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This week I continue my feature on prints by looking at the design elements of prints and how to select ones that are best ones for you. You’ll be surprized that once you know this information your unconscious brain will be ever on the look-out for them.

Design Elements that Impact Size


The rule is simple here: the bigger the print, the bigger you’ll appear to be. The best prints are ones that are scaled to harmonize and flatter your scale. If you are a petite go for prints that are small to medium, if you are medium to tall and not overly overweight medium-small to medium-large prints are best for you. Tall gals with a likewise weight can wear medium-small to large prints and if you are plus size, go with prints that are medium to medium-large. 

Petite Scale _ Prints


Plus Size_Prints


The overall color of your print will also make a difference to both your size. Light and bright prints tend to be enlarging while darker prints minimize size. Medium depth prints, on the other hand, are neutral in their effect.

Plus Size_Value


Color Contrast

Another impactor of apparent size is the contrast of prints. The greater the contrast between the colors the larger you will appear general rule applies to color contrast: the higher the contrast, the wider you will appear to be. If you love big prints but find them too enlarging try finding a large print in a low contrast. The subtleness of the low contrast will mitigate the enlarging effect of the print’s size. 


Print Direction

Being able to recognize the direction of a print allows to to chose the one that will best work for you.  Send the eye vertically and you’ll make the area appear longer and/or narrower. horizontally and you’ll appear wider and possibly shorter. Multi directional prints are easiest to wear because they do not have a major direction.  

Worth mentioning here too are complex prints.  These are geometric/angular prints which have a complex design that does not allow the eye to rest in any one area.  These are incredible at breaking up the body and can achieve minor miracles in the visual slimming stakes.

Directional Prints

Print Location

Where you place a print is also important.  Are you larger below your waist like Girl with Curves blogger Tanesha Awasthi? Then prints on your top half will flatter you most.  Larger above the waist…yep, prints below your waist are the way to go.

When selecting dresses keep scale, color and direction top of mind.

Print Placement_Triangle

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Style Clinic.

There’s more to learn about prints and the impact they have on your image but I’ll leave that topic for another day.

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