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By September 27, 2014 Trends 2 Comments
spring fashion trends 2015

Whether you’re in the northern or southern hemisphere, fashion designers always have something exciting for you each season. Everything old is made new again with this year’s spring 2014/15 trends through clever style reinterpretations and exciting fabric advances.   From style mavens and sartorial risk takers to the ever day gal, there’s something for everyone to get inspired by and to experiment with in the coming season’s array of textures, prints, colors, and silhouettes.

Rules are constantly being broken or bent in this industry. No longer are pastels and florals exclusive for spring. Gone are the days of sneakers being the errand day shoe. Even Birkenstocks are making a storied comeback. As we lay out the trends for you for each season, take it all in and let the visual beauty wash all over you. Mix the fall with the spring, or the spring with the fall. Let your inner fashion icon voice lead you to the right trend for the right season or the right occasion.

The Inbetweeners

Culottes can be succinctly and accurately described as neither shorts nor pants. This wonderful hybrid of wide leg trousers and capri pants offer the most elusive and hard-to-find quality in fashion trends—the perfect mix of comfort and style. These wide legged trousers that end at the knee swing like skirts but give the ease of movement of pants; that’s pretty much the best of both worlds. Available in more tailored fabrications in exciting prints and even in materials like leather; culottes are not a solid part of a chic woman’s fashion lexicon. Make it part of yours too by investing in this piece and pairing it with simpler items in order to let the beautiful volume of the culottes stand out.

Wear-ability Score:  7/10.  

  • Age appropriate for women from 16 to at least 60. 
  • Add high heels if you wish to appear taller and/or slimmer.

Spring Trend 2014_15_Culottes

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Feminine Tailoring

The shirtdress is this year’s comeback kid for spring. The menswear tailoring of the shirtdress and its inherent preppy vibe is given an update this season with details like contrast color collars, ladylike ruffles, and some embellishment even. Although the shirtdress has undergone chic reinventions, its undeniable ease of comfort makes it a no-brainer for those times when a day to night ensemble is required. The breeziness and flowing silhouette of the bottom of this dress is balanced by the impeccably crisp tailoring at the top. The versatility of the shirtdress is what makes it such a great piece to invest in; it can take you from the office to drinks with the girls in no time. Wear it with sensible pumps and a satchel at work, then with espadrille wedges and a canvas tote for the weekend.

Wear-ability Score:  10/10. 

  • Perfect for women of all ages and weights.  
  • For ladies around 50 years of age, your best styles are understated classics in shape.  
  • Add high heels if you wish to appear taller and/or slimmer.  This is more important if the style is A-line.

Spring Trend 2014_15_Shirtdresses

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Sandal Du Jour

Love them or hate them, Birkenstocks are here to stay. This year’s breakout fashion trend, these ultra comfortable yet undeniably chic everyday flats are the answer to any woman’s prayers. The typically reviled 90s fashion has-been has indeed found a new calling, and it is to give fashion bloggers and editors a new footwear obsession. Spotted on the feet of sartorial experts and fashionistas of note, Birkenstocks’ stock has gone way up. It just gives an outfit a casual and rugged sophistication that no other pair of flats can rival at the moment. Wear it with boyfriend denim, short skirts or your staple striped dress, believe us when we say that Birkenstocks go with pretty much your entire spring/summer wardrobe.

Wear-ability Score:  6/10. 

  • While comfortable and practical Birenstocks are also (in my opinion) plain ugly, and add little to any outfit or overall appearance.  
  • Wear only with casual attire and don’t mistakenly think they fit into ‘business casual’
  • To see another bloggers feature on how to wear them click here.

Spring Trend 2014_15_Birkenstocks

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Optical White

Come spring and summer white always becomes, well, a white-hot trend. This time around, however, the trend is taken up a notch higher with all-white outfits taking on a more graphic look and a more sporty twist. Sharp angles and crisp lines dominate the white trend this season, and choosing to accent your head-to-toe blanc with athletic essentials only serves to prove your style cred even more. A sleek and classic white sneaker or a pair of dark incognito glasses is the perfect complement to your updated summer white look.

Wear-ability Score:  9/10. 

  • As a dress white is best for women under 70.  As a separate it can be worn by anyone. 
  • In most cases white garments are a one wear then wash item.
  • White is the colour of summer, it’s fresh, crisp and very appealing but only remains so if it is carefully washed.  How to wash white.  
  • Avoid teaming with white shoes, bags or accessories; instead break up the look with a punchy colour, black or nude shoe.

Spring Trend 2014_15_White

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Cut and Cropped

Prepare your midriffs for battle since the crop top is here to stay. Don’t be intimidated by this trend, it is actually more wearable than one might think. The key here is fit and styling. Always find a crop top that suits your bust line and complements your waist. If you’re of a fuller figure, it’s best to balance out your full hips by pairing your crop top with the full skirt. If you’re more of a waifish figure, you can opt for tapered trousers to pair with your crop top. Don’t forget that you can dress up your crop top too by simply wearing an appropriate topper over it like a blazer or a bomber jacket.

Wear-ability Score:  5/10. 

  • Requires a washboard abdomen if being worn with waist or lower garments.  
  • Higher waistband and less skimpy crop tops are more forgiving.  
  • Alternatively, add a garment under the crop top. How to Wear Crop Tops.

Spring Trend 2014_15_Crop Tops

Source:   Image 1,   Image 2,   Image 3,   Image 4,   Image 5

How to wear a crop top


My Cup of Tea

Tea-length skirts (lengths from just under the knee to just above the ankle) are spring’s skirt length of the season. Demure, and prim and proper, tea length dresses and skirts have been modernized with micro pleating, gilded materials, and bolder prints and colors. This length is versatile and timeless and not at all a bad idea to consider investing in this spring. It can certainly go from work to play, and from day to night without a hitch. This spring tea length skirts and dresses, especially ones with fuller silhouettes, also give off a very dramatic look that one might need to get out of a style rut. 

Wear-ability Score:  9/10. 

  • Age appropriate for women up to at least 60. 
  • Add high heels if you wish to appear taller and/or slimmer.
  • Opt for subtle to moderately wide A lines  if you wish to appear taller and/or slimmer. 
  • Select style that end just under the knee if you feel a little on the short side.
  • Avoid (or rehem) hems that end at the fullest part of your half – you’ll look best when the length ends at a point where you calf slopes in or out.
  • If the skirt is a bold pattern or colour, balanced it with a less bold top. 
  • If the  shirt is very full, keep the top fitted.

Spring Trend 2014_15_Tea Length

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  • JJ says:

    I wear culottes, but being 5’1″ and an inverted triangle without washboard abs and hips much narrower than my shoulder everyone tells me it looks awful, I like them though and; think they help balance out my top heavy skeletal structure.

    • pretastyler says:

      Your solution will lay in finding styles that are not too wide and wearing heels that are medium to high and not too fine.

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