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September is near a close and the shops are filling with many new trends and fashion to explore. Down here in the Southern Hemishpere, September means the start of warmer months and sunny days.

It’s time to explore the new summer trends and discover the ones that light your sartorial fire. While there are more trends on offer than this list, these are my favorites for the season.

Keep in mind that a successful wardrobe and ultimately your style comes not from slavishly following fashion but rather from you carefully choosing items that:

  • best reflect their personality,
  • flatter their shape
  • work for their lifestyle
  • are within their budget 

Trend items are fleeting, and to me, they do not warrant spending a lot on. It’s your classic, wear over and over again items where you are best to invest in the best quality you can afford; jeans, tailored pants, straight/tapered skirts, a pair of great  black pumps to name just a few.

Shoulder Duster Earrings

For the spring/summer season, shoulder duster earrings will be the ultimate statement jewelry. We’re not just talking about dainty chandelier earrings, the “it” accessory of the season literally reaches your shoulders to make a style splash like no other. Sculptural, boho chic, or tasseled, shoulder duster earrings will look perfect with your summer beach waves or when you put your hair up to battle the summer heat.

If you like this style but feel the length is a little over the top for you simply go part way by wearing long earrings in a length more befitting your style/age and circumstances.

Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

White Bags

White bags are going to be a hot trend for the spring/summer 2016. The starkness and minimalist appeal of a white bag is a new approach to accessorizing your looks this season. The modern vibes and aesthetic of a white bag, whether it’s a structured one or a bucket bag, totally elevates your casual looks plus the pop of bright white is sometimes unexpected, but always, always chic.

Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

Crochet Lace

White and coloured crochet lace will be a major trend this summer.  The woven, crochet lace is being used to create 1970s inspired looks. The lace will feature everywhere, from long, calf length skirts, dresses and even as contrasting pockets on denim garments. Ultra-sheer, ethereal lace will also be seen. One unique feature of this trend is the peep-a-boo of skin aspect via short or skin coloured lining.

Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

Get the Blues

Blue is the classic color for this spring/summer season and it’s going to be everywhere and in every garment, from solid colours to stripes and with embroidery for a Boho twist.  

Shades of Blue
Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3


Metallic sheens and finishes are always in style. This season, however, metallic finishes are a stronger trend than ever. For 2016, metallics have become more iridescent and have made their transition from being a purely evening trend to a daytime trend those fashion insiders, bloggers, and tastemakers have grown to love and to rock. Dress down your metallic pieces with slouchy lightweight knits or sneakers. You can even opt for metallic accents like mirrored sunnies and metallic oxfords to finish off your summer looks.

Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4

Off-Shoulder Tops

Exposed shoulders are the trend du jour of spring/summer 2016. Say goodbye to bare midriffs courtesy of crop tops, and say hello to different yet all equally stylish incarnations of the off shoulder neckline. Shoulders are the new sexy. Boho, embroidered, ruffled, or tailored, off-shoulder tops and dresses can be worn all summer long. Sweep a bit of bronzer on your shoulders and pair with another hot trend, the shoulder duster earrings, and you’re set to take on the season in high style.

Cold_off Shoulder Garments
Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

Bell Sleeves

Rising from the popularity and resurgence of 70s fashion trends, bell sleeves is a bohemian and 70s inspired trend that propped up during music festivals and is now enjoying a legitimate trend revolution. Part hippie chic and part modern romantic, bell sleeves give your summer/spring look more texture and more visual interest. 

Bell sleeves
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