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glam up your jeans

Look in any closet and you’ll sure to find at least one pair of jeans. From their history as work wear for goal miners history, jeans have evolved into a multi-billion dollar fashion enterprise and a legitimate and ubiquitous fashion movement. The durability and timelessness of jeans has been proven time and time again. However, denim die-hards know that jeans can go far beyond casual wear. With my 12 ways to glam up your jeans you’ll find all it takes is a few simple styling moves to upgrade your jeans from casual, daytime garb into something far more glamorous and exciting.

#1: Sparkle and Shine

Sequins give more than just a touch of glitz to your jeans; they add a huge dose of it. The simple addition of shimmer and gleam via a sequined blazer or even a full on sequined top can immediately up style even the most casual pair of jeans. Careful not to overdo the glitter, and let your sequined number be front and center. Keep the rest of your look simple, meaning avoid any chunky jewelry or overly ostentatious footwear.

How to Glam-up Blue Jeans #1

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#2: Height is Might

You know what they say, the higher the heel, the closer to style perfection. Okay, so that was a bit of a paraphrase but you get the gist. There is nothing like a sky-high pair of heels to instantly sexify and glam up any type of denim look. Whether it’s classic stilettos or this season’s hottest shoe trend, high heels are always up to the job of making your look snap, crackle, and pop.

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#3: Leopard Lounge

Nothing excites quite like leopard print when it comes to how to glam-up blue jeans.  It’s a modern classic that has the power to radically change the vibe of whatever you’re wearing. The natural allure of leopard print is so impactful that just by simply adding a leopard print garment or significant accessory with your jeans, your look will be elevated from girl-next-door to sharp downtown chick in 5 seconds flat.

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#4: Cozy Luxury

Lush fabrics and contemporary design are what made the luxury sweater a must-have this season. This trend has gained such a strong following in the industry due to its tomboy chic meets athletic inspiration. The addition of opulent materials and futuristic aesthetics has further elevated this already hot trend. Opt for a relaxed fit soft sweater or a boxy neoprene sweater, instead of your usual casual T-shirt, for a denim look that is up-to-the-minute with the latest and freshest street style. Switching up your tee for a luxe sweater also gives your denims a lift from the ordinary into the realm of progressive fashion.

How to Glam-up Blue Jeans #4

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#5: Structural Chic

When dressing up a pair of blue jeans, consider the structure of the pieces it will be combined with. A structured, crisply tailored jacket will make a world of a difference in making your blue jeans look more polished and formal. Slouchy cardigans or kimonos simply won’t do as its silhouette is too freewheeling; a boxy tweed jacket or one with strong shoulders is the way to go when improving a casual denim look.

How to Glam-up Blue Jeans  #5

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#6: Make a Statement

A statement necklace that loudly proclaims your personality is one of the fastest ways you can add a hint of glamour to your jeans. Investing in a memorable and unique piece of bling that expresses your individual style vividly is a fashion asset worth spending major bucks on. Statement jewelry doesn’t just work wonders with glamorizing simple denim looks; it will have the same effect on the other more basic pieces in your wardrobe.

Another way to make a statement is with a burst of color; nothing beats it at creating head-turning pizzazz.

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#7: Scarf Savvy

Scarves are an underutilized fashion accessory. Fashion veterans know the power of the scarf and they employ that when styling their denim looks. A colorfully printed vintage-inspired scarf easily takes your denim look from errand day uniform to jet setting worthy threads. There is something very European chic about a scarf tied around the neck, and it is the effortless introduction of a spiffy scarf to the outfit that lets people know of your advanced style smarts.

How to Glam-up Blue Jeans #7Source:  Image 1,   Image 2,   Image 3.

#8: Faux Fur is Forever

Faux fur is a no-brainer styling option when it comes to glamming up a pair of jeans. Fur is a material that has been long associated with pomp and circumstance, and with high fashion. A faux fur vest or a faux fur coat changes your denim look on the spot, and transforms it into an ensemble worthy of the best-dressed list.

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#9: Textured Topper

Texture, whether it is in the form of an exotic print, sensuous lace, or a boxy crop top, is an offbeat way to insert a bit fashion magic into your jeans. Colors are not the only way to dress up a denim look, texture is just as important as well. Texture exudes a more opulent and tactile feel to your getup, giving your denim a sensory appeal and rich feeling.

How to Glam-up Blue Jeans #9Source:   Image 1,   Image 2,   Image 3.

#10: Blaze the Trail

Blazers are a menswear staple that does an incredible job of creating flattering proportions and giving any women’s wear denim look a sense of refinement. Wear either an over-sized blazer or a fitted one to make basic blue jeans look a tad smarter and more pulled together. Select a bright colored blazer if you’re feeling more adventurous, or you can select a blazer done in a neutral palette but with an unconventional shape.

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#11: Coated in Style

Coats are a godsend come fall when it comes to gussying up denim. Even the most casual of tees can look formal and glamorous when a luscious camel coat is layered on top of it. A classic trench coat is recommended for style rookies wanting to try this fashion tip out. If you’re a risk taker or if you consider yourself an advanced student of styling, you can try your hand at layering multiple coats or you can try rocking a pea coat in a saturated hue.

How to Glam-up Blue Jeans #11Source:   Image 1,   Image 2,   Image 3.

#12: Walk Tall

Leave your ballet flats at home and rock your denim fearlessly in boots. Basic black leather knee-highs are always a safe and fashionable option. But if you’re wanting or needing some style refresh, choose a quilted leather boot or even a colored one. 

How to Glam-up Blue Jeans #12Source:   Image 1


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