others.  Especially when it comes to how you leave the fitting room.  Pick those clothes up off the floor, place them back on the hangers and take them out with you – no one wants to step into a fitting room filled with clothes from the last occupant. 
  • Check the laundry instructions. A bargain can quickly turn into a dud if you can’t afford to clean a ‘dry clean only‘ item?
  • Ask yourself, should I spend that much? Consider the value of the item in terms of how much you will wear it. Garments/outfits such as basic pieces and everyday suits deserve more of your wardrobe dollars than high fashion or trendier items and things you will seldom wear.
  • Can it be dressed up and down? Will it co-ordinate with at least three other garments or outfits already in your wardrobe? Can it go from day to night? Consider the versatility of the item and weight that against its price and quality.
  • Think ‘outfit’ not ‘garment’. Buy all your accessories and coordinating pieces at the one time if at all possible or put them on hold. Waiting to come back later to purchase them is taking a big risk that they will still be there.
  • Organize for any alterations to be done immediately. In-store alterations are usually great value and good quality. Fit is the most important thing when it comes to style, so necessary alteration are an investment that will definitely pay off in dividends.

Be civil

13 Things to Yourself Before Handing Over Your Money.

  1. Does it fill a need in my wardrobe?Checking details
  2. Do I really love it and does it make me feel great?
  3. Does it fit my lifestyle?
  4. It is a classic piece (will last you for years)?
  5. It is well made and a good fabric?
  6. Does it go with at least three other items in my wardrobe?
  7. Is the quality consistent with the other things in my wardrobe?
  8. Do I now have to buy other items such as shoes so that I can wear it?
  9. Is good workmanship evident? Look at the seams, buttonholes and hemline.
  10. Can I look after it in the way that the label recommends?
  11. Do I like the style more than it likes me?
  12. Is this a long-life classic item, a medium-term fashionable garment or a short-lived fashion fad?
  13. Ask yourself: ‘do I love it madly or need it badly’ if the answer is no – put it back.’

Returning Gifts to Stores?

Here’s a great feature on how to go about it the best way.


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    Hi Ann

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    • Ann Reinten says:

      Thanks Jenny. I can’t wait for PretaStyler either, it’s been a far bigger and more difficult project than I ever imagined bit I think it will be well worth the effort.

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